WoW Customer Support Does Your Math Homework

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Back when I played WoW I always got a bad joke etch time i asked them for help.
This one comes to mind

"what do you call 50 paladins in a lake?"

damn i gotta get back on wow, i have a test tomorrow!

...the hell is this?!? If this is a true story, GM's must have even less of a life than the average WoW player. This is weird.

I doubt that - first of all, they probably make more money than a majority of WoW players - especially ones who can't do their own maths homework :P.

Secondly, it's their job to solve problems, and well- some people just really like to solve problems even if some of the problems don't particularly fall into the purview of their job.

If anything, I find this really charming, smart, cute and funny... something girls usually look for in a guy. Mind you, it could have been a girl that was the GM that answered that question - and I'd say only someone who's a bit more worldly who has had plenty of social interaction of various kinds can provide such a tacit and well intended response.

Not G. Ivingname:
If it is real: Funny story.

IF it isn't real: Expect an update later with an actual GM given an actual problem and give them a really stupid answer, even funnier story.

Even funnier if the answer the person receives is obviously wrong, wand they submit it anyway.

That's how higher/highest level item analysis should be. Higher stats mean higher math.
You're not taking on the Lich King unless you can do Trig.

Lloyd O Siadhail:
This is fake, due to the spelling errors within the gm's reply at the end of his message back to the customer. Blizzard doesn't employ people that spell wrong :P

Yes they do, check the wowbash top 100. (Not that it's a criteria)
Also, I've encountered quite a few during my travels in Azeroth.

Ok, this is just plain ermm,
ah screw it, praise the (metaphorical) lord, we no longer need to pay $20 an hour for tutoring.

Honestly i wouldn't be surprised if the GMs did actually answer the math question, hell they answer all the stupid tickets i put up.

Hell I'd pay the monthly fee of WoW just so I'll get an A in class.

I suppose its in their interest, the more time you spend doing homework, the less time you spend on WoW

That's WAY more helpful than the Fleshlight guys.

"Blizz, I accidentally my math homework is this normal?"

This made my day, thank you.

Actually, this makes me sad. Not because the GMs will do your homework for you, but because it makes me remember the days back when I was actually GOOD at calculus... 6 years ago, I could totally have answered that question. Now it's all gibberish to me...


Not calculus, it is 3d mathematics often referred to as planes and/or vectors.
Thank you and good day!


I have no soul and I fit the former in your description.

It's perfect. :P

Well...think of the savings with no subscription!

Then think of all the free time you'd have to... spend even more money!

Edit: And I'm sorry, but your name just reminds me of that guy from The Grind...

Edit 2: Yes, I do notice that the last reply was in March, I found this again after an...interesting early (2am) discussion with some (non-wow playing) people about random games and customer support for them.

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