Simpsons Themed Quake III Mod Features Spider-Pig, Homer, and Chopin

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Simpsons Themed Quake III Mod Features Spider-Pig, Homer, and Chopin

A Quake III modder has gone and given us what we never knew we needed: a perfectly detailed rendition of the Simpsons home in which to play Capture the Flag.

Have you ever wanted to see Montgomery Burns blast a hole in Homer Simpson's head with a shotgun in the middle of Moe's Tavern? Have you ever wanted to see it done using a game engine from 1999?

If you answered "yes" to the above questions, than you have YouTube user and Quake III modder breisgaubrasilianer to thank for his amazing Simpsons themed Quake III Capture the Flag level.

The Simpsons, a long-running cartoon about a dysfunctional family, is no stranger to videogames. In fact, there are enough Simpsons-themed games to warrant an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to listing them all, but the one genre of game that The Simpsons never touched was the first person shooter, perhaps due to society's issues with familicide.

Well, thanks to Quake III and breisgaubrasilianer, that gap has been filled.

Source: Boing Boing


This guy's done a better job than any actual Simpsons game i've ever played.

I could have sworn I've seen that years ago. Are you sure this is news?

I could have sworn I've seen that years ago. Are you sure this is news?

I was thinking this.

The date on the Youtube video is 2007. :P

Jesus you guys just heard of this now? Bit late there.

This video was made way back in 2007....¬_¬ news? T THINK NOT!

Might be a bit late to the party, but this is still totally awesome. I like how it keeps the feel of the cartoons despite being in 3D

I could have sworn I've seen that years ago. Are you sure this is news?

I think it has been updated or something like that

this makes me want to watch the Simpsons... Not just any simpsons though, old simpsons. It's made me nostalgic.

I could have sworn I've seen that years ago. Are you sure this is news?

Exactly what I though. That roof top full of tables next the the bowlarama? Rail gun spawns there, awesome high point for using it

There's a cool CS map too, does the whole town.

Wow that's amazing. So much attention to detail.

Ha! Thats great with the attention and detail.

I love the little Homer head floating at the bottom.

I remember actually seeing this when I was trying to find so gameplay footage of Virtual Springfield for some research for a project I have long since forgotten about. It is a very cool little mod though, especially in a the attention to detail that just makes it feel like the cartoon. Whoever made it should be proud.

Probably saw that in the days when I was playing Q3, but I get the feeling the graphics have been updated on this map? It looks prettier (color-wise).

Looks damn good for such an old engine.

That's seriously awesome.

Now I want to start a Simpsons marathon (proud owner of seasons 1-9). I love the detail. It made me remember different episodes as the player walked around the house.

I want quake 3 on pc now

reminds me of the creativity that went into the countless counter-strike and half-life stages and my days as a regular to the Sector 7-G half-life server. Haven't seen that many stages like that in TF2. There are probably way more like this in other PC shooter games and despite that, this one is still really well detailed, the little details in this case.

is this wrong that this reminds me of Eternal Sonata and the fact no rpg of the simpsons exists yet

Although the map is beautiful (and probably fun), there's something disturbing about seeing the Simpsons characters kill each other.

Well, I've certainly seen this one many years ago.
What a blast from the past.

Aww, i imagined the author of this article with a *forever alone* face saying "well no one showed it to me".

A nice video but i have seen it so many times by now thanks to stumble upon that it evokes hate rather than awe.

Oh and in case you are thinking "well 2007 isn't that long ago, he links to a myspace account.

Great detail. Also great choice of music.

Not only it's too late but there's also a Counter Strike map based on The Simpsons and Simpsons models for Counter Strike. So Simpsons are no stranger to FPS games for a long time now.


nearly 60 minutes without mod-wrath . impressive.

There have been a lot of Simpsons maps around since the day of earliest CS.b but i never saw anything this detailed. Very good and a lot of work i would say

Was that the Stonecutters' HQ at the end? I'm 95% certain it was... anyway, this is great. I love the little nods at old episodes and everything, and the visuals are amazing compared to the show itself. Though it's an old mod, I nevertheless hope the modder does a Futurama-based one next :D.

If Bart kills someone...does he say Eat my shorts? XD

But anyway very good, looks amazing for an old engine

Dudes, I've played this (or something basically identical) back in 2002 or so.

World of Padman was still way better :P

And actually this looks pretty crap. Ever heard of curved surfaces? Quake III came with the support you know...

This is cool, it's just old. This mod was made quite a while ago...

Yeah, you're a bit late on the jump there. I remember Cracked showed this on their video about creepy Simpsons fans, and I believe I first saw that a year or two ago. And apparently this is even older, so I guess I found out about this pretty late as well.

The freakish thing is, I was watching THIS EXACT VIDEO last night. And it's nearly four years old. Is there some connection I'm missing or is this really just a freak coincidence?

I never figured out why Quake 3 started making my computer crash horribly seconds into gameplay, so I'll stick with Simpsons Doom, which happens to be one of the related videos to the one this thread is about.

Very detailed mod there it perfectly captures the Simpsons house.

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