Test Your Mental Might With The Escapist's First-Ever Puzzle Adventure!

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finally finished them! thuse were pretty challenging...

I finally got them all! It was especially hard for me as I've never played any of them before. Thanks for the hints everyone. I can't really think of any more to add without giving them away completely. It's going to be interesting as it gets harder. Two was the one that almost got me.

Finally got all 5!
number 3 kicked my ass, which I find funny because it was a game I was looking at in Gamestop on Saturday

Goddamn it. I JUST got #2. That took me soooooooooooo long.

For those of you who know the answer, but think that the clue doesn't make sense, split the word in half, and seperate with a comma. It's a directive; a cold directive ;)

Seriously, though, this was so much fun. Can't wait for the rest. There's no better way that I could've been introduced to Escapist. I love this.

*Removed #5 clue, 'cause it was probably too obvious*

OK, finally took a bite out of 4 (that is, got it)... but if these are the puzzles for DAY 1, I'm terrified for day 2, let alone days 3, 4 and 5.

For number 2: I thought it included the spaces and "," but nope. That's what was holding me back.

For number 4: Not a place for any clothes you'll need later.

For number 5: Where gun customization can be important.

Finally got them all! Hints:


I must thank you, without your hint for number three I probably would have never gotten it. On to the next day!

What? OK, I got them all. Um, not that I'm smart or anything... others were.

For number 3: The clue broke my brain. Ignore it. I don't even know why it's there. Everything else you need to know is here in the comments.

Goddamn! I've figured all of them out...

Except for #1...

Curse you #1!!!

EDIT: Finally got #1! W00T! Party at my house and EVERYONES invited!!!

For number 2: I thought it included the spaces and "," but nope. That's what was holding me back.

For number 4: Not a place for any clothes you'll need later.

#2 is just one word.

With #3, somebody gave the most helpful clue, around pages 2-4. I can't remember what page exactly, and I'm not going to reiterate it, 'cause that'd just make it too easy for you ;)

Woohoo finally finished all five, some of them really stressed me out but after the hints and seeing things spelled out just made me facepalm

Here's a hint for number 3 if anyone is still having trouble with that one. It is half a quote from a Zero Punctuation episode.

"Stop making the game half way through..."

I hate numbers!!

Might have helped if I had played any of those games, but this was already hard enough (especially if I didn't come looking for hints). I will still come back for more though.

i got all except 4 on my own. for 4 i needed massive hints. pretty sweet. i expect everyone has given enough hints to everyone, so i'll leave it at this.

phew, got 1, 3,4 and 5, and so far i havent played any of the games, well, i did have 1 installed but i never really felt like i played it.

and i agree with the criticism of number 5, its not a puzzle, there is no way to figure it out if you havent played the game.

Oh and some help with number 2 please, my brain doesn't work the right way

You just gave me 2 with your random musings. Still working on 1 though.

Finally got it! WOO!

Here are some hints for all 5 questions, just for those still having trouble.


Mod Note - There are hints, and there is bluntly telling

Change that to something like "Sometimes you have to twist and turn your head to get answer you wouldn't see otherwise."

As for #2, I'm sorry if this clue has been posted but

I finally got them all but the last one was REALLY hard to get it to take. I figured out the answer but couldn't get it to accept it (so I wasn't sure if I was right). That was annoying. Should have taken abbriviations of the game or parts of the game better.

Got them all (With massive help from the clues here), 1 i got pretty quick since its pretty easy

2 is just plain annoying and the moment i thought of the game i died inside

3 never played the game or heard of it no suprise i needed massive clues

4 never played the game or heard of it not suprise i needed massive clues

5 never played the game but i have heard of it and a google search gave me the answer nice and quick

I dread trying the next few sets of these if they get any harder.

3 was wrecking me till i read this, thanks.

also 1 took me an embarrassingly long time, epic facepalm when i clicked.

EDIT: A double post appears.

Sgt. Dante uses 'hide with shame'

... it's not very effective.

Urgh just completed it. 1 and 4 had me stumped for ages. Help for those plugging along still:






Tried to be helpful without handing it to you. Much more satisfying to get them yourself though! Not that I did, bloody 4...

You're going the right way with twisting the phrase around. Merge the two words you got.


As soon as I read that, I finally got it. And then proceeded to say I hate you to The Escapist. Only got 3 and 5 to go.

Edit: Just 3.

Final Edit: Son of a- I hate you 3... You were so obvious and yet I never got you... But order has been restored. Onward with Day 2!!

hint for number 2

Yay! I got them all pretty much due to this thread. I haven't played any of these games.

I give up far too quickly on these things. Luckily the handy hints provided by the community got me there without too much of a headache. I only got number 3 on my own. On 2 I was close and just needed time to bounce a few ideas around. I don't think I would have got the other 3 unaided (yes, yes easy when you know them).

If anyone reads this and needs help, all I can say is read the first few pages of this thread. There were loads of hints that even I found helpful, and I'm just useless at puzzles.

hint for 1:

hint for 3:

hope this helps]

Quite interesting and a good challenge, but number five is fairly easy if you're observant and haven't been living on Alpha Centauri for the past few months.

Thanks heaps guys for the hints. I was really stuck with 1 (The WALL-E hint was way more useful then any other XD, my brain is funny) and 2, but finally got it :D





Well 3 has made me question my intelligence. >.<
Got it now.

Still no idea for 5 though. A Google Search of what? :/

honestly I'm somewhat going through the motions here but 1 clue is people are talking about it being a gun and 2 these are more recent games.

1 and 2 were easy but I needed to check this thread for hints for the others.

FINALLY!! Number 2 kicked my ass all over the bloody place.

Thank you escapist for making these... I can not WAIT for the next 4 days.

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Number 5:

I apologise if these make the answers too obvious OR if they have already been said. I solved them with a little help from the people on page 2-3 and didn't read much further. Good luck all and BRING ON TOMORROW!!

Finally done thanks for all the hints.
Whoever wrote #2 should die.


Puzzle 4 is killing me. I can't make my eyes discard the riff raff.

Gah, number 4 is killing me. I'm good with anagrams but its hard to look past the words that are already there.

Perhaps you need a mask?

that actually made me find it :p

Here are some cryptic hints for all five puzzles. I've never used the spoiler tag before, so sorry if I'm not doing it right.

[/spoiler] is this how it works? [/spoiler]

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