Final Fantasy Card Game Detailed

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jeez, every franchise has a collectible card game nowadays.

Jesus Phish:

If this isn't triple triad, it is utterly worthless.

I agree with you. Brilliant game that really should just be released already.

There are offically lisenced Triple Triad cards out there, its just that they weren't released in America.
Unfortunately, whomever A-OK'd the designs went with the red-and-blue, double-sided cards.
I bet part of why they never caught on in person is because in FF8, the cards are, in fact, three-sided.

I'm still rather irked that the card game doesn't seem to have a consistent art style which would make it look a lot more professional and just overall better. Yea you save time by just taking stock images and plastering em on the cards and that would be fine for just collecting. But for playing cards it would be nice for something more universal.

Ever since Dissidia, I loved the art style character design Normua did and that would have been a GREAT art style for a card game and seeing all the characters and summons and junk drawn in that style would give consistency and be very pleasing. But I guess he's too busy for that and there aint anyone else they can find that can pull that off...oh well.

Pretty sure "snow" and "ice" are the same thing and there's been a problem somewhere down the translation pipeline. Lightning would make the most sense there, as that's a universal of both a 3-primary-black-magics (Fire, Ice, Bolt; aka Fire, Blizzard, Thunder) and the 4-primary-black-magics (same as before, plus Water). Water and Ice are usually separate, as are Earth and Wind (which are opposed). Dark and Holy should be appropriately infrequent and powerful, except for healing, which should either be Holy or Neutral and do damage to undead.

Ex-YGO player here, hoping they don't cock up the balance early in the game's creation like they did with that.

Your right about the translation error, there aint no Snow, it's lightning.

Siliconera had an article about this too and they detailed a little more in regards to the properties of each element.


everyone in the thread:
Triple Triad

Triple Triad SUCKS that was one of the worst Mini-games I ever had to endure not to mention all the stupid ass rules that if I wanted to prevent them from changing because god knows the AI's a cheating dick, I have to go everywhere to freaking fix it.

Regardless Yu-Gi-Oh's been my on again off again card game system and I'm unlikely to buy FF cards if I wont buy cards for that game.

A million times this, that game was a total pile of shit and how anyone could enjoy it is mind boggling. If it were FF9s Tetra Master I could understand a bit, but Triple Triad is one of the worst mini games in the entire series, and having it tie into the actual game somewhat mad it worse.

Let's have a little talk about the difference between opinion and fact.
Your opinion expresses how you feel about a thing. Often expressed in ways involving terms like, "I think," or "I feel."

Facts are truths about things that exist with or without opinions. They are expressed often through the use of phrases like, "They are," "it was," and "It is."
Let's look at, "that game was a total pile of shit."
It is your opinion that Triple Triad is "a total pile of shit," and yet you insist that it is one.
And both of you not only state your opinion as fact, you call out all other people with a differing opinion and demean them.

These comments are illogical, and insult other peoples' opinions. Being illogical and insisting that your strong, negative opinion is truth has a way of inciting mutual dislike and flamewars. This behavior is also not greatly appreciated on the Escapist, because no logical discussion can be made with an interlocutor whose argument is a fallacy, and the point of the forums is good discussion.

"Ice" and "Snow"? Really?

That almost seems like there's a translation error somewhere, right? Redundant element seems redundant.

Ex-Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! player here. I am not sure how to really think of this game. I think it would be interesting, but didn't they try a Kingdom Hearts TCG-ish thing as well?

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