Actor Sorry for Terrible Clash of the Titans Remake

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Actor Sorry for Terrible Clash of the Titans Remake


Leading man Sam Worthington, of Avatar fame, apologized to everyone for how awful the remake of Clash of the Titans was.

While the 2010 remake of the classic action/fantasy film from 1981 was a box office success (grossing almost half a billion dollars internationally), I don't think a person alive who saw it would be able to seriously call it even mildly entertaining. Bluntly, it was a poorly written and badly acted CGI and lightsaber-filled mess that our own MovieBob described as "kind of a C+ remake of a B- original."

Apparently Sam Worthington, who played Perseus in the film, agreed. "I think the first one, we kind of let down some people. I think I can act f***ing better, to be honest." he said.

Wait, "first one"?

"The only point of doing a sequel is either the audience demands it or you believe you can better the first one. What we're setting out to do with this one -- the writers and the director and myself -- is improve," said Worthington. "Just take all the notes from people that I have been reading about on the 'net and give them a movie they f***ing want. This one I want to kind of try to satisfy a lot more people."

Mr. Worthington, while I appreciate the thought behind the apology, I don't think you understand the point. Saying sorry for the first movie while promoting the next one is an awful lot like apologizing for punching me in the face, and saying that next time, it'll only be a kick in the shin.

Well, thanks anyway, I guess.

Source: Moviefone via The Hollywood Reporter


It was bad, but the entertaining kind of bad.

Just like the original.

So he wasn't saying it was terrible, he was saying it was disappointing.

Honestly, I wasn't disappointed, I really never expected much beyond, fights, special effects and Liam Neeson, and they fullfiled all those requirements adequetly.

But a sequel sounds fun.

I wouldn't say the remake was terrible. Good action scenes, some decent humour, servicable acting. It wasn't anything amazing, but it was a decent enough film. Plus, the music was fucking brilliant.

That said, a sequel does not need to be made, at all. Unless they actually bother putting some damn Titans in it this time. Bloody misleading title.

i enjoyed it. people are too serious when it comes to entertainment. it was a good waste of 2 hours. also, all of my freinds liked it, it rented like hotcakes when it went to rental, and i didnt hear a single complaint about it.

Finally, that movie SUCKED!!!
I don't think it's stupid to promote the next one this way, it's tactical. Still, I won't see the new one.

Ya damned right he should be sorry!

I'm somewhat impressed that he's actually able to take criticism and absorb it instead of deflecting. There's room to do another, Greece has no shortage of epic fantasies, but I don't know how much people are interested in Perseus.

I don't know why he apologised; the film set out to be entertaining, and was that. It wasn't the best mythological film I've seen, but I liked it considerably more than the original.

I think to have a successful sequel we need to actually know who the characters are and care about them. That is one thing the original did right, this new one (if I have to pick one compliment) really made the film fit in the 2 hour window they were shooting for.

My only real problem with either of the movies is that I'm pretty sure the authors just read the Wikipedia article on Greek Mythology. I was alright with the movies (well the first one I couldn't finish, I fell asleep,) but it's too bad that we don't get more big screen classic treatments to some of our favorite stories. Such as, I'd much rather have something like Troy than Clash of the Titans, but with all the gods and goddesses thrown back in. Greek Mythology has some rich stories and most famous characters ever created (I mean, we're still talking about them!), there has to be some great movies in there.

That movie wasn't just bad, it was fucking boring.

Had they gotten Stephen Sommers to direct it, it might have been atleast entertaining.

I thought it was entertaining. Maybe it wasn't high quality or anything, but as dumb popcorn movie I certainly thought it did its job well enough.

And yes, I'm serious.

Well, I don't know. It wasn't all bad...

The rest, not so good :P

He's basically pulling a Peter Molyneux. If Fable 3 did well enough, then I would surmise people enjoy having kicked shins.

I like Sam Worthington (despite despising Avatar), and this only solidifies my like for him. Though I still haven't seen the movie, and I probably won't (you can't top the b-rate claymation fun-ness that was CotT 1981).

