David Braben Denies Outsider Cancellation

David Braben Denies Outsider Cancellation

Elite creator David Braben says 17 people have been cut from Frontier Developments as a result of "changing priorities" but insists that his long-in-development open-world spy game The Outsider hasn't been canceled.

The Outsider, which has been kicking around since 2005, will (or would have, depending on who you ask) put players in the shoes of a rogue CIA agent in present-day Washington D.C., offering the gameplay freedom of Elite in a third-person action game. It began life as a self-funded project, was signed and then dropped by Codemasters and recently came close to striking a deal with EA, although that eventually fell through as well.

That collapse led to reports that the game had finally been shut down for good but Braben has since issued statements to the contrary, acknowledging layoffs but insisting that the game itself is still alive and kicking. After initially telling Rock, Paper, Shotgun that Frontier "had to change priorities because of requirements on other unannounced projects" and had let 17 people go as a result, he clarified the situation in a statement to Develop.

"There is still publisher interest in the project, and we haven't canceled it," he said. "The priority has been reduced, but we're still working on it."

Despite Braben's long career, he remains best known for Elite, a groundbreaking space trading sim released in 1984. In 2006, Braben told GameSpot that work on Elite 4 would begin once The Outsider was complete. How it will be affected by this apparent breakdown - or whether it's one of the "unannounced projects" that made it happen - will hopefully be made clear soon.


I recently remembered this game and looked it up because I was very impressed by the trailer the first time I saw it. It was NEXT-GEN GRAPHICS!!!

Now it looks like crap, lol.

Still waiting to see what comes from it

Oh man, i really hope he does well and gets The Outsider out the door. I've always loved his work since i was younger, and well i will be absoultey devistated if Elite 4 never gets a chance :(

The graphics aren't great but gameplay is the issue. If The Outsider can deliver (assuming it ever ships), then the fact that it looks decidedly last-gen shouldn't enter into it.

Wow. I have never heard of this, and I remember The Agency for gosh sake! Must have jumped off the radar years ago...

John Jameson...........In 2005 the U.S government stole his beloved whiskey. He said goodbye to his friends......Then shot the president of the United States. In hindsight.....That probably wasn't a good idea. Weeks later, the search was on, all in D.C were out to look for him........Including John Jameson

Jameson whiskey aside this game looks interesting even with its older graphics, it's sad to hear that 17 people lost their jobs though. Hopefully this game can get back on its feet.

I was so pumped for this game, then a few months passed, then I remembered it, then I forgot, then I heard Braben's name again, then I got interested in other games, then somebody used the word elite...

Oh well, anybody remember how long it took for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to get released? The extra time may not mean it's dead (or rapidly approaching the grave). I mean, if the Duke can come back... this still may turn out fine.

Jameson? I LOL very hard at that. (Default Commander in Elite)

Bourne Identity meets Day of the Jackal? I am SO in.


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