Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

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*Does some maths*

Columbine happened before 2004.

I think it'll be ironic if Jack carried out his threat and killed Gabe. Especially in an office columbine. That will show him!!!... no wait it won't.

OT: I agree that this mod should be taken off, but I doubt Jack cares. Like most people already said: he's an attention whore. He is probably sad that his mommy and daddy never gave him an Atari when he was a little kid so now he is just hating.

Half Life is a murder simulator, remember when those two evil game trained students evaporated all those innocent students with the dark matter orbs on the AR2 Pulse Rifles? Think of the families who don't have bodies to bury. You should all be ashamed of yourselves you Xbox worshiping killing machines. I'm going to eat a bible now.

Virginia Tech shooter also obsessively drank liquids to keep himself hydrated enough to commit the murders, LET'S BAN THE LIQUIDS!!

Whilst Jack Thompson is a complete idiot I gotta say he isn't exactly unjustified in his complaint of this mod, hell, even I think it's a fucking stupid idea to make a game based on school shootings.

I have no problem with games undertaking controversial ideas, but it has to be done sensibly. Imagine if we had to remove all Holocaust movies because it was "inappropriate". But of course, sensitive subjects need to be dealt sensitively, and Jack should go after the guys who made the mod and cite the insensitive treatment of a sensitive topic rather than "WAH IT'S GOT BLOOD!"

At first Jack was like:

But then Jack was like:

You know, if Jack Thomson is so concerned over the situation in schools and these shootings and such, perhaps he should consider addressing the actually issues that lead to them. Start going after school administrations and various boards of education to try and force them to enforce school policies and such to end the bullying that leads to these incidents.

Seriously, he could probably do some good by championing a certain net-famous chubby kid who is being made the bad guy after defending himself against some bullies.

When you think about it, the game isn't really a columbine simulator. More of a school-in-the-half-life-univers shooter simulator. All the combine and such. Heck, that could just make you a terrorist or something.

So...does that ease the pain?

Oh wait, It's Mr. Thompson.


Really, how can they just tell Gabe what to do? And about a mod, something he has nothing to do with? That's just people. People will do what they want. You can't stop that, sir. I would like to see what this guy can throw at Valve. Bring it on.

i think hes just trying to get a response and hoping he can somehow intimidate of bluff his way into valve taking some action, even though i doubt they can. well i guess theres VAC but thats not really going to work

Anyone else find it odd this crusader of morals threatens valve and uses the offensive term midgets as an insult.
Yep this sure is a great guy.

This letter just put me over the top. I was probably not going to play it, now I have to. At least once. Thanks Jacko!

Has the gaming industry EVER been so closed that publishers had control over what the modding community did?

(by the way, one of the CAPTCHAs recently gave me a word... it wasn't a word, it was the symbol ♁ , I had to go to my "special characters" tab and track it down)

I like to imagine him typing "GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY" in an overstated 'hands flying up in the air' style, vaguely reminiscent of 'Brain' in Thunderbirds.

Is this wierd?

wow what a dick.
i mean he could at least be polite about it.

it confounds just the profound ignorance and self-righteous BULL that this sorry self-declared self-important man puts out

it's like hearing a 5 year old argue "cuz I am ALWAYS right herp derp derp"


I find this game, peoples reaction to the game, and anything to do with this in general extremely hilarious.

we should ban the show night court since Ill bet that inspired him to learn that we have a system of laws

aegix drakan:
Valve should just send him a polite "thank you for your concern, but we have no jurisdiction over mods that use our technology. Please direct your complaints at those making the product you disapprove of. kthanxbai"

Half life, a murder simulator....Hah. *Goes to play half life 2*




okay, I'll admit that was me rolling my head against my keyboard because I don't want to break my laptop but I did it with the mind numbing rage and disbelief that I got while reading Jack T's letter.

.......This site needs a like button. It really really does. XD


Although hold your likes. Looking back at that string of letters I think I may have inadvertently summoned Cthulhu or some other Lovecraftian horror. If you need me I will be in my basement trying to close the portal.

