Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

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Look, Mr. Thompson, nobody thinks that this School Shooter mod is a good thing. But I'm not sure what Valve can do. Its like the Westboro Baptist Church--they may be terrible people, but if you limit their speech, you start unraveling the entire Constitution.

Also, if you're going to make an appeal to a company on an issue that the two of you might actually agree on, calling their award-winning game a "murder simulator" is not the best way to start.

You know, I'm surprised that Jack thinks that a mod for Half Life is disturbing. Has he played Dead to Rights: Retribution? Play as Shadow. It's pretty disturbing.

Dear Mr. Thompson,

The fact that you still call videogames 'murder simulators' and actually seem to believe it shows why I am a successful icon in the game industry and you're a disbarred attorney. I suggest you spend less time making empty threats and wasting my time and more time cleaning up your reputation as delusional git who has blinded himself into believing his efforts have any sort of positive impact on society.

Your BFF,
Gabe Newell


^^^^^I'd give an arm and a leg to have Gabe send this reply back.

I hate being right all the time.


Ahh, priceless. I'm sorry, that tickled.

Im sure im not the only one who laughed when he wrote "I hate being right all the time."

aww ninja-ed again

Andy Chalk:
I hate being right all the time.

...Nope. He's simply a troll. I somewhat doubt even HE believes everything he says.

But he WAS right this time, he DID predict this would happen. What I didn't expect is that A TON OF US FUCKING EMBRACED IT.

This man is spitting on the graves of the shooting victims far more than the modders are. I hate him with such passion that words escape me to desribe him.

I'm starting to wonder if misguided describes jack thompson anymore.
Megalomania seems to ooze from that letter of his. "I hate being right all the time." what a complete and total ###$$$$.

Valve probably wouldn't step into this even if they could (I'm fairly sure they can't), censoring the modding community that they support so much would be so completely out of step with their normal behavior.

Even in liberal western countries like the USA and the UK you don't have the right not to be offended, people need to grow up. You can't make something vanish just because you personally take offence to it.

As much as I disagree with the mod in question.... fuck this guy, he is an idiot.

Alrighty who took Jack's tinfoil hat away?

It's not an election year so I can't see Hillary or any of the other politicians jumping on the Jack Thompson bandwagon trying to make voter points for this.

I love Jack Thompson now. You know why? Because as long as he's seen as the mouthpiece of the anti-gaming set, we're perfectly safe. He's as close to harmless as possible yet won't be supplanted by someone who IS actually dangerous and dedicated to making us all look the terrorists we aren't.

I welcome ANY item featuring Jack as headline news on the Escapist.

Er, did this mod exist when these events happened? I was under the impression that it just came out. Of course, the first I heard about it was here on The Escapist a few weeks ago, so I could be wrong.

Well to be fair this mod actually is a murder simulator. But yeah if it was Undead shooter mod: North American tour 2012 in which players gun down hordes of defenseless zombies then the military comes in with orders to shoot anything that moves no one would bat an eye. I find that silly.

To Thompson's credit, this is the one time he actually criticizes a game that's genuinely tasteless. Hell, even games like Postal 2 were at least funny and fun. This mod looks like it was made in 5 minutes with the Hammer map editor.

Still, he's ignorant and the king of making himself look bad.

I knew it would happen, I said in "school shooter" topic that it wont do anything good to the industry.

While I despise the concept of "School Shooter" and the person behind it, I will defend freedom of speech and expression.

So fuck you, Mr. Thompson. Especially since you have no idea how all this works, asking Valve to "Shut down" the mod. They cant do shit.

Haha! Jack Thompson and his minions threatening Valve with no legal authority or for that matter, no case whatsoever against them? What are they gonna do? continue boycotting video games?

Honestly, I think he's just doing this for attention at this point. And to make a big deal out of something that the entire gaming community has already seen, mostly ignored, and moved away from. Keep up with us, moron!

Well we all knew someone would pick up on the mod besides the gaming community. It's not surprising he was the first. I'm curious to see what his threat will come to be. I'm sure he's convinced himself in someway this is backed by Gabe and highly anticipated by the gaming community, he's clearly forgotten much of the past willingly and seems to think himself vastly influential in some way. I doubt it'll be anything but an aimless case against Valve for producing "yet another murder simulator".

