3DS Could Become Full-Fledged 3D Video Recorder

3DS Could Become Full-Fledged 3D Video Recorder


Nintendo hopes the 3DS will someday allow users to film themselves in the glory of 3D.

As a handheld that can display videogames in 3D with no glasses, the Nintendo 3DS is a pretty cool device already. In the latest Iwata Asks column, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Nintendo wants it to keep evolving, and it could end up as a 3D video recorder too.

Nintendo upgraded the 3DS from the DSi's singular outside camera lens to two lenses, allowing it to take 3D pictures. If Iwata has his way, those pictures will eventually become moving, and users will be able to view actual 3D video of the real world on the 3DS.

During the Iwata Asks interview, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Iwata wants a future firmware update to allow the 3DS's cameras to take video in addition to pictures. Iwata said this increase in functionality would be "enjoyable."

Nintendo hasn't confirmed that the 3DS will eventually film 3D video, but the possibility is definitely there. With 3D video recording potentially being added to the laundry list of 3DS features already available, such as its new sleep mode and pedometer, I'm starting to think that the 3DS might be worth it even if its Japanese market price (¥25,000) is directly converted via current rates to its North American price ($300). On second thought, I wouldn't pay a penny over $199.

Source: Andriasang


Now that would be cool.
But not something i could see myself using.
But i know some people who would love something like that.

I want one now. Give it to me...

Now, considering these cameras are two VGA cameras... you'll want to watch the results ONLY on your 3DS and nowhere else.
But I find the idea interesting :)

With those cameras?

How about NO!

Seriously those cameras are fine for playing augmented games. But even the 2d image quality is bad and a 3d movie no freaking way I am going to watch that. I mean I have seen Manos the Hands of Fate already.. this can't be much better.


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