Russian Media Suggests Modern Warfare 2 Trained Terrorists

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Where do I start? First of all this was a suicide bomb attack, and No Russian was a shooting.
Secondly, the claim that Al-Qaeda would use MW2 for training is ridiculous in more ways than I can count. Of course, I'm not suggesting that No Russian wasnt a pointless level designed to cause controversy but the only thing it has in common with this bombing is that it is in an airport. I guess thats enough for the media to blame it!

Terrorists play videogames? I mean surely there's something else occupying their time than just wasting hours mowing down virtual people. Just think how organised and how much more efficient terrorism could be if they just got off the damn xbox! by that theory, we should be thanking videogames for distracting terrorists from more grandiose schemes.


To be honest, the West is mostly at fault, particularily America, for this.

If you keep demonising Russia they'll demonise your propaganda games.


I dunno, I always saw it as a crazy guy tricked both Russia and the US into attacking each other. The fact that said crazy guy WAS Russian was purely circumstantial. Don't want to spoiler anyone but in the end of the game it turns out to be a crazy American who plays the role of the true villain. So by your reasoning all of America is more to blame. Hell, it's a British SAS agent that inexplicably launches a thermonuclear warhead at America so maybe the Brits are the real antagonists for destroying the lives of many more civilians then either other side did in the game. I guess all I'm saying is be aware of your biases, your own personal point of view has a lot to do with who you think is the villain in that game. As usual the monsters we see says more about us than it does about the monsters.

The Americans were trying to eliminate the guy who helped bring the whole situation to a head in the first place. I got the impression that when Pvt. Allen's CIA op went bad, things just spiraled out of control and Shepherd just said "Fuck it, I'm going to get him even if I have to betray everybody." Trying to avenge 30,000 Marines sounds like a pretty good reason to send SpecWar teams after somebody.

Plus, from a gameplay perspective, the player spends the vast majority of his time shooting, stabbing, and exploding Russians. Whether it's Russia, America, or any other country with soldiers, they're not going to like a game that shows their military getting steamrolled by one or two guys.

this was inevitable. however one might question the use of explosives in the attack when mw2 clearly trained in firearm use.

One might also question how forcing players into a linear shooting gallery, which obeys few of the laws of realism, in any way trains them to carry out, let alone plan a terror attack.

As Gildan Bladeborn said, all it can do is give them ideas, and a suicide bombing or shooting is hardly original.




Well, to be fair, if you're playing a certain FPS game, like ARMA, for example, being serious about it, and playing with squadmates/friends, it can teach you tactics. And although it can teach you which end is the loud one, certainly; it can also potentially teach you how to operate, not fire, but operate the weapon. Reloading, how to properly hold, where the fire selector switch is, where the bolt release is, depending on game, of course. Like someone else said, alone, games of any kind aren't training for anything, but a supplement, that they can be. Again, it depends on the game in question.

True. Though tactics in MW2 and shooters are nothing more than "Go behind cover, shoot bad guy, move up to better cover, repeat" Tactical strategy and squad cohesion can be learned in any game and could possibly be learned faster through actual training. I know i did not lean to be a true team player, pick my role, and operate in shooters with a higher degree of clarity until i had been playing for 3 years.

On the matter of showing how to operate a firearm(reload and such) The same thing could be learned anywhere online in less time. To test this past common sense name any two guns and i will find a manual on operation online in about 10 minuets.

I feel like going further into squad & teamwork and strategy in games like MW2. With a game like MW2 the single player is pretty straight forward. You adapt to the situation based on what the game tells you, you kill, you progress. You learn little tactical treasure from this that the human mind can not figure out with common sense "Hmm i must stay out of sight and i have bushes here.... I KNOW I WILL HIDE BEHIND THIS BUSH!!". Yes to succeed in Multiplayer some strategy must be used but not enough to train someone for physical combat.

In the end nothing the games teach cannot be learned faster & better through drills that actually train for cobat, books that teach strategy, weapons training, and manuals on how to hold and operate a firearm.


