Gears of War 3 Interview

Gears of War 3 Interview

Lead Level Designer Jim Brown tells us all about the changes coming to Epic's standout series.


So hyped for this now.
Damm you! *Fist shake*

2 shotguns now ey?...Will both tactics with the shotgun be as in Gears 2? Roll shoot, roll shoot? ;)

Sounds pretty cool, and it seems my post in the preview thread was correct, retro lancers are lancers with bayonets :>

I'm glad to see Epic finally adding TDM. Deathmatch has always been the bread and butter of multiplayer shooters for me and everything else just there to change things up every now and then.

"Thanks for your time, Jim."
Thanks for the insights, Jim! Quite cool :D

This as well as the hands on has gotten me pretty excited about Gears 3. I loved Gears 1 to death, but was rather dissapointed with Gears 2. I'll get to see in April I suppose. I just picked up my Epic version of Bulletstorm, so yay beta!

Fuck yes. As a Veteran Gears of War 2, Gearshead, this totally is just making me aroused. Sorry for saying it but LET IT HAPPEN!

Well, it was a pretty good interview. But there are a few problems I have to point out about the actual article:

Steve Butts:
This week, The Escapist was invited to Epic's office to play an early version of the upcoming Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta. Before we sat down to play through the new modes and maps, we took time to speak with the series' lead designer, Jim Brown. Once you've finished this, be sure to read our hands on impressions of the demo so you'll know what to expect when the demo is released later this April.

So it is a beta or a demo? There is a difference between the two, and it would be nice if everything was accurate. Exchanging demo for beta mid-paragraph is like exchanging apples for oranges: suddenly everyone is going to wonder when we stopped talking about apples (a beta) and started talking about oranges (a demo). There are also a few instances of missing spaces after the colons, and there's even one part on page 2 where a letter is missing. Speaking of page 2, why is there a page 2 and a page 3? I signed up for pub club, and it's all supposed to be on a single page.

Again, great interview. But the article itself could do with a bit more polish, so to speak.

Well, since all my friends recognise me as 'the guy playing as the Train', it looks like I'm gonna have to put some work into this beta. I can't wait.

Plus: Now not only will I be able to charge out with a battle cry, but with the retro lancer, I'll actually be able to charge?! This is gonna be AWESOME.

"I think it was Cole who suggested puttinga chainsaw on it"
Actually, it was Tai who improvised during the Battle of Jannermont by grabbing a chainsaw from a store and kicking a drone's ass with it. This was then told to Adam Fenix by Marcus, who then starting the development of the Lancer.
Yes, I know Gears of War lore, I have too much free time

Well, I just hope That Gears 3's online isn't like Gears 2's online. They should pretty much just remake the first gears, that'd be good.


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