Valve Says "Hang In There" For Half-Life 2: Episode 3

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I seriously think it's just going to launch one day out of the blue. No advertising, no pre-orders, just "Hey, Episode 3 is out!".

How ballsy would that be?

Even better if its in stores only, as in not purchase-able on steam.

but they don't have that in them.

There's no freaking way that Valve will be releasing some 7 hr episodic content now. I believe Valve wants the BEST for her customers and seeing how the Source engine is starting to looked dated, Valve must be creating a entirely new engine and planning to release a game that's the size of Half Life 2. There's no other explanation unless Valve is really gimping out on us.

I'm starting to hope its never released just to spite all those people who are demanding it like they're actually owed something, and then acting like brats when there's an interview and aren't given any information on it.

No, the episodes obviously didn't work out like planned (unless, of course, the two episodes did go to plan, and the plan then became to make HL3 instead), get over it. They didn't lie to you, they did a reassessment.

Personally, I can't wait to find out what happens, but I know it'll be out when its done and so I just forget about it.

This is exactly how I feel. Isn't complaint #1, from gamers, how so many titles are pushed through too soon, and come out with no story, clunky mechanics, broken game-play, and glitchy graphics? Complaint #2 is the ridiculous way sequels with nothing but tweaks are spewed out at a pace of 1-per-year?

The only way for a developer to fix those complaints is to do what Valve is doing, and they're still whined about and ragged on by players. Its just a no-win situation until the game is actually released. The best description of these players that comes to my mind is "self-entitled".

Of course they will skip straight to the Half Life 3, I said it few months ago when Gabe Newell was answering question about Counter Strike 2.

Deskimus Prime:

I'll have to sacrifice a few bulls to the Valve gods. Maybe a virgin or two, not that there are any around where I live...

Well, we are on the Escapist. You could sacrifice yourself.


Jk, jk.

Guys it's never coming, Valve can't count to 3.
They released Half Life, then Half Life 2, and then just decided to do the episodes, making sure to stop before Episode 3.
The made Team Fortress, and then took 9 years to make TF2, and now that it's out, they just update it like crazy to avoid making a third game.
They made L4D and promptly made L4D2, and then suddenly decided to make a sequel to Portal.
Face it, Valve is just trying to hide their shame about their inability to count. If you really want to help you might want to send an elementary school teacher their way.

Oh I'll keep hanging, but for how long Gabe! How long?!

The Aperture Science Boat (The Borealis?) is probably the start of a new story arc in Half Life Cannon. Wouldn't be suppressed if its Half Life 3 instead of EP3

Captcha: 100 cruisers

Getting !@#$ed up tonight.

(not sure if someone has said this yet) With how long it took between starcraft and starcraft 2/diablo2 and diablo3 im wondering why all the half life fanboys are getting all worked up about. It will get done when it gets done. Its the same way with Blizzard, just be patient all that time is usually worth it.

So, that April Fools Day that's coming up.


What's sad is that that cat picture is the first thing I thought of before I clicked the link. And then I clicked the link.

haha me too

This sounds like a dangling carrot on a stick. I want proof!

fugual Rt+1

thats what the cat represents. just a furry carrot

ValVe thinking. Announce HL3 3 months before HL3 comes out release Ep 3. Make money.


This image basically represents how I feel about the next Half Life.

I love the games and I look forward to the continuation, but I stopped holding my breath a loooooooong time ago.

I never believed that they stopped making it, so this news doesn't surprise me. I just stopped caring when it would come out.

I dislike that they want them to be Episodic games... with books it's enough.

Nile McMorrow:
Well it'll hardly be a 'fast' one lol!

If you think of Valve as a government agency that is doing anything besides war, this would indeed be extremely fast turn around.

I know kinda pulling from the shadows for that one.

I for one will be happy with it whenever it shows up. Until then I can count on Nintendo to keep me busy and actively retarded by supplying me with endless supplies of Pokemon.

If the next half life is even half as good as half life 2 I'll be happy as a clam to throw money at Valve for it.

