Gay Gamers Want Dragon Age 2 Writer Fired

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What an idiot, he's the one to stereotype, no one is saying that you receive rivalry points because they're gay, it is him that is making that distinction, why can't they just be bad at taking rejection? Is that supposed to correlate with what sexuality you have?

I hate to break this to you, "homosexual playing Dragon Age 2", but this is how Bioware romances work; Love interests basically throw themselves at your feet and al you need to do is answer, "yes, please".

Just because a Bioware character happens to be a gay man, doesn't mean he'll automatically start behaving anymore realistic than the straight or lesbian characters.

It's odd. I played through Dragon Age 2, got full friendship with Anders and he didn't make a pass at me once. Same goes for Fenris. I had the option to initiate things, but at no point did either of the guys do anything untoward. All it took to avoid going down that path was for me to pay attention to the things I was making Hawke say.

I get the feeling that a lot of folks are playing this game and desperately trying to find ways to make themselves angry.

How can anyone be so broken up over those pathetic 15 rivalry points? This is starting to get downright weird.

I like that characters can only be stereotypes. Nobody considered it might just be a trait of the character? As a character?

People are dