Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

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Nobody threatens the Gaben. Destroy him!!

Gabe just has to press the big red button to send out the murder squads. Or was that the ban-all-steam-accounts button?
Oh well.

the fact that he has a false source discredits his argument there and brings question to any of his arguments anywhere
not that that was new or anything but...

guessing ValvE has largely ignored him for now? whateva

Oh Jack, you little rascal you. Always aiming empty threats at people loosely associated with the things you hate. You're adorable, honestly. Keep it up, you make me smile every time you're in the news. It's funny to watch someone be so serious about something so silly.

i just did not find that mod offensive in any way. honestly Grand Theft Auto or that Dead Island trailer was more controversial to me

There are alot of people in this thread who are saying things to the tune of "this mod is insensitive" or "the gaming community doesnt need this kind of attention".

By that standard the gaming community doesnt need a game where you can drive on the pavement at 100mph in the middle of not-Manhattan, firing a machinegun into passing cars, then picking up a prostitute, having sex with her and then smashing her skull open with a baseball bat, all whilst playing as a Yugoslavian warcriminal.

How insensitive is it to make a game about real life traumatic events? How would you feel about Modern Warfare, Bad Company, Army of Two, Insurgency or any of the hundreds of others if you were a Iraq or Afghanistan veteran? How would you feel if your child was shot dead by a sniper in Fallujah and found out there were videogames about that?

Christ, one of the most popular games in history features a level dedicated entirely to you, in full first person, committed a horrific act of terrorism as you casually walk from room to room murdering unarmed civilians and the security guards and police trying to save them! And that is from a major developer with huge exposure, not a bunch of random guys on the internet whom most people have never heard of until jackieboy started squarking about it. Why is this mod a murder simulator and that isnt? Because the models are slightly different and the box has OMG SKOOL SHOOTING LOOK AT ME CONTROVERSY stamped on it?

In any case, he's quite clearly batshit insane. Reading his book will reveal that. He cannot go one paragraph without throwing in a vaguely connected Bible verse. He litterally thinks God told him to fight videogame violence. Not "hmmm, reading these scriptures would suggest that we should do this" but full on "LO JACK THOMPSON! GO FORTH AND SMITE THE VIDEOGAME HEATHENS MY SON!".

when i see this mod i just see a generic shooter with little gameplay value and seems to have only become controversial because they named it 'school shooter'. when i saw some of the gameplay the civilians are just the half-life 2 civilian model in a building that doesnt look much like a school. To me i think 'prison riot' or some other blande name would have been better suited to the games environment.
The mod is basically a few civilian models, some combine and a few guns thrown into a room. it could so easily be made in Garry's Mod

Does Thompson really have that thick of a skull?
first letting his 5 year old play gta even though he thinks it's evil, then criticizing Gabe for a third party mod. THIRD. PARTY. MOD.
if Jack is going to bash someone, make sure he bashes THE RIGHT PERSON

1. He's blaming Gabe for someone else's intellectual property. Bullcrap.
2. Blaming half-life for school shootings is like cursing out Alexander Graham Bell every time you get a prank call.
3. Come on Valve! Tear that douche bag to shreds in court. If he doesn't sue you, sue him for liable and slander.

Shut up, Jack...

Dear paper company

Ive noticed that Jack Thompson is using your product to make a fool of himself to get in the news.

I suggest you stop supporting him and allowing him to write these things on your product.
I demand that by noon tomorrow, your paper cease to support his ink. Or consequences will never be the same.

God, i hate being so awesome.



Someone just doesn't give up.

While I do think school shooting mods are in poor taste, and am therefore in slight agreement with Jacko, I'll repeat a lyric I've heard "Don't take my side, cause you know you're never right".

Well - the deadline has passed... Did he actually do anything? Or was this just ANOTHER empty threat to add to his truly epic list of them?

Thompson, if you're soooooooo concerned about morality, why don't you stop being an attention whore?

ZING! You, sir or madam, legitimately just made me laugh out loud, and for that I thank you.

But in all seriousness, Jack should just give up and get committed already, he is clearly delusional seeing as how he was so terrifyingly inept as a lawyer that he got permanently disbarred. I mean... just, wow. I have never heard of that even happening. And yet he still thinks he can throw his weight around. I am pretty sure that preteen girls have more political power than he does.


