Autistic Xbox Player's Mother Admits He Cheated

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Autistic Xbox Player's Mother Admits He Cheated


A woman that criticized Microsoft for labeling her autistic son a cheater on Xbox Live has revealed that he actually did cheat.

Earlier this week, a story was brought to the mainstream media by a mother that claimed her son had been given the "Cheater" label on Xbox Live for no reason. As it turns out, there was actually a very good reason, and the mother was aware of it.

Jennifer Zdenek made Microsoft out to be a cruel overlord, telling the media that her autistic son Julius Jackson's only form of entertainment had been ruined. All of his achievements were taken away and it now said "Cheater" next to Jackson's Xbox Live Gamertag. Microsoft's head of Xbox Live enforcement Stephen Toulouse was adamant that the boy cheated to acquire certain achievements, having checked out the situation himself.

Zdenek now tells Q13 Fox News that her son gave his Xbox Live information to a third party, who used illegitimate methods to give Jackson Halo 3's Recon Armor. She shared an email from Toulouse that says:

The account Zombie Kill67 transferred from the Xbox it is normally seen on, to an Xbox in another city. The account earned several achievements for Halo 3 that can only be done online and in succession. It was clear they were unlocked out of order and offline. Earning successive online achievements out of order and offline is an impossible feat, not due to skill, but due to the technology of the system. It can only be done by modifying the account and faking the achievements.

Zdenek was aware that her son gave his information to another player, but still paints her son in an innocent light. "I did warn him about this but seeing it wasn't a bank password or anything big, it's just a game we didn't worry about it too much and the boy just offered to give him Recon Armor, which he did," she said. She's given up on fighting Microsoft, and will likely take the company's offer of a free month of Xbox Live Gold and a new Gamertag for Jackson to start again.

It appears that Zdenek left some very crucial information out of the original tale she told the media, and even worse, used her son's ailment to gain sympathy. I get that Zdenek probably just cares about her son, but she comes off looking pretty bad for her dishonesty.

Thanks for the tip, D_987!

Source: Q13 Fox News


Saw this coming a mile away as soon as I saw the title to the first news article.

Honestly, people need to stop milking disabilities.

Cheating for Recon armor? Thats so... 2007/2008.

You can unlock it normally now by getting the vidmaster achievements in Halo 3/ODST. And if he cares enough about Halo to cheat to get a piece of armor, then I'm sure he owns the games.

Kid got exactly what he deserved. He cheated, and he got punished. Moral of the story is to not cheat for silly pieces of armor that don't even look that good.

So Microsoft followed standard operating procedures, got slammed by the mother of an Autistic child, then proven right? I fail to see a problem with this.

Some parents do really stupid stuff for their kids.

Yep, pretty much exactly what I gleamed from the original story. Everything achievements related is easily tracked, why people think they can get away with faking it is beyond me.

well I'm glad that's all sorted out. I've never understood why you would lie about something that can be traced with apparent ease. and to go on tv? they're gonna try extra hard to prove you're a liar then. nobody likes making mistakes especially ones they didn't do.

Obviously... I hate mothers like this, children can be bad. End of.

Great, cue the questions about whether autistic people are fit to be gaming, or whether we have to be monitored more closely.

I am glad this was resolved, and that the truth came out, but if even I can see it coming a mile off (AsSpDo myself) and I am just reading the story on the internet, how can the mother of someone with the condition not have realised?

Oh well, time to batten down the hatches I suppose

I bet you feel pretty stupid now, don't ya lady?

I'm sure the neighborhood is having a field day with her.

Not to be rude by why isn't this an update on your other story?

We can clearly see that the kid is guilty and must accept the consequences. The mother made a dumb decision to try and make a stink and caused a big fuss for nothing. I think letting her kid deal with the consequences and see that breaking the rules have repercussions instead of trying to manipulate people would have been a much better decision.

i knew she was leaving out part of the story. It just felt like the whole story wasnt there.

oh and i knew Microsoft had to have been sure about the cheating to do this.