There's no freaking way that Valve will be releasing some 7 hr episodic content now. I believe Valve wants the BEST for her customers and seeing how the Source engine is starting to looked dated, Valve must be creating a entirely new engine and planning to release a game that's the size of Half Life 2. There's no other explanation unless Valve is really gimping out on us.

I'm largely ignorant of all the games they've made (having only played the left 4 dead series and Half Life Series) but I can't recall anytime they've made something I felt substandard.

I don't know where I'm going with that, just kinda feel like it's unlikely that they are going to disappoint given their history.

Oh! I loved TF2 and Portal also...

chill? telling us to chill?
im sorry how mnay years has it been?

They see Valve trollin', dey hatin'...

Gabe accidentally put the first 2 finished ones into a sandvich.

Tom Goldman:
Half-Life 2 hit stores in 2004, after a delay in 2003 due to the fact that Gabe "When's lunch? When isn't it!" Newell repeatedly lied about the status of the game up to and beyond the promised release date.


Well, virtually no news is better than no news!
Still, as a screaming Valve fanboy, I must celebrate.

My money is on them making a new engine.

While the point of episodic gaming does include shorter release times (which Valve seem to have missed) I'd still prefer they take their time. Like all Valve games, the long wait will almost certainly lead to a massive pay-off.

What, do you want them to pump out a mediocre FPS every year? They're not Activision.

Gabe has been too busy swimming in his money vault to pay attention to Ep. 3

All I'm sayin is that it had better be Half life 3 because there's no excuse for delaying a 2-4 hour episode that long and not just make a full damn game.


I suspect they're working on merging the in-progress Episode 3 content with the existing stuff for Episode 1 and 2 into one big game which will go out under the name of Half Life 3 and run on the same engine as Portal 2.

I don't want to sound like an obnoxious fanboy ranting about it's long forgotten game but... somehow I think that "hang in there" isn't enough for people that play their flagship game since '98 and were left on a cliffhanger almost 4 years ago... Did I mention "episodic" gaming? Selling smaller games with shorter intervals? I really like valve and all, but I get pissed to think of how long I've been waiting to finish Half-Life's storyline...

I just hope it's worth it...

Valve's delayed games : Every single HL Game except Blue Shift and Opposing Force

Portal 2
L4D2 (The Australian version)

...Fuck off Valve....

Blue Shift and Opposing force were developed by Gearbox.So......yeah

Episode 3 is confirmed to use the Unreal Engine, feature health regeneration, crowbar is now your melee attack and not a selectable weapon, it will also kill in one hit, after killing five combine in a row he can call in the dog robot, oh yeah and fucking UAVs are all over this shit.

Oh Valve, you little cock tease.

I don't think Valve is working on a new engine. Portal 2 and DOTA 2 are said to upgrade the Source engine and the whole reason behind Source is that it can be constantly updated and all Source games benefit from the optimization.

Personally, I'm fine with Source and I get three-digit FPS with it, too.

I wonder where all that development time is going into tho.

ridiculous, totaly insulting to the fans

Too bad the game will never be as good as everyone wants it to be.

A Mad Monk 2:
chill? telling us to chill?
im sorry how mnay years has it been?

4, which is not that long.
Look at the duke.

It wouldn't be as much of a problem if episode 2 hadn't ended with a massive cliffhanger.
I hope they bring back Shepherd, I wanna swing from ropes and cut some head-crabs up with a combat knife.

I find it strange that, over three and a half years later, all Valve have to say about Half-Life is: A) that they aren't ready to talk about Episode 3 yet and B) that Gordon Freeman will return (something that was already confirmed when they announced an episodic trilogy)

As a wild guess, Valve have quietly cancelled Episode 3, taken what they had in terms of design, models, levels, etc., expanded upon them and turned it into Half-Life 3

We're not getting Half-Life 3.
Instead, Gordon Freeman will be playable in Left 4 Dead 5.

So does this mean that I now Have to cancel my elaborate and carefully laid plans to break into valve offices and take hostages?

Not at all! In fact, it might make the game done sooner, if anything

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