Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

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The return of the Troll!

honestly i don't understand why /b/ haven't gone after jack yet surely its about time don't ya thing?

If he's right all the time, why was he disbarred for showing gay porn, bullying an innocent, welching on a deal to give money to charity and disavowed by a family charity for being too corrupt?

Gabe Newell Could not be reached for comment, but has already sent his rebuttal to Jack, which is a simple 3 word statement written on a burger king napkin. it says "Make me, jack".

So this guy's a critic...and he writes like a fucking school kid? Maybe we can get a model Jack Thompson in the game...

I never thought I'd hear from this guy again...

even if the mod creators are moral cretins for being so stupid as to create a massacre mod, there is still a thing called freedom of expression... jack thompson is an idiot.

I'm kinda troubled by the way he just casually throws around the word midget.

Also, I get the feeling he just likes to hear himself talk, especially with htat line "I hate being right all the time".

Which of course he wasnt, cause he was wrong in that letter alone with the VT massacre.

Murder simulator.


The School shooter game that Thompson is talking about is as close to "murder simulation" as we'll get in video games, I think. I personally am willing to give that to Jack. That and only that.

Wacko Jacko is back?

Awesome, we needed someone that we could hate without feeling every the tiny twinge of guilt, everyone else had some kind of redeeming quality, but not the Jacko, he's plain batshit crazy and always wrong.

I like how Thompson OPENS with calling the subject in question "mental midgets" and expects to still be taken seriously. Or the bit about HL2 being a "murder simulator." Oh Jack, you just really want to think you are still relevant. But you never were in the first place. Gamers put you on a pedestool because you were such an incompetent douche that we enjoyed laughing at your hilariously misguided antics.

even if the mod creators are moral cretins for being so stupid as to create a massacre mod, there is still a thing called freedom of expression... jack thompson is an idiot.

I agree 100%, esspecially with that last line. :)

Jack is an odd duck. He comes from a legal background, but I highly suspect he just enjoys the attention, and saw one day how easy it is to get a rise out of gamers.

That aside, I bet Jack doesn't think of games as speech, and so not entitled to freedom of speech laws. I seem to recall there is some controversy in that matter going on right now. Nevertheless, every generation has a Thompson. Books were once burned because their content was to disturbing for those in power. Jack wants to ban certain (if not all) games because they don't jive with his moral code.

Speaking for myself alone (for now), you have until five o'clock pm Eastern standard time this Friday, March 18, 2011, to shut down this public safety hazard I predicted years ago this school massacre game would arrive. I hate being right all the time.


Regards, Jack Thompson"

Grammar fail ^_^ way to go on a "legal" document... man, this guy's a douche :D

And factually incorrect...

We don't need to worry about Jack. He has absoloutley no authority over anything anymore and this threat is just him trying to get some attention and maybe an appearance on Fox News.

Besides, he really only has 3 drawcards for his 'murder simulator' arguement-Counter Strike, Doom and GTA. That's it, I don't think he knows any others. He has no idea what he's talking about and he is no longer a threat.

rise and shine Mr.Thompson... rise and, shine...

Why has someone not killed him yet? Why cannot some freak accident happen with him, a freeway, and someone on their cell-phone?

If you were thinking of quoting me, then thanks in advanced, but it will be unnecessary.

Quote. (Sorry, I just had to do it :P )

I wonder if it's possible to take out a cyber-restraining order on someone? Or maybe send a team of highly skilled black ops ninja dolphins through Jack Thompson's internet connection to off him quickly and quietly?

...or perhaps someone could make a Pop a Cap in Jack Thompson's Ass mod for GTAIV? See how he reacts to that one?

Nobody threatens the Gaben. Destroy him!!

If he's anything like Critical Miss makes him out to be, this oughta be good.
"I hate being right all the time" is the most smug yet incorrect statement I've EVER heard. Also, "Training Aid" does not at all do a thing, unless real guns are aimed with thumbs.

Though, to be honest, I hate both these people. The maker of the mod is an insensitive DICK, and Jack Thomson is an idiot.


Oh, and I just had to make this:


This could be the start of a meme

I hope so. Jack Thompson says plenty of stuff like that that's just begging to be exploited. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

VALVe has more money then most developing Countries, is immensely popular, and had not much to do with the Mods Development.

What does this Ponce think he can get out of this? Attention? I myself am an attention whore, but not attention where I get people to hate me.


I realized what Jack is.


Dear mister Thompson,

You posted homosexual pictures on the internet where children could see them very easily.

You have no argument.

