EA Boss Admits Publisher "Dropped the Ball" on Console Changeover

EA Boss Admits Publisher "Dropped the Ball" on Console Changeover


EA is back up to its fighting weight, says the publisher's CEO, after a few rough spots over the last seven years.

EA CEO John Riccitiello has spoken rather candidly about the troubles that EA faced as the last console generation transitioned into the current one. He said that the publisher had slipped up, allowing its portfolio of intellectual property to degrade and not having a clear plan for handling digital sales.

Riccitiello said that seven years ago, EA was the market leader in the industry and had eight core IPs. Unfortunately, EA had mishandled those franchises, leaving it with just three viable brands. He cited the Need for Speed games as an example, saying that releasing annual sequels had eventually got the better of EA. He thought that EA's fortunes had seen a great deal of improvement recently, however, and said that the company's portfolio of franchises was by far the strongest in the industry today.

He also said that EA had forged ahead in the digital space, claiming that EA had "built the leading position" in online, mobile, and social gaming. What's more, he said that DLC and other post-launch, online transactions were proving to be a significant source of revenue for EA, as games were "staying in the tray" for longer than they had done before. This meant that the concerns EA had had about monetizing catalogue titles and pre-owned sales had largely disappeared.

It's interesting to see a publisher admit that it made mistakes, and it's equally interesting to see a publisher say that it's not really worried about pre-owned sales anymore. It's kind of hard to see the former becoming all that common, but hopefully the latter will become an industry standard.

Source: VG247


I've never been too much into the EA franchises but a couple of my favorite games from last gen are Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge.
The Burnouts have been less interesting since Revenge and that's mostly to do with the absence of Crash Junctions.
Of all the dlc they made for Burnout Paradise, they never brought back crash junctions which is surprising. I thought the new generation of hardware would give us bigger and more spectacular pileups but they seem to have abandoned the franchise altogether.

Seems to me like they're still dropping the ball: lots of generic annual releases rather than anything interesting.

I love how he came out and said this right after the rumor that Mirrors Edge 2 was cancelled came around. It's like you're going out of your way to offend me, John.

Well, it is nice to see that they've been cleaning up there act in the last year. Perhaps seeing Activision taking their whole playbook made then decide to change their ways. Yeah, they were in a rough spot, and canceled a potentially great franchise in Mirror's Edge (though it wasn't done forever, just for now), but it seems that EA is starting to give a crap about original content and for their customers.

I find this peculiar. This seems like some sort of poorly orchestrated attempt to cover their asses because they are doing so poorly. The CEO makes public statements saying how strong the company is just after the news about the companies so called "poor performance" in the last quarter.

I am refreshed to see someone admit that they didn't handle something as well as they should though. I still think that EA is going to work at driving franchises into the ground so they can make large profit margins in the short. That is a tried and true method of making money. The secret to controlling this situation is not to just admit they have made mistakes though, but to also show they have learned their lesson, which I honestly doubt. You can say that you learned your lesson the first time you stuck your hand into the fire, but no matter how much you admit your wrong, you still need to stop placing your hand into the fire to prove it.

I hope they have improved though, they own some truly awesome franchises.

Edit: Post number 200 baby!

If EA wants to get back into my good books they'll announce they've returned DICE to work on Mirrors Edge 2 and give us a release date.

Still waiting for the Dead Space 2 PC fix EA
Not sure why I bother though...

"He also said that EA had forged ahead in the digital space, claiming that EA had "built the leading position" in online, mobile, and social gaming."

I think Steam has something to say to you...

Pretty sure EA slipped up on a lot more than just this, don't think I need to say anymore...

I'm just happy they're finally working on a current gen SSX title. I hope it's good like Tricky or SSX 3. The less said about SSX 4, the better.

So... are they still doing Project $10 then? Because it seemed that was done to get back at used games. And if they're not doing it, they'll probably just charge us the $10 regardless of if we buy the game or not.

Seems to be whats happening with Dragon Age 2. Haven't heard anything about that game's DLC except for whats in the signature edition.

And it seems Dead Space 2 didn't have that.

Which is a shame.

Ok so its clear that EA has admitted its mistakes over the years now gone...

Hopefully Visceral wont cock up with the next Command and Conquer theyre supposed to be making.

And hopefully Activision will realise that annual sequels are not the way forwards. (That was a joke, haha, fat chance)

I wonder if this means EA will start selling roster updates for the sports series as DLC, instead of making consumers purchase a whole new game every year. That would be wishful thinking. Not that I play sports games to begin with, just an observation.

I'm so happy that they changed the way they do things. NFS is a great series, would have sucked to see Most Wanted be the last good one. I forgive you EA for Carbon, Undercover, and Prostreet. Looking forward to the coming games from you EA.

Cool news, great to hear they have introspective. I'm a big fan of EA, they do some stupid things from time to time (then again, who doesn't, especially with a company their size), but I dunno, I've always seen fantastic games with their logo on them that I enjoyed and never once had a "damn, I wish it was someone else, not EA, behind this". In fact, I usually see it as a big plus and an EA logo might make me look twice at a game that I otherwise wouldn't cause I know it tends to follow up with quality.

Reckon we could get them to apologise for Command and Conquer 4?


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