"'s just a game we didn't worry about it too much..."

That is, until your son got caught on it, then you made it into a media stink, trying to milk your son's condition to get your way and eventually embarrassing both of you in the end.

Grow up, lady.

Recon Armor? Really?

I thought they'd all moved onto Reach at this point. Maybe the Mom's just cheap.

I knew it! And he deserves to be punished for it.

Cheating for Recon armor? Thats so... 2007/2008.

The kid needs to keep up with the times, blue flames is now where its at.

So in essence what you're saying here is this is now even less news than it was already.

Cheating for Recon armor? Thats so... 2007/2008.

This just won the thread for me.

But, Yeah. The Kid's mum must be feeling stupid now.... or maybe she's just plain stupid. It was sort of kneejerk/ My sons got dissabilities OMG!! reaction.

Why is this in the news? :( :(

Good. I'm glad the truth about this eventually came out.

Saw it coming, the mother should be ashamed of the example she sets by lieing to try to make Microsoft look like the evil.

Actually, the last part is partially incorrect. I got a metric fuckload of the Mercenaries 2 online achievements offline due to a glitch that I did not do purposely. 35/40. No, I'm not giving them back because I've done everything to get them legit since then.

But, he still cheated so... ehh. Still feel a little bad for him though.

The kid was always going to be in the wrong. If he's autistic then its probably hard for him to admit that he cheated. He probably would of thought he would get in big trouble so he lied, fair enough.

Approure care
my recaptcha
Anyway the stupidity of your average parent boggles the mind. i don't like Harvey Danger but perhaps he was right...

"only stupid people are breeding".

I think this is the kind of thing that should be written off as bad for all parties, and so forgotten. MS looks like they step on disabled children, the mother looks like a liar, and the son looks like a cheater. Nobody physically harmed, the truth came out, lets move on.

Not to be rude by why isn't this an update on your other story?

Because no one read the update on the last one, after the update was posted people kept ignoring the new info and posted things in direct contradiction ti the update. Or atleast, that's why I think it wasn't added as an update.

I kinda dont blame her and in truth the kid should have his achivments wiped but the cheater tag was a little much. I mean when you tink about it the kid probily didnt know what his friend was doing was cheating when he was offerd it(i know a few kids in general who are a bit too trusting) and lets face it the majority of parents dont know anything about games.

So she admitted he child did something against the rules but still tried playing the "he has autism give me sympathy" card? Sorry lady but just because your son was unfortunate enough to be struck with a disability does not give him the excuse to break the rules. Everyone who makes an online account is give the ToS and is subject to the proper punishments for not following them. There is no "do you have a disability? then click here to have a rule-free account" option.

I feel just two words encapsulate this story from the get-go perfectly:

"Concerned mother".

Still getting a free month of Xbox live gold for lying? Wow

I would feel more sympathy for the boy if the whole story came out originally.

If it is true that the other person just said he was going to get the Recon Armour, but didn't say that it would be done through illegitimate means, then I would have felt bad for the boy but the fact that they weren't honest at the beginning makes me not care.

First of all, Microsoft didn't know that the kid was autistic.
Second, the mother was stupid, creating a big fuss over nothing, and making a fool of herself.
Third, kids and mothers have got to learn that just because their kid/they have got a disability, they won't get special treatment.

The kids a cheater, he knew what he was doing and he got what he deserved. End of Story.

The lessons to learn from all of this is that autistic people can cheat too, parents will lie to paint their children in a better light and just because the big faceless corporation has taken action against the little guy doesn't mean that they weren't absolutely right to do so.

wow, didnt actually expect her to fucking own up to this XD

this should teach everyone a lesson... DONT FUCK WITH MICROSOFT! if they say you cheated, you fucking cheated >:)

and yet she STILL wants to play the victim here. god, is my country just ALL victims?

Saw this one coming...

I really hate parents that act as an enabler for their children to do stupid stuff. And then they try to get sympathy.

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