Pay Enough For the Second Humble Indie Bundle, Get First as a Bonus

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Pirate Kitty:
Eh. $7.50 can buy me better games on Steam.

So you'd rather have one or two good games as opposed to 11 average games? You, sir, deserve a slap to the face *Takes a glove off and smacks him with it* Unless the game is discounted during Daily Deals. Then you're good.

kool, i just thought that 10 bucks was a good price to pay. didn't realize i would get another e-mail giving me more for it. i'll probably end up paying more for the next bundle just to compensate. they seem like good causes too.

Is it possible to use the UK variant of PayPal to pay for the HIB? Just wondering, 'cause I'd quite like to donate.

I'm probably going to try this out, steam sales are making a killing out of me lately.


Tipsy Giant:
I got given the first one as a bonus, but I already bought the first one ages ago, anyone want the first indie bundle?

I'm not one to pass up a free game if you are sure about it add my steam which is displayed on my profile, and I will be iternaly grateful.

Check your PMs, Merry Christmas

Is it possible to use the UK variant of PayPal to pay for the HIB? Just wondering, 'cause I'd quite like to donate.

Yeah i'm in the UK and they accepted my paypal

I got the first one as a bonus, even though I only payed a cent.

This Is one of the best gaming deals I've ever received. Next time I will make sure that I donate more to this awesome event. :)

Pirate Kitty:


Perhaps you need a new one, then.

some indie devs give their games away for next to nothing, and a part of it goes to charity. and your comment is "i've got better things to buy".
then i'm free to call you a troll, since i can't imagine anyone so selfish.

I just don't like paying for things over the internet, otherwise I'd have bought both of these ages ago. And I would give all my money to the developers, why should a bunch of stupid kids get their hard earned money??
Btw, why isn't fox news doing a story about this?

Man, this turned into an argument fast. @_@

Anyway, I honestly don't care whether people buy these games or not, as long as they don't pirate them. It's a good cause, and it supports indie developers, who supply the industry with the creativity it so desires. In all honesty, while I support the charitable part of this purchase, my main motivation would be to suport the devs. I really want to see creative work rewarded, because I really think the industry needs to see it.

As far as piracy of the bundle, I think Wil Wheaton says it best. :)

Uh, I paid £00.01, I got both Bundles. I bought the first one before they started releasing the second one, wait. I bought the second one, then they started giving away the first one with that.

Well it said the average was $7.63, so I decided to be a little above average, I paid $9.

It is quite a deal.

Buy it, buy it now, think of the children!

Ah, this really cheers me up.
I'm DLing part the first bundel right now.

I already gave generously to the charity part and I was content with what I got, but this is a wonderful surprise.
I already got both gish and goo but it's the thought that counts. Makes me feel good about my donation.

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