Skyrim Will Feature Tentacle Bears ... Maybe

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Skyrim Will Feature Tentacle Bears ... Maybe


New concept art reveals new environments and (possibly) one of the strangest monsters to ever fight a viking.

Bethesda is continuing to tease out more and more details for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, though this may be the most tantalizing reveal yet. The developer has released some new concept art for the game that shows some new, viking-oriented locales in the game. Oh, yeah, and what looks like one of the most bizarre monsters you'll ever hope to see.

Most of the art is pretty standard for fantasy RPGs, featuring medieval statues, creepy dungeons, and mountain fortresses. But the gorilla in the room is the image seen here: that's right, it features a viking getting ready to beat down a bear that's sporting tentacles. That's what it looks like, and several sites are reporting it as such.

It's certainly a bizarre image, but when I threw the concept art into Photoshop and enlarged it, I realized that the image might instead be of a bear standing over the corpse of a wooly mammoth. That said, the possible tusks look a lot like fleshy tentacles, and I think a tentacle bear could be one of the coolest in-game monsters I've ever heard of.

Source: Bethesda Blog


It's a bear and mammoth. That said, Bethesda should definitely incorporate a monstrosity like this.

Um, I could be wrong about this, but that really looks like a dead mammoth laying on the ground. The "tentacle" I believe is actually just a tusk.

Edit: Never mind, maybe I should actually read the entire post before I post, ehe?

Clearly a wooly mammoth... I was trying really hard to find the bear's tentacles but the tusks kept getting in the way...

That said, Staff, sword combo is PURE GOLD.

We can only hope that the game will incorporate tentacle bears...

... and I DO hope...

Looks more like a Mammoth and the tentacle its tusk.

Or it could be some type of new monster with thick fur and tentacles. Actually that sounds pretty cool.

Thank god it's a mammoth!
After the trouble bears have given me in Red Dead I definitely don't need them getting any more reach.

Or... Tentacle... Urgings.
I'm going to have nightmares now.

Definitely a mammoth in front of a bear

Still a tentacle tusked mammoth is still pretty cool though right?

Maybe Bethesda will throw a tentacle bear monster in now anyway

What should actually happen: There's exactly one tentacle bear hidden somewhere for fan-service alone.

Definitely a mammoth and a bear, but I really wish it was a tentacle bear. In fact, I think I'm going to pretend it's a tentacle bear.
OT: Holy shit, it's a tentacle bear!

Maybe I look at things differently, but that doesn't look like a bear with tentacles. Looks like a bear standing over a wooly mammoth, like you said.

Bears with Tentacles? An evolution of Pedobear?

Anyway it just looks like a Mammoth type creature with extra tusks.

(Borrowed from

Yep. Bear and a mammoth. I'm not quite sure how anyone could really mistake that for a "tentacle bear", honestly... I got it at first glance, although I guess if the mini-screenshot was all you had to go by it might be harder.

Tentacled bears? How long must I wait to see Bear Cavalry?


Even if there was a bear with tentacles there aren't nearly enough anime japanese girls.

Destructoid thought the same thing, don't worry.

oh dear god! The images! They won't get out of my head!
I know it's a bear and a mammoth, but from just reading that heading...ill be haunted by them for weeks!

Goodness c'thulu bear would be awesome, sadly it is not to be. it's a mammoth and a bear. Well there's always exspansions, maybe bethesda will go "they want tentacle bears! Artists make it so!" Then we get "skyrim; revenge of house of dagoth" where difficulty of an enemy is based on the number of tentacles and they summon tentacle bears.

That's mammoth carcass with a bear behind it about to chow down.

The claim of this news post is ridiculous. Everyone knows that the Bearctopus isn't a native to cold-weather environments.

The tentacle bear is for the Japanese version only.

*His work done, Captain Obvious returns to the Obvious Cave!*

I'm glad we're not all so ridiculous as to think that... but I do reserve the right to believe that it's getting ready to unleash it's monstrous breath of fire. that's what we need more of. fire breathing bears. they did it with ants, why not bears? that would be wayyyyy cooler

The tentacle bear is for the Japanese version only.

*His work done, Captain Obvious returns to the Obvious Cave!*

Coincidentally the Japanese version also has an all teenage girl NPC cast.

If we get to look like a total vikings AND get to fight woolly mammoths I lose my shit right here.

If this misconception becomes a big thing, I can bet my lunch money they'll put a bear with tentacles in the game somewhere. As a common mob or an ultra rare spawn, I don't know.

I call bullshit, no way a grizzly could take down a Wooly m... oh wait, I missed the point, didnt I?

Everyone knows the best bear is Manbearpig.

While it is indeed just a bear standing over a mammoth I hope they do add tentacle bears after this.

As much as I wish that it were the case, unfortunately that is not a tentacled bear.

Meh. I would much prefer sharktopus to this monster.

looks like a mammoth is in front of it is all

Could have been much worse...


I think I just got troll'd

Staff and Sword dual-wield? Actual big bushy viking beards?

Omg, my Gandalf fantasies can finally come true!

Yeah, I love my bearktopuses as much as the next guy, but that's clearly a mammoth and a bear.

Oh well. Maybe they'll see this and put it in some DLC or something.

Damnit! I was hoping for something weird... or Lovecraftian.

That's it. We need Cthulhu for the Elder Scrolls VI.

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