The Escapist Publisher Loves Samsung 3D

The Escapist Publisher Loves Samsung 3D

You know the recession is bad when Fortune 500 companies hire game media moguls to star in their web videos.

The Escapist's publisher Alex Macris is a pretty cool guy. When the Japanese electronics company Samsung was looking for someone to sell its fancy 3D technology to the masses, it made sense to go out and get someone who speaks for gamer culture. Of course, Macris is perhaps better known for his gamemastering skills at the Dungeons & Dragons table than he is for wearing 3D glasses, but, that's ok, he wears a black turtleneck. Like Steve Jobs, he knows what he's talking about.

I'm not sure where I stand on the whole 3D in your home thing, or if I want to wear funky glasses, but Macris sure makes it look easy. The glasses look lightweight and I would probably forget I had them on after a while.

I won't be able to forget that I saw Shrek 3D however. Nothing will wash that from my brain.


Not to be mister negative or anything, but Alex's grin while wearing the glasses and watching the tv looked like he was thinking: "Eugh, this looks bad".

If 3D tvs and glasses didn't cost an arm, a leg and 3 toes/fingers from the other hand and foot it might be worth considering =/

Remember trying a Samsung 3D tv at Best Buy. Had a head ache for about 3 hours, never using one again.

Notice that they didn't have him mention a price though. And considering they got someone who makes stuff for NASA, I doubt it's affordable.

TF2 group party!
Dammit, too late...

Anyway, 3D doesn't work too well for me. And by that I mean it gives me headaches. And I can't see it. So yeah.

Greg Tito:

The Escapist's publisher Alex Macris is a pretty cool guy.

eh plays D&D and doesn't afraid of anything.

I'm sorry. I'M SORRY. I'm conditioned to do this.

Those glasses look comfortable. Probably not any different than wearing sunglasses.

EDIT: Just browsed some 120hz TVs at a local store's website. There's quite a few under $1000, even one that's currently only $600 - BUT they don't advertise being 3D. That seems wierd to me, since the jump from 120hz to 3D is simply being able to sync the refresh with some active shutter glasses.

Also, 3D monitors can be had for $350! That's pretty cool, I'm glad to see prices are already dropping.

I like 3D TV. But I will only buy it when the next gen 3D consoles come out.

I'll pass and wait for Holographs.

I like how something isn't considered high-tech until it's linked with NASA.

No thanks, 3D doesn't really work for me.

Man, those living rooms in the ad... It's like Donald Trump has a party and everyone's invited!

So did Samsung donate a bunch of shiny new TV's to The Escapist? Or is Alex keeping them for himself?

All for me! Muhahahah.

All for me! Muhahahah.

So, er... do you like Samsung's Smart TV's because their smart and simple? Or are they actually a hunk of rubbish? :P

I wouldn't have agreed to do it if it was rubbish. The 3D is spectacular. I liked the TV a lot.

Just wanna say, Samsung's a Korean company.
LG is, too.

Awesome, and the glasses don't look like total shit either! Oh wait, I was wrong...they do.

That's kind of embarrassing. The site's publisher is relegated to just "a blogger" and this here is apparently "his blog". Also, they totally got me with the comparison to red and blue paper glasses. 'Cause that's the way I remember 3D from the olden days! It's not like the Escapist's audience is particularly young or tech-savvy. Normally, I'd say it's nice to see the site getting some much deserved wider recognition but this...


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