PAX East 2011 Cosplay Gallery

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Oh God. That Moridn costume is so freaking creepy.

I'm surprised that you guys missed both Shepard and Hawke here.

She looks almost exactly like my female Shepherd. I customized the character to look very very close to that.


23 is the girl who lost that weight and all! Wow I'm amazed by my memory! :)

Yup. It is :)
I was also approached by two writers for the escapist, they recognized me on sight.
I'm so psyched that I made it into TWO articles here!!! **unworthy**
And I'm in the picture with those amazing Mass effect cosplayers too!!

Ah-hah! I knew it! And in this shot we can see your whole costume. It's spot-on!

The Sarah Kerrigan was the best of the whole lot, hands down.

There was a sarah kerrigan at PAX East? I only remember starcraft group who was at pax prime. They were great.

I got a good laugh out of the guy wearing the Chun-Li costume.

Captions were rather derp-tastic this time around.

Regardless, some impressive costumes! The assassins and the group with Samus, the ODST and the Mass Effect guys were probably the best.

I love that the creeper is still recognizable--and still slightly disturbing--with just the D: on a green sheet.

I know Isabella from DA2 isn't the most complicated char to replicate, but that was fast. the game's been out for some days. Ok, a fan could have checked previous pics, ads and all. But becoming such a fan in so little time...

Mass Effect fans are the best, they generaly make great costumes.

Also, I think ME is setting some kind of trend in costume and art design in general.
I would really like if every day objects started to be affected by this design elements.

Wow! Very good!

I decided to order a pair of those kind of glasses on the steampunk medic. Just because. :D

The Isabella cosplay looks better than the real thing. Take note, BioWare!

The Isabella cosplay looks better than the real thing. Take note, BioWare!

Specially by the lack of pants.


The Isabella cosplay looks better than the real thing. Take note, BioWare!

Specially by the lack of pants.

Pants? PANTS? Wear Shorts!

I remember seeing that creeper when I was there. Costume is ok, but did a great job playing the part. Kept chasing after people going "Sssssssss!"

Oh, he better not Hisssss at me, Imma start punching! AAAAArggggggh! Gettaway!!

@Gret why do you say the best? areyou sure you saw all the costumes that were there?
Cuz some of those didnt look impressive at all it just seemed you were doing random shots around the place.

Not to be a troll but i was expecting there was lke a competition and the winners got their pics taken from you.

Love it :)

Isn't the Samus the chick that was inspired to better herself and made the costume? If so definitely good on her!


"Also, the Samus with the Mass Effect people (23, I think) has really creepy eyes. Or is that just me?"

It's just you :( I'm not a creep, I swear!!
I was just looking at a different camera at that second. lol

Looks like i was right! yay for me

I find it awesome that some people put so much time into SOME of the cosplays and the fact that some of it is extremely well done, yet so simple. and i want to give the Pichu (Pikachu?) a big hug for some reason.

Am i the only one who thinks that the chick playing Velvet in number 9 is way to skinny?

the girl in picture 11 i think was morgana from LoL
and then there was the girl with the gingerbread cookies is ALSO morgana, except in game you can have cool 'skin' to make ur guy look different. That was one of them.

Am I the only one to think the female Ezio's cosplayer at pic 15 was uber jaw-dropping hot?!

Good choice of Pikachus, I must say...

I maintain that my Evil Dead costume is better than number 21.

I don't know almost any of the references! I'm not such a huge nerd after all :D

Am I the only one to think the female Ezio's cosplayer at pic 15 was uber jaw-dropping hot?!

Nope, she's also in a couple other photos at the techland link someone posted. Strangely squashed though, as if they've uploaded the photos at the wrong resolution (they're all like that). But yeah, hawt-hawt outfit and she certainly wasn't no slouch either.

They're all seriously nifty outfits though. So much effort must go into those, they make my own dress ups look childish in comparison and I'd been happy with them before, curses! Many kudos to these guys.

Specific shouts to the ME2 group + Samus, Assassins + Starslayer and Bridget guy. Only a genius could choose an outfit so obviously brilliant in so many ways. As for the Creeper be warned, I carry weapons and if scared badly will use them.

Greg Tito:
PAX East 2011 Cosplay Gallery

Check out the best cosplayers of PAX East 2011!


in pic 11, the "boobalicious" chick is playing as Morgana from League of Legends =D

Cute that the Escapist didn't recognize something out of League. I know DotA games are a niche market but come on, really?

I'm suprised at all the pop culture references the escapist managed to recognise

The one on the right of #20 is Codex from The Guild, not just a "dungeons & dragons priestess." Pah!

Hey all, this is the Cosplayer Nation documentary and we are gradually uploading our interviews of cosplayers from PAX EAST 2011

Thanks for everyone's patience, and here's the first batch! More coming later, btu with anime boston and boston comic con upcoming, please bear patience as these come along

(samus aran / metroid cosplayer)

(morgana classic skin / league of legends cosplayer)

Greetings again, we have a new League of Legends MORGANA COSPLAY VIDEO for you all:

Sinful Succulence Morgana aka Cookie Burner Morgana from PAX East 2011

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