New Tomb Raider Raider Reboot Details Emerge

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Oh for the love of God.

Guys, please stop making this sounds so good.

You're just setting me up for a crushing disappointment.


Commander Breetai:
Aw no, not again...

About to post the same thing. This series is the most milked (no pun intended) franchise in the history of gaming. Every year or so there is a new "reboot" and they all reange from mediocre to pretty good. Why don't they just let Lara RIP?

For the same reason they won't let CoD die. It still makes money.

This could be an intersting development. I shall endure to keep an eye on this one indeed.

I was actually disappointed with the reveal, but oh well. This could be interesting, finally give Laura the defibrillator to her now somewhat-flattened chest she needs.

Definitely still sounding like something to watch. I eagerly anticipate some gameplay footage at some point.

Well, it's official: Lara is a victim of domestic abuse. You think those brushes and cuts are from some adventure? Nope. She fell down the stairs and into a door. And did anyone else imagine Lara uncovering an "ancient" arm cannon, while wielding an all-purpose whip, when you saw Metroidvania mentioned? Hell, that sounds much cooler, in my opinion.

All pessimism aside, I'll probably check it. I can always use a brake from Macho-Shooter 32: The Search for Bigger Guns: a First-Person Role-Playing Experience.

Sounds good on paper, lets hope they come through.

I might give this game a try, now that's she's not being used to appeal to young boys who fap off to games, 'cause they can't seem to figure out Google with SafeSearch off.

It looks interesting to say the least but I won't be diving in to the game anytime soon that's for sure

I feel that Crystal Dynamic might be trying to make lightening strike twice, but on the other hand the last time they tried that with Lara, we got one of the best downloadable titles this year.

I know I enjoy the sounds of this, I doubt it won't replace Uncharted as my best love of action/adventure, but having a strong female Lara that isn't pandering to a male audience could do a lot for improving our image with female gamers and nongamers alike!

I still don't think a reboot is necessary, especially since they already had a reboot with Legend, which came out in 2006 I believe, and I liked Legend, so I think that the reboot might work for Lara again.

All it lacks now are RPG elements and a crafting system and it would be a perfect 21st century game.

At the very least they are putting effort in the new game on a conceptual level. That has to be good for the franchise. It has grown stale and not even the new game helped it much.

You had me on "Metroidvania"

As long as she still has big tits, I'll be fine, that's why little kids way back when rented the early games in the first place, TITS!


I see this either being a complete success or a total failure


Meanwhile they say that she's "not as confident" as in the other games, which reeks to me of Metroid: Other M's wussy, co-dependent, insecure portrayal of Samus.

Did you know that Crystal Dynamics is owned by Japanese developer Square-Enix?

Sadly yes, although I'd forgotten until you just reminded me. I'd pretty much assumed that Square was being very "hands-off" with its western properties like Eidos and Crystal Dynamics, but if Wada's tampering with either of them, then that's it, I just fucking quit.

I mostly wonder whether they'll finally replace that camera guy, who has consistantly been 100% focused on zooming in on select bits of Lara's body, never considering showing the place right behind him, that she's supposed to jump to.

...Well, atleast Lara's appearance seems more or less intact, albeit a slightly younger looking version considering the whole 'origin story'. It could be good if done well, but we shall see.


I think I'll need a reboot if I see any more reboots.

I think she's done caught up to Mario.

Well its not like the franchise was getting any better... So I'm also cautiously optimistic about this. However, some of the new changes seem to deviate a little too much from Tomb Raider... They need to keep the twin guns... They are an icon of the Tomb Raider series... They are what most people identify or think of when they think of Tomb Raider (well that and the huge breasts).

I understand the need for a reboot and I like the idea they are going for but if they change too much then its just going to be a completely different game and character with just Lara Crofts name. In other words just another game trying to increase their sales by putting a familiar title on the end of it.

Also the whole " A lot of the new Lara's sex appeal, he says, will come from the mixture of toughness and vulnerability that Crystal Dynamics was infusing the character with." no... Jesus, this can really go wrong... Really, really wrong if not done right. This will either turn her into one of those Vasquez-esq tough girl(which always have my eye rolling or extremely bored... They come of as people trying too hard to be tough... Like bikers), or a raging feminist bitch.

On the flip side, vulnerability also has to be done right. Done wrong and she'll come off as angsty. Done right and she'll be relatable.

Otherwise, as said I'm cautiously curious about all this. Lets hope they don't screw it up.

I like cargo pants. Cargo pants are cool. [/Doctor]

And Metroidvania style? Sounds good. This bodes well for a previously tired franchise.