This is a good start for you Worthington. Now, are you going to apologize for your dreadful mess of a performance in Call of Duty: Black Ops?

Please don't tear me to pieces but.........I thought the movie was kinda good.

I prefer the original but this wasn't so bad in my opinion.....just needs less flash and more polish really.

Out of the chaotic goings-on in Hollywood, one man with balls establishes order, doing something nobody would ever dream of because of their ultrabigoted attitudes: admitting they did wrong.

Now if only Bay could apologize for Transformers and the rest of the planet apologizes for not seeing Scott Pilgrim.

didn't actually mind the new one thought it was good enough to be entertaining

It was bad but I liked it, just one of those types of movies.

The only good things about that film were Liam Neeson, and the score....

Ok. Now if we can just get everyone from twilight to apologize, then everything will be right with the world

When's he going to apologize for Avatar? I know it's James Cameron's job to, but he won't.

I think one of the main reasons it did so well was because of the whole 3D train every movie seems to have to jump on now. With that said I did find it at least mildly entertaining to watch, so up yours Bullock :P (of course just joking...or am I)

Man I don't get the hate. The movie did EXACTLY what it set out to do; re-imagine the original with modern technology.

The original was also a poorly written FX fest and the capstone on Ray Harryhausen's glorious career. But it was also really FUN. So was the new one, it wasn't deep, it wasn't trying to be meaningful, it was just an excuse to show cool stuff.

It was basically Titan Quest the movie and it worked.

I hated that movie. Not only was it boring and crappy-looking with no likable characters, it went out of its way to dump on the original. It felt like two 14-year-olds who've played too much XBox Live and God of War watched the original and decided to rewrite it as "moar xtreme!" Not going anywhere near the sequel.

And to date, I haven't liked Worthington in a single thing he's been in (which is everything). Why does he keep getting cast?

Worthington I've seen you in 3 things and I don't think you can "act f***ing better". The man can't even hold an American accent! He can't act! How is this guy famous!?!?!

I watched this movie in 3D with a friend of mines, another reason why 3D is being attached as a USP and a gimmick. Really hated it and I still hate 3D movies [ except for Avatar. ]

The main problems where for me:

- Blurry scenes.
- Horrible written.
- Horrible acting.
- CGI was below medicore
- 3D was just plain terrible.

I could go on but I refuse buying another 3D movie ticket unless it has the same attention to detail and care like Avatar.

Love it that people only applogise for putting out something sub-standard when they want you to shell out for a follow up. Both games and moives. Please we will do better next time, yeah right.....

I don't think Sam should be to hard on his acting. I don't think the best acting in the world would have made much of a difference. His only mistake (which he is making again) was signing on in the first place.

I watched it in 3D and noticed that I could watch it without glasses because there was NO 3D in the movie at all.

I love the original and all they had to do was redo the same script with better visual effects and they would have had a hit.

I'll watch the 2nd one........on video.

Huh. Considering that i think Clash of the Titans is the worst movie i have seen this year, i would like to thank you mister worthington.

I thought it was really good

Scott Bullock:
I don't think a person alive who saw it would be able to seriously call it even mildly entertaining.

Sadly, my cousin did, he told me that "the movie was awesome", I blatantly told him how shitty the movie was, but then I remembered that it's the very same person who plays Smash Bros. Melee and Brwal using only Samus, no items and only Corneria. He also loves every f***ing FIFA game to come out and he also happens to love Jersey Shore, so yeah.

In the words of my other cousin, who thank the heavens is a lot much smarter than me, the movie was starred by Paris Hilton's dildo made of gems.

Cool. Is he sorry enough to give me my $15 back? No? That's what I thought.

Saying "Oh, I'm sorry for getting wasted and shitting in your pool", but not offering to clean it up, or buy me pool chemicals, or offer any recompense at all, is an apology that was probably better off left unsaid. Either way, it's equally worthless.

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