Fan Effort to Revive Firefly Could be Dead

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Fan Effort to Revive Firefly Could be Dead


Joss Whedon apparently couldn't get behind the fan-supported revival of Firefly, so the idea might be off the table.

Nathan Fillion, the actor that played Captain Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly, sparked the idea for a potential fan-funded revival of the show when he tweeted that he'd buy the rights if he won the lottery. Unfortunately, lack of official support may have killed the idea.

The "Big Damn Plan" detailed at basically sought to bring in fan investors to create a partnership that would be able to purchase Firefly's rights. In response, Maurissa Tancharoen, Joss Whedon's sister-in-law and writer on various Whedon projects tweeted: "Guys, no one in the Whedonverse is in support of Please save your money!"

She later clarified her statement by saying it was meant to tell fans that nobody in the official Firefly camp is associated with the fan effort. HNBF responded with a blog post that read: "According to Joss's sister-in-law, no one from the Whedon clan endorses the idea of a fan-funded organization trying to help. So, that's a wrap."

However, the blog post was later edited to tell visitors to follow HNBF's future updates on Facebook, so the effort might still be hanging on by a string. If Firefly fans could pull off an official revival, it'd be amazing, but the concept seems like a total longshot to me. Still, it's worth a try.

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Dam it Whedon! >(
When are you going to learn to stand-up for your work?

Doesn't surprise me to be honest. Shame though, its a nice though.

Well i'm glad I stopped myself getting excited now. There was way too many obstacles, even if they got Whedon onboard.

The Bucket:
Well i'm glad I stopped myself getting excited now. There was way too many obstacles, even if they got Whedon onboard.

Yeah I gotta agree, I would love to have new episodes but it's just been too long and there's way too many obstacles to get the show back on the air waves sadly... D:

While it may sound ideal in rosy tinted glasses vision, I understand why Whedon in no way would support this. There is a world of difference from a solid production company and a group of well meaning people. You just can't rely on them.

I still say that as long as it raised a few eye brows with the right people at the right television stations, the entire effort succeeded in helping the possibility of restoring the show. I'm sure like most, I won't be holding my breath, but I was glad to see it go so far. Even if nothing ever comes to be, I really am happy to be a Browncoat considering how awesome the community can be sometimes :)

Well, I think the point being made was that since there is nobody "official" involved in this, nothing prevents the people receiving the money from simply pocketing it and walking away at some point. I mean heck, even if it started out well intentioned, without official backing, if the thing fell apart the guy might not refund the money simply because it would be a HUGE chore to figure out who paid what, and post it back, not to mention removing a fair share of costs from differant donors from any expenses that might have been accrued in running the effort to begin with.

I think the Whedons don't want someone who lost his/her money to come after them.

Likewise, given the origins of the project, I can see why the big names don't want to get involved in a project they weren't involved in starting to begin with. There are also a lot of questions inherant in how things will be run if this fan effort wants to have some kind of part ownership if the rights.

The only way this could work is if somehow they raised the money, and then the one person who had free and clear control of it all, gave the money to Joss and/or Nathan to relaunch the series with no strings attached as far as their own involvement in what happens from there.

I don't see where this changes anything, it's as much of a shot in the dark as it ever was, it's just that the Whedons just want to make it clear they aren't involved.

This would certainly become an interesting precedent if it went through.

I'm not surprised, having to answer to the networks is bad enough. Imagine having to satisfy 10000 fan boys all of whom screaming over precisely which shade of brown the coats should be. Nightmare stuff.

It's just not going to happen. It's too bad but I'm ok with firefly staying dead.

I'm shocked that Whedon isn't backing this through the sheer flattery of it all alone! If it ever does take off, however, I'll gladly put forward like Ł100

It's obvious that it's not coming back, but it still sucks! I mean, just look at that fan base!! How could this happen? We're basically telling you we'd fund the show ourselves, why won't you accept, Whedon??

it aint going to happen, nor should it happen, the seris is fine they way it ended, if they continue people will just bitch about it being spoiled or not as good

Well, I think the point being made was that since there is nobody "official" involved in this, nothing prevents the people receiving the money from simply pocketing it and walking away at some point.

This is one of the big obstacles that most likely caused the official statement. Apparently, some groups were spreading rumors that someone was doing exactly that, and obviously some people in the Whedon camp were worried about fans getting scammed, so they wanted to say there was no 'official' backing of this. In reality, no actual money was raised, only virtual pledges. The group asked fans to state how much they would be willing to donate to such a cause, then they would use said figure to approach someone (Whedon or Fillion most likely) and use it to express interest in re-starting the project. Sort of a "Hey, if we give you $XXXXX, would you be willing to make firefly again?" They actually had a several step plan laid out and were just in the initial phase of gathering data. I too wish this could have succeeded, but I fully understand the various parties' stances on the issue. Hey, an nerd can hope though.

...did anyone really think this fan thing was going to take off?

