Would you play a full-length RPG on a phone?
Yes, I'd love to play it just as it is.
6.5% (58)
6.5% (58)
Yes, but if it were retweaked to be more suited to the platform.
26.7% (237)
26.7% (237)
Maybe, if it was a good port.
21.5% (191)
21.5% (191)
No, RPGs aren't good mobile games.
14.8% (132)
14.8% (132)
No, I don't like mobile gaming at all.
27.2% (242)
27.2% (242)
Other (please specify).
2% (18)
2% (18)
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Question of the Day, December 22, 2010

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Question of the Day, December 22, 2010


Yesterday, we learned that Square-Enix was almost certainly bringing beloved classic JRPG Chrono Trigger to mobile devices - only in Japan. Would you play a game like Chrono Trigger on your phone?


Yeah, sure. I've played full-length RPGs on my Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DS and PSP, so a phone wouldn't be a giant leap.

Spend enough time on my computer, having it on a phone aswell would be little short of a disaster.

Probably. It would be my iPod though, not my phone.

Spend enough time on my computer, having it on a phone aswell would be little short of a disaster.

This, bang on. I spend far too much time on my 360 at home as it is. I have no idea what would happen to my already atrophied social skills if I were to immerse myself with the world of mobile gaming as well, but I'm guessing I'd just stop bothering with humans altogether.

My response is a combination of the two options above "Other", Even if I did play mobile games, it would just be those casual games. RPGs require too much of a personal investment, and I. never use my phone anyway

I can't see myself doing so.. though I currently don't have a phone that would allow me to do so anyways. But I have played RPGs on handhelds before so I don't see why I wouldn't if it was good enough and wasn't available in some other way.

Two Words - Chaos Rings. They have proven they can make AWESOME original RPGs onto the iphone...and they have already ported chrono to the DS (With great success I might add)

So, if it came to iPhone - I believe they would do a successful job!

save anytime anywhere and in any situation or I dont want it. Otherwise, id love to play a full RPG on a smart phone. ^-^

Sure, so long as it's done to suit playing on a phone.

Not a big fan of phone games but surprisingly they make a lot of money which is why they are done.

I like some portable games though, the PSP had it's usefulness. Like that tactical Final Fantasy game, that was awesome.

I might if it was done right. And turn based.

I know I usually rip turn-based games a new one every chance I get, but on the phone it's the only way to get it right. Fallout 1 and 2 would be quite fun to play if I could run them on my Droid.

I wouldn't mainly because I only got a mobile phone was so I was able to be contacted if I was out somewhere, so mine is rather basic.

Absolutely, iOS is a perfect gaming platform.

Here's an interesting read: iOS Nearly Surpasses Nintendo as Most Popular Gaming Platform

HELL NO! (I clicked other)

On an iPhone/iPod touch, sure.

I don't see myself doing it on my phone right now though, but my iPod...yeah, that could work.

I'd prefer a larger screen, better sound, and a less cramped control scheme, but if it was an exclusive I wouldn't rule it out. Having a PSP and with all the RPG's potentially available for that one already, I don't really need my Legend to be a mobile gaming platform though.

On a handheld? Absolutely. But on a mobile phone? No.

Not only are the controls generally more awkward, I wouldn't want to play long games on the same device that I use as a phone. Even just playing simple games like Tetris can drain your battery life preety quickly and I need the battery on my phone to last me for a while. Plus, most phones do not include a headphone jack and I would hate to play games without sound.

Besides, I have no problem carrying both my phone and Game Boy Micro with me.

Well, I haven't played chronotrigger, but why not? Especially if it has turn based combat. I feel like those are just made to be on mobile devices. In fact, would anyone on here like to sponsor me in order to create one? I just need like, a few million bux...

No...coz I don't have a cell-phone.

Other: I really am not looking forward to having my arthritis get worse in my hand/hands simply because I'm making several very small, very quick movements. Hell, it's one of the reasons I don't have a smartphone yet

I picked maybe. I would have thought I would love classic RPGs brought back to life mobile, but I've actually purchased several for my phone and don't play any of them. Mainly it's due to time. It's just much easier to play a couple rounds of Peggle Nights or Sudoku than to try and get into Final Fantasy and the likes.

And if I did have more mobile gaming time, I'd just buy a PSP and role-play on it instead.

I think my brother had Baldur's Gate on hi phone a few years back, and it didn't really work well with it, the controls and graphics weren't very good, that's why I guess the best mobile phone games are racers and side-scrollers.

I HAVE Played Final Fantasy I and II on my Phone. (iPhone)

Of course, I have an iPod and often play RPG's and stuff (I personally recommend Infinity Blade)

maybe...iPhone would be preferable, but I don't have one of those right now

Well... Pocket Legends works really well on my phone (HTC Desire) I recommend all of the Android users to check it out! It's free and really fun for being a phone MMORPG.

If it was like Fallout 3 scaled down to wor on iPads and stuff I'd play it......... If I had an iPad that is

I could see a Fire Emblem-esque game working for the iPod/iPhone/Android. Just as long as it has autosave. In all honesty, it's the perfect game for the platform with it's pick up and play for a little while format.

Most mobile games are mediocre at best, awfull and shameless at worst. Due to limitations of phones, games made for them only present depth in form of repetetive gameplay, or grind if you will. So no.

I'm torn between my love for Chrono Trigger and the fact that the idea of playing an rpg on a phone is just too awful.

Some games, like Angry Birds, are cute and serve a nice "killing time while waiting for the metro" purpose. The idea of an RPG on a phone makes me want to toss my phone.

Which of course I CAN'T....cos it's the friggin' awesome R2-D2 edition of Droid2...

The Escapist Staff:
Yesterday, we learned that Square-Enix was almost certainly bringing beloved classic JRPG Chrono Trigger to mobile devices - only in Japan. Would you play a game like Chrono Trigger on your phone?


I already have Chrono Trigger on my phone. I also have Final Fantasy 3/6, Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, Shin Megami Tensei II...

It's called SuperGNES. It's an SNES emulator for Android phones.

Well I played through the 25 hour long Chaos Rings on my iPod. Playing Chrono Trigger on my phone wouldn't be that bad if it were tweaked a little.

Not my cup of tea at all. Handhelds are superior to mobile phones (as a gaming platform) in most ways. Unless it's a "play 3 minutes at a time" game like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope then it belongs on a handheld where you have better battery life, usually better controls and not being interrupted mid game by a phonecall or having immersion shattered by receiving a text message.

Assuming mobile gaming just means gaming on phones then thats a no for me...
But if it covers handhelds then I'd play it on a handheld but not a phone.

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