Sincerely, Kalezian.

Here we go again...


Can the escapist have a new rule...never mention the name Jack Thompson? And never mention FOX news?...actually FOX news are funny...scrap that.

Honestly, didn't he like get fired or something? who is honestly going to listen to him -.-

He should fine a nice little corner and sit there sucking his thumb

Wow, he used caps on the last sentence. Must be really serious about this.

...He just doesn't learn does he. He'll keep on doing this until he dies or until someday the gaming community will stop giving him the attention he seeks.

I thought that he was actually getting a little more sane (after all, a School Shooter mod isn't exactly in good taste and puts Valve in a bad light because of it's association), until I got to the part where he gave him a deadline.


If there was a day Gabe fell of his chair in laughter...it was that very day he read that.

So is Jack tho :)

I did a tiny bit of research for a change, and this 'mod' isn't on steam or being supported by Valve, there's no midweek deal - 'buy the Orange Box and get a free mod where you can shoot innocent children and teachers in the face!', so I'd have to say, no, Valve are not officially supporting it.

In fact it's as likely as Thompson suing himself for the use of Thompson machine guns in 'Mafia', how dare he encourage the use of tommy guns on innocent fictional 1950s virtual bystanders? He's essentially saying it's fine to time travel and shoot people from 60 years ago by using his own name.

Whee! More free advertising! Thanks, Jack!

*Hums the "Weasly Is Our King" song*

Granted, I hate Jacky and all of his kind, but he does have some modicum of a fraction of a shard of...logic in his arguement. The mod is pretty fucked up and was made simply to be fucked up. Then again, caving here would make a pretty big statement, even if it's being headed by a discredited quack.

It's Hell or high water, really.



Oh, and I just had to make this:


This could be the start of a meme

I hope so. Jack Thompson says plenty of stuff like that that's just begging to be exploited. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

Jack Thompson: You are on your way to destruction!
Valve: What you say?
Jack Thompson: You have no chance for survival. Govern yourselves accordingly.

"I hate being right all the time."

Dude,I know how you feel,I hate being right all the time,too. But its both a gift, and a curse.

I know he's trying to get himself some publicity, but seriously? I give him that anything that simulates a school shooting should be removed, but why blame valve, they didn't release it... Fingers crossed this will be the last of Thompson's anti gaming rampage, but I guess that would be too much to ask for.

Didn't Jacky lose his lawyer rights in '09? Or something like that which made it so he can't attack the video gaming industry publicly. So isn't he breaking the law by doing this?

EDIT: I have been quoted on this matter three times now, and have been fully informed of the matter. If you were thinking of quoting me, then thanks in advanced, but it will be unnecessary.

you cannot kill Jack Thompson. If you strike him down, he will become more powerful thaan you could ever imagine.

Dear Mr. Jack Thompson:


Sincerely, Gabe Newell

I love Jack Thompson. No, hear me out before you get with the pitchforks and the torches!

See, every hobby, every interest, every field has it's enemy, it's super-critic or critics. The people who want to see it smashed into oblivion for the good of the community or whatever. And as long as we have Thompson and Thompson-like alarmists whose arguements make no damn sense, we're winning. Because the common person will look at them and go 'Okay... you seem like a douche AND an idiot. So I'm not going to listen to you, and assume anyone who talk like you must be one as well'. It's when you have people who are better speakers and politicians talking trash you need to worry, because THEY can sell people a bill of goods about the evils of gaming.

Lieberman getting his hands on this mod? Bad times for gamers. Thompson attacking it? Good times, because he's box office poison to any cause at this stage.

Do not hate the troll, fellow gamers. Embrace him and put him on a pillar for all to see and mock. For as the troll rants, such does the arguements against our games epically fail by association.

I'm sorry, but is this guy retarded? Seriously! Common sense would dictate that a Mod (Modification) by a outside source for ANY product is not the responsibility of the company who made the product. If I go and fill a Pepsi can full of gun powder and attach a fuse after filling it with metal buckshot to make a homemade hand grenade, that has NOTHING to do with the company who makes Pepsi. So if some retards go and make a School Shooting simulator, then it's THEM who should be responsible for their own actions.

Understandably it would make sense if he had sent a letter asking Valve to instead send a 'Cease and Desist' to the makers of the Mod (Because they are using the Half-Life engine, and I'm sure Valve has SOMETHING SOMEWHERE in their policy that could provide a legal loophole to make a Cease and Desist legal). Because while it is not their responsibility for the mod, they can still LEGALLY deny the use of their program/game in the creation of the Mod.

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