B. Model 38A.

And although I'll admit, yes, a training manual is likely better; games can be used, which is the point, though might not be that effective. But then again, supplementing an operation manual with watching the reload animation on a gun, if a game got it right, would get the point across better than either alone. Some people aren't made for quick grasping of concepts and operations; and some people are just plain daft.

And playing with close friends in tactical video games can help you to be more comfortable working with them, as far as the mind goes.

And although with the combination of simpletons and cock-jockeys that play MW2, the tactics may not seem that deep; but any game where I play with me best and only bud have great tactics.

Hypothetical MW2 situation: (Me) Spectre 2-4 "I'm in position, are you?" (Him) Spectre 3-8 "Yeah. I've got a scattergun ready." S 2-4 "Alright, I'm going to shoot the plane's cockpit. Either the bastard will try to kill me, and get mowed down, he'll try to run, and you blast him, or you rush him while he's dazed." *volleyfire* *enemy tries to throw a grenade at me* *I run* *S 3-8 shoots him in the back* S 3-8 "I got him!" S 2-4 "Crazy bastard threw an explosive at me..." End transmission

And if we're playing Bad Company, we'll both be snipers, and he'll be the shooter, since he has better eyes, while I sit around on my arse with a magnum, watching the area, and trying to spot for him, because I have better patience. 'Course that real combat training does not make; but that doesn't make them completely inviable. Besides, they're fun. If you were in some "deserted" desert hellhole, being able to play a little New Vegas once the day is up will help you unwind a bit. So even if training anyone in anything isn't at all possible; keeping our/their/anyone's troops sane and entertained whilst "out" of combat, is still a very big help.

Pressing a button on a game = training people to plant explosives.

Of corse!

And the USA is actually pouring funds into using games to train their troops. True story.


Alright Google failed me on that one. The same could be said on tactics in GA or L4D as they promote team work to make things go correctly. People need to face it.; Anything can teach by example but if you go gunning for one be sure to go after the others. Movies, guides, and TV would be shot at had it not been for that one stupid ass mission. Not going to say they aren't viable but they are probably down low on the list of causes for terrorism. And if i had the money i would find that reporter and deck him in the eye for being such an attention whoring twat. Whole point of the article was to kick up dust and try and get him some attention for himself and for whomever is funding the publication he works for.

Yeah they can be used not going to argue it but the effectiveness of it has to be pretty damn low. A step by step guide for them(probably came with one of the firearms they attained) would probably be an easier way to teach it with more effectiveness than reloading in a video game. Tactics in games is another subject i cannot argue well. I wrote an entire research paper last year on how Video games CAN promote tactics, strategy, and teamwork. But they likely won't translate well into RL without physical training and drills.

Summary of this article:

In Soviet Russia, games play you!

I know it's a sensitive issue... but this is probably the best summary ever!

Russia today, or RT, is an odd mixture between CNN, Fox News, and actual progressive content (crazy, I know). This particular lazy piece of "journalism" belonged to the Fox News side, where they merrily walk the line of journatainment, not giving a fuck about the truth.

they've had too much caspian caviar if you ask me... (bribery)

Yes. MW2 trained terrorists. So did Microsoft Flight Simulator. That is so believable.


As tragic as the attack is, I really hope that the Russian people aren't stupid enough to believe that article.

After playing the campaign i was totally super soldier trained man.
i was totally gonna go out and knife some dudes in the face but ya was cloudy.

The first day I heard of the attacks I was like. Sounds like..... OMG, MW2 IS BASED OFF OF FUTURE EVENTS!!! AWhWHwHWH!!!


Btw, the Russians have confirmed the man responsible for the bombing was a 20 year old from the Caucasus'. Go figure, they were attacked by someone from an area that they've been struggling with for decades. Who would've thunk it.


A terrorist from the North Caucasus' suicide-bombs Moscow?

Damn the facts! This is clearly America's fault.

"Okay guys, remember, press forward on the analog stick and then hold down R1 for maximum effect. Don't screw this up! Okay? Ready? Go!"

I seriously hate this. I mean, the situations aren't even similar. It's a bombing, not a shoot-out. Just because it's in a Russian airport >.>

this is fucking maddness. video games do not make terrorists....

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