P.S. How dare he bring Virginia Tech into it. I refuse to see my university being used by this creature to further his insane political agenda that has been ignored at every turn. There was no indication that Cho even played games period. You know what it was? It might have been the selectively mute-ness, speculated autism, definite anti-social tendencies, or the intense clinical depression!!!! Seriously Jack, please stop talking, everyone is tired of it.

Dear paper company

Ive noticed that Jack Thompson is using your product to make a fool of himself to get in the news.

I suggest you stop supporting him and allowing him to write these things on your product.
I demand that by noon tomorrow, your paper cease to support his ink. Or consequences will never be the same.

God, i hate being so awesome.



Again! So many hilarious retorts, I honestly wish Jack Thompson were reading these. But being the attention whore we all know he is, he probably is reading all the forums about his latest endeavor at rational thought with one hand on the mouse and the other down his pants beating it like it owes him money. Soooo HI JACK! FUCK OFF PLEASE! =)

Weird note: the random captcha wants me to type an umlaut.... seriously?

This is like demanding that Penguin stop people defacing library books.

I have had enough of this arrogant son of a bitch sue him valve


one hand on the mouse and the other down his pants beating it like it owes him money.

i really didn't want to imagine that

Wow, Jack, thanks, now I'm going to tell any one who makes me angry to govern themselves accordingly, thanks for the catchphrase.
But other than making a new catchphrase for me, Mr. Thompson has once again proven he is little more than a comic relief for the gaming community, carry on.

Jack Thompson and the kid who made the mod are both in the extremes of video game violence on both ends of the spectrum. Can't we just find some middle ground? Though I have to (partially) side with Thompson on this. The mod is sick. Though I believe in freedom of expression so I don't think it should be taken down. I think he would be taken slightly more seriously if he wasn't an arrogant douche.

But does Jack Thompson know that Gabe Newell has nothing to do with this?

Heres the big problem with freedom of speech, even the crazy disbared, discredited nutjobs can spread thier crazy...and we cant stop them.

Though thankfully in addition to freedom of speech is the freedom to ignore.

Looks like another arrogant, misinformed idiot just jumped on the Trollocoaster. Why, here it comes now.

Thanks Jack, know to protect my honer, I have to release a dis-rap directed towards you.(It was a bet, long story) Thank you Jack.

You know you are required to post it on the Escapist now or else we won't know if you actually did it... I look forward to it.

Has anyone realized that he made the ultimatum date Friday at 5 pm EST, and now it's Tuesday 6:30 pm EST, and we haven't heard of anything from Mr. Thompson, at least I haven't. Means old Jackie can't hold up on his threats

You'd think he'd not send a letter like this, as it uses no actual facts other than the game is being used with a Half-life mod, though isn't it a HL2 mod? It also could be considered a threat, though it lacks it, it says you HAVE TO, implying there is a threat behind it.

I wonder what the Whimsical World of Jack Thompson in like, I bet kids are all outside, dancing around a large bonfire made of video games, while he sits on a throne above it all, laughing as teenagers either line up to get ready for his "I'm awesome" speeches (verbal rape), or makes the men smile while they do menial work and sue each other, fighting over the right to have THE Jack Thompson be his lawyer, usually resulting in fights to the death as the female judge sucks J-T off on his throne

Sounds like what Hell is like for most of the community here, especially any females who could be that judge...poor, poor girl

Yeah, Jack, Half Life was played obsessively, by thousands upon millions of people. And then they all when out after being trained to use gravity guns and all killed people. Or you know two people, who probably didn't play the game anyway.

Just stop it, Thompson, you are embarrassing yourself. This is just sad.

Think of all of the people those 'trained' gamers killed before getting the gravity guns. With crowbars no less!

When crowbar murders go up we will know who will be the first to say 'I told you so'.

Or, to paraphrase:

"Fuck you, Gabe Newell. Hahahaha.

Love, Jack."

I mean, this guy is just fucking hysterical now. "I hate being right all the time", "your Half-Life murder simulator", "GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY".

I'm not the one to advocate for that horrid mod, but, Jack... hahahaha.

Somebody needs to make a game mod that replaces the faces of all enemies with his, they could "taunt" the player by complaining that you like fun and fun things are evil.

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