I don't support the mod though, I think it's in poor taste and it's quite perverse to play out the events of those tragic occurrences for entertainment. It's just too close to the bone for me. I wish they hadn't made it, like I said before. It really does not help the gaming communities position at this critical time, when a bill could essentially wipe significant gaming experiences from the foreseeable future, and cripple the economy some more.


Excuse me for a second.






*cough* and that, ladies and gentlemen, is my thoughts on this.

Scott Guthrie:
*hits head repeatedly against keyboard*

And you got this message ? AMAZING

Where's my popcorn again.

Jack Thompson? Is going to threaten Gabe Newell?

If Gabe responds, I hope it's something simple and easy to understand.

"I can't do anything about this. I don't control the mod community. Sorry, if you want to bitch then bitch at them. If you want to drag a multimillion dollar corporation to court, we'll sue you so dry that your grandmomma's gonna feel it.

It's in your best interest to shut the fuck up.


Gabe's no idiot at all. As far as I can tell, he's also got a pair. And the money to get anything he needs to put Jack in jail, or at least in some legal trouble. I hope he does it too, even if it means we won't get Episode 3 for a few more years.

EDIT: 5 pages and not a single "Gabe's fat" joke yet! That's got to be a record or something!

Does anyone else have this weird feeling that Jack Thompson made the mod?


It's not the people who make the game, it's the socially deprived 'special' people in the community that make the mod without super vision or permission from ValvE or any other company.

Dear god this guy is a stuck up prick!


Not a bad saying.

And for people saying the old it is not the people that make the game ect. This time your wrong the people that made this mod are morally corrupted. Just read what they have to say about their game, and really gaming journalists should not let people who make this crap get away with it so easy.

Didn't Jacky lose his lawyer rights in '09? Or something like that which made it so he can't attack the video gaming industry publicly. So isn't he breaking the law by doing this?

Unfortunately, this wasn't a public attack. It was a letter.

I wish he'd just shut the hell up for a month.

Good Lord he's right! I never realized it but it has come full circle hasn't it? We now have an actual murder simulator involving a school massacre! What the hell people? Why would you PROVE JACK THOMPSON RIGHT?

I have nothing against the man really but dammit when he's right on a subject surrounding video games it's never good.

If I were a game designer, I'd count a threatening letter from Ol' Jacko as a badge of merit. Reading it just made me laugh over and over. There is so much wrong with it I can't even begin to point them out. I'll just say that for someone who used to enforce the law, he certainly shrugs off the need for evidence and is completely oblivious to the difference between opinion and fact. Not to mention pulling things right out of the air.

Dudes got guts for someone with no standing, zero leverage, and nothing important that needs to be added... Wait, thats not guts, its stupidity.


I had no idea Jack Thompson wrote like a complete douchebag as well.

Jesus, that guy switches between uninformed hyperbole and verbally jerking himself off like no other.

Gabe newell doesnt have any control over the modding community. Wouldnt jack thompson be involved with the "BULLETSTORM ENCOURAGES RAPE" thing?

I hope this gave Gabe a good chuckle. Although I think that people like Jack Thompson should be largely ignored. You know, pay him just enough attention that he thinks he's making an impact, while the rest of the world moves on

Sooo.... he now spents his time writing angry letters at much more important, much more succesfull people ?
Well, itīs not like he has anything else to do anymore, I suppose, after hilariously failing at his job.

Pro tip, Thompson: People tend to be taken more seriously, if their entire life isnīt a single, gigantic failure.

Oh, yeah, on a more personal note.
Keep your insanity to your own f*cking country. I donīt think anyone in Germany appreciates you using a national tragedy as a misguided argument in your idiotic ramblings.

Oh, and I just had to make this:


5 pages and not a single "Gabe's fat" joke yet! That's got to be a record or something!

Lemme fix that for you! Let's see...hmm...I need something to compare what Jack's trying to achieve against Gabe and make a fat reference in there somewhere. Hmmmmmmm...

You know what they about the death of old habits...

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