I doubt it can get any worse.

That's probably the most opimistic outlook anyone can have at this point.

Crystal Dynamics has yet to prove itself regarding the Tomb Raider franchise.

Does anyone think she kind of looks like Jessica Alba? Other than that, seems like an interesting game.

She looks like a Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel hybrid. And I like it.

I'd rather have Legacy of Kain then another tomb raider.

While I'll heartily second this, I must also admit that these news got me excited. This is the first I've read about them making a TR reboot, by the way; I never managed to get into the series because, quite frankly, it had a lot of horrendous gameplay, but - at least on paper - this new game sounds like a barrel of fun, particularly due to the Metroidvania and survival aspects.

Tomb Raider never interested me. This, however, has piqued my interest.

Interesting, but with all these changes keeping it Tomb Raider seems a bit silly, but i guess franchises make more money than new games...

I was hopping up and down in joy until I read they're ditching the twin pistols. Keep em, but remove the unlimited ammo ffs <_<

Mr. Omega:
Why not just make this a new series? Nothing against it, but I get the feeling the only reason this is called Tomb Raider is for brand recognition.

It is. Customers and ultimately publishers look for recognisable brands, even if they've never played the game.

It's sad and I'd rather shitstorms like the new medal of honour be new franchises too but if that's the way the cookie crumbles...

I'm just a bit concerned about the combat and the hints that its going to be more survival horror (both are things that, in my opinion, shouldn't be the focus of a Tomb Raider-Game)

Oh and I'm a bit upset about all this blood and burns and hot chick stuff. Sounds discomforting...

But on the other hand less linear gameplay sounds good.
But then again RPG-Elements? Sounds like it could go horribly wrong.

And hopefully: "A lot of the new Lara's sex appeal, he says, will come from the mixture of toughness and vulnerability that Crystal Dynamics was infusing the character with." doesn't mean that someone tries to rape her every game and ends up getting killed by her.
Edit: As that is what many writers understand to be strongness and vulnerability in female characters

Gritty reboot? It worked for Batman. Could it work for Lara? Time will tell.


Crystal Dynamics has gone back to the drawing board when designing its new Lara. Certain elements of the old Lara had been retained, like her ponytail or the shape of her lips, but her improbable curves and enormous chest are gone. Her wardrobe too, has received an update, consisting of sturdy boots, cargo pants, and layered tanks tops - in other words, attire more suited to exploration than tight shirts and hot pants.

Oh Thank God... A realilistic Lara.


Mr. Omega:
... stigmas hanging around its neck like a f***ing albatross.

Did you just make a reference The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

I believe he did. Don't you all know the poem?

"Water water everywhere, so let's all have a drink."

I'm liking the new realistic Lara idea. But boobs =/= sexiness. She's got to have her sexiness still. That was one of her traits.

Personally, i like the idea. I liked the first TR, but I was a frustrated teen back then. Since then, the need for physics-defying boobage and hotpants has significantly waned (though the hotpants might be nice).

The idea of seeing Lara pre-gun toting, smart-*ss Brit, and possibly see the origin of her obsession with mystical artifacts, and her need to relieve badguys of them, sounds like a worthwhile storyline. Toss in some platforming and death-defying acrobatics, and I'll be on the way to giving a thumbs-up.

Besides, who else played [i]Uncharted[/I] for the first time and had a quick lapse of "Wow, imagine if Tomb Raider had ended up like this?", hmmm? (Just please don't overdo the cover-based gunplay... Cool, a big room with lots of crates/pillars/barrels/whatever, guess I'll have a big firefight and then a bit of climbing to do.)


Does anyone think she kind of looks like Jessica Alba? Other than that, seems like an interesting game.

I do, maybe there is going to be a tie in movie to go with this game.

That would be awesome. Jessica Alba would be excellent for the role. I became horrified when the rumors of the Kardasian twat (I don't care if I incorrectly spelled her name) possibly filling the role of Lara in an upcoming movie.

On the a lighter note, they can take away the curves, they can take away the boobs, but they can't take away the pistols! They were apart of her signature image. However, if their reboot plans want to change her very image and style, sounds like they accomplished it. I just hope they don't "Other M" her personality. The best time to make a character look brave is when they are pissed-in-their-pants scared. If they can still accomplish what they need to while in the grip of fear, they will look awesome when they come out on top. Portraying invulnerabilities and lack of confidence does not mean to "make a wuss out of."

It's like deja-vu all over again.

Well Crystal Dynamics, you earned at least a rental with "Metroidvania".

I'll buy it if you can pull it off.

Colour my interest piqued.

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