[UPDATE] Live Chat with Gearbox Dev and Creator of Anthony Saves the World

[UPDATE] Live Chat with Gearbox Dev and Creator of Anthony Saves the World

Mikey Neumann, the man behind Borderlands and Anthony Saves the World, will be on hand to answer your questions live.

Mikey Neumann and Anthony Burch play two gamers who have to save the effin' world in the action-packed web series Anthony Saves the World. The pilot episode shows Mikey fighting off an assailant with combat prowess and action hero quips, all while being pissed off that he had to sacrifice his 7 victory points in a game of Settlers of Catan. The not-quite-science-fiction series is the brain child of Neumann, the Creative Director of Gearbox Studios, and Burch, half the team of Hey Ash, Watchya Playing, and it melds comedy, action, gamer culture and time-bending paradoxes.

Next week, The Escapist will be thrusting Mikey in front of a camera. His mission: answer your questions, perform stupid tricks and (perhaps) spills the beans about what it's like being so awesome. The event will take place on Wednesday, February 23rd at 1pm EST (that's 6pm UK time or 10am Pacific for those of who are time zone challenged). You'll be able to send in questions for Mikey via IRC or over Twitter, and he'll answer them Live on camera.

So start formulating the perfect question for Mikey - I know I've already got several percolating. What exactly will Anthony do to save the world? When will Borderlands 2 come out? How did you pose as his roommate for two and a half years? What was so damn important about those 7 victory points?

Tune in next Wednesday at 1pm to find out the answer to these questions and, knowing the internet, many, many more! Watch The Escapist Twitter feed and The Anthony Saves the World Twitter feeds for more details.

UPDATE: Gearbox called. Mikey is not allowed to talk about any games he may or may not currently be working on that may or may not be Borderlands 2. In fact, we never mentioned that. Forget you read it. (Or they may kill us.)

UPDATE 2: Watch the trailer!


Cool, This series has turned out great so far.

He's a gearbox dev? Did not know that. I do enjoy Gearbox's act so far. From a rather obscure background doing HL expansions to Borderlands and Duke Nukem...

As good a time as any to pick up on the series though.

Predictable question: "HAVE YOU TOUCHED JON ST. JOHN!?!? HOW AWESOME IS HE!?! /schoolgirl squeel".

... I might think the man is awesome... Maybe.

I like the fact that Mikey is reaching out to the people. Not only with the comments section of the videos but now with a live Q&A. I tip my hat.

I do have some questions, but my luck I'd miss out on the broadcast due to work or something else coming up.

Sounds great, I'm kicking myself now for agreeing to cover someone's shift that might.

so they basically announced borderlands 2?


No idea if ill be free to be their so ill leave my question here.

@0:30 in the Trailer. That wink. Please tell me that will be on a T-shirt or something.

DO WANT BORDERLANDS 2 =D. But I'd be interested in talking about duke nukem too.

I doubt I'll be near a computer at that time. But if I am then I'll be here!


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