Mega Man Squares Off With the Transformers in Stop-Motion

Mega Man Squares Off With the Transformers in Stop-Motion

The Blue Bomber may be able to beat the likes of Air Man and Crash Man, but how will he fare against Starscream and a few Gundams?

Look, I know that Mega Man is pretty well-equipped to fight evil robots. He's been battling Dr. Wily's minions for years now! That's kind of his thing; it's just what he does. One Taiwanese fan decided to put the Blue Bomber to the test against some more competent evil robots: the Decepticons.

Well, a few Decepticons, anyway. Okay, maybe it's just the one: In this stop-motion video by Taiwanese fan C656, a plucky Mega Man faces off against nefarious Transformers backstabber Starscream. It's a pretty nifty action sequence done entirely with little plastic models, even if there are points where you can clearly see the scotch tape holding the models in place during some of the action poses.

I have to admit - as cool as this video is, I'm kind of disappointed we didn't get to see Mega Man fighting any of the other robots seen in the model kit boxes that form the stage's "walls." I mean, who wouldn't want to see Mega Man taking on the Kämpfer or Overflag? Hell, who wouldn't want to see Mega Man vs. Buzz Lightyear?

I demand that C656 get to work on a sequel that picks up immediately where this one leaves off. If he doesn't, then I guess I'm going to just go off and sulk for a little bit.

Thanks for sending this in, Cowabungaa!


Transformer work really well in stop motion =D

This is really good, it's great to see what some fans will put together when they are dedicated enough. A sequel would be awesome =)

I prefer Iron man vs Bruce Lee

Man that is impressive on so many level! Now if only they had made some Megaman villains then it would be even more awesome!

Everyone always counts to 3 before they jump out of a corner, those Gundams in the start should have fried him.

Wow this was oddly amazing. Great job!


Must... buy... from... HLJ.
Damn you, subliminal, liminal and superliminal suggestions!

Someone PLEEEEEEASE tell me the name of that little song clip that plays at the end with Sephiroth. It's freakin' epic!


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