I mean, the only people who watched the show in the first place were hardcore fans. That's why it got canceled. If you weren't able to sustain it before, why do you think you'd be able to sustain it with no offical backing or support?

Television doesn't run on hopes, dreams, pixiedust.

Lot's of people still stuck in the stage of denial. Move on to acceptance people. It's dead.

Please, people! It's been like 6 years since the movie, nearly double that for the TV series. Let it go, all the actors and so-forth have moved on.

Let it rest, please! Once and for all. /speech.

Aside from that, yeah. I really don't see this working. I know the Browncoats are a devoted bunch.... but still.

It's been 8years! Move on already.

So.. this is goodbirefly then

Honestly I know Firefly won't come back. Even if they got all of the actors and Whedon on board, it probably would not be the same. However I hope that dosn't mean the end of the space western. So in a form.... Yes, I still have hope.

I realise it's been a long time but really you people don't have the right to tell fans to "move on".
However unrealistic their expectations, their perseverance is commendable, perhaps more of us should fight for things we love. That Whedon is distancing himself from the movement at this early stage is unfortunate but understandable, for exactly the reasons stated above.

In response to those saying the fanboys would never agree on what should be in the show or they would never like it as much as the original, I think that Firefly is a true exception to this rule. The TV show was never about having the right vehicle ID on the side of the ships, or color coded uniforms, it was about detailed characters and the moral challenges they faced - always together. The fans don't want to rate episodes or whine about canon and non-canon, they just want to see Serenity fly again.
If this project has even the slimmest chance of working then good luck to them, and when the time comes even I might put my money where my mouth is.

Erp! not gonna happen, diehards put your brown coats away, it ended with Serenity.

Rivers Wells:
I still say that as long as it raised a few eye brows with the right people at the right television stations, the entire effort succeeded in helping the possibility of restoring the show.

This ^. Hopefully other networks will notice the potential for a re-boot and consider taking it on-board. Imagine if AMC or HBO took it on, the possibilities for awesome would be endless!

Ok may be taking a strole down ignorance avenue here but can sombody explain:

It seems to be quite a long time since the show was on the air. Josh Wheadon dosnt want to continue making it and I assume that the company behind it are not interested in the property either as its cancled. So why are they hanging onto a property they dont want or use? Why not give it to the people who want to continue it?

Nice try, browncoats.I guess its time to look for the next awesome sci-fi tv show...but i guess weŽll have to wait until that star wars tv project leaves development hell.

Until then...we will have a Game of Thrones tv show!!! Fantasy done right by hbo will make me forget that i wont see another season of firefly!

Oh thank god.

It was a good show but no where near as great as people say. Seeing as there is so little good on tv these days it is pretty galling that the show died after 1 season, but it is not worth getting so worked up about.

Bad stuff happens to series all the time. Deadwood needed a 4th season. Caprica died before it really had a chance. Rome was cancelled after season 2 (not helped by it being vastly inferior to season 1). Battlestar always had too much of an uncertian future to make a properly cohesive story (I still loved it though). And I will happily bet A Song of Ice & Fire is going to get royally fucked in the ass.

Another factor which doesn't help at all with shows that appeal to the geek niche is people who will download the show and then NEVER buy the dvd. Viewing figures and revenues get lost from this, resulting in cancellation. I claim this is more prevalent among these people because they are typically more skilled with internet use and how/where to download stuff. For christs sake, if you download something and like it then buy the dvd later to show support. I'll be picking up Spartacus as soon as it gets released because of how good it was.

Oh for the love of...


Just a TV show.

Dead. Nine years.

Not. Coming. Back.


Just move on you sad little fanboys.

I'm not really a fan of Firefly, but I thought Serenity was brilliant. One of the best sci-fi films of the last decade.

If you're going to go out on anything, It should be that.

This...doesn't make sense.

What good would Nathan Fillion buying the rights to Firefly even do? It's not like Whedon disliked the series and purposely got it canned - he still adds bits and pieces to it here and there. I'm sure if there were some opportunity presented to actually get that show back into a living, producing capacity he'd jump at it just as quick as Fillion.

Really, owning the rights to a show doesn't somehow guarantee being able to put it on the air. What was the point of this?

Jeezus. Just make a friggin' webcomic that takes place within the same universe, or something.

I am fine with that. The show was amazing, I enjoyed every episode, but a revival just will let all the fans down in the end.

Now, that does not mean the universe in which the events unfolded needs to die. A new show with a new (or mostly new) cast would be perfect if it kept the same universe and had a similar style.
I would also be fine with a miniseries that ties up the rest of the loose ends created in the show.

Tom Goldman:
Fan Effort to Revive Firefly Could be Dead

Fan Effort to Revive Firefly IS Dead.

This sucks. The first i hear about it is the death? I did not even get the small period of hope, skipped straight to the getting crushed. :(

Firefly is NEVER coming back. Get over it people.

Firefly is NEVER coming back. Get over it people.

This. Let it rest in peace.

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