Troll Man is Troll

saw this coming as soon as they posted their mod on moddb... question how jack find out about this mod? And also you really can't stop a mod from being made and given to people.

If the world worked that way Square would have erased from existence all of the filthy slash fiction make based off of the Final Fantasy games ages ago.

is it advent children?

*Looks at all of the posts*
The odds are definitely against you Mr. Thompson.

Fuck... Why does he have to be a fucking douche bag even when he's right? If only he understood how mods work. Maybe he wouldn't look like such a freaking prick if he knew what he was talking about. It's not Valve's fault that a third party came in and created an abomination to the name of gaming. No one is to blame but the sick bastards who made it.

the funniest part is that he takes him self so seriously.

I was about to say "That's no fair, Valve can't do shit about this."

Then I realized, neither can Jack. The dude has no job, he can't do shit to Valve besides be annoying as hell.

Why are we still paying attention to this guy? The more news posted about him, the more attention he's getting. Just ignore the guy already.

Or else....he will put his mouth to Gabe Newell's ear and go Mimimimimimimimimimimimimimimi.

That is all he can do. This just shows how dumb ol Thompson is when he doesn't even bother to target the person who made the mod. This would be about the same as blaming Ford for NOS injector systems which encourage street racing. I have zero love and zip desire for that garbage mod myself, but at least I have the superpower* to ignore it.

*: Said superpower not a product of radiation, spider bites, cosmic radiation, or tv signals. The author is inclined, however, to believe it may be a mutation.

Why does this relic of ignorance matter still? I dont think we should even acknowledge him anymore. I dont think even other anti-gaming bigots even care about him anymore.

Can Gabe just send a letter back with a gigantic middle finger, preferably his own, in response? Good god, Jack Thompson is moronic.

1. This is not a professional letter. You do not e-mail the head of any company with such an informal letter.
2. You do not threaten people to try and get your way. Even a disbarred layer knows that out right threats don't get you anywhere unless you have something to back it up. (ignore the fact that he missed the irony of trying to prevent violence in society by using threats).
3. Valve has no power to stop the mod community and if they did the backlash would destroy their reputation. A little research into how Steam and game distribution works could have told him that.
4. Has he even been able to mobilize significant support before? I don't know because I'm on the side that wants to burn forks into his eyes but is he actually support in the other camp by anyone more then other wackos and fringe groups? If he does get support I can see him standing on that as future back but if not then why does he think he's going to able to do anything?
5. Successful troll is epically success at trolling gamers.

Aww, I was just starting to forget about him. Anyone who ever says something like " I hate being right all the time." should get no respect ever.

Anyway, even if Gabe somehow agreed and basically took down Steam and anything connected to the game, how would that stop any mod(s) of it from being made or distributed?

I thought Jack Thompson retired!? WHY GOD! Why do you keep making me relive the horrors of video game past!!

*Turns around and sees N-gage*


First off seriously nice pic! I love Code Geass and Lucky star!

Second what was so bad about the N-Gage? I never heard of it, was that a system or a game?

As far as the article goes I think this is just an attempt to get the attention of...well... ANYONE so that Thompson and get some more screen time and therefore more fame and money. This is such an obscure game I didn't even know about it till I read this article and by going straight for the big man himself before even TRYING to go after the actual producer it shows stopping this game is hardly on his real agenda. There is no real legal action Gabe can take to stop this thing besides refusing to sell it on steam when it's done (as if that was ever going to happen anyway). One thing I'm wondering is how the hell Thompson even found out about it since this thing hasn't exactly been all over the place like Grandtheft Auto or Saints Row. Anyone here besides me think Thompson spends all day looking through gaming websites looking for stuff like this school shooter? I'm almost convinced he spends some time here based on how much power he seems to think Gabe Newell has (R.I.P Lance and Chad).

Dear inventor of C+ and Java. Please stop allowing people to do bad things that can only be done with your sayso.

I hate being so right all the time. You have till 2 tomorrow to cease the internet. OR ELSE.


Some random guy

God damnit.

I thought he had crawled in a hole and died...

: (

Can't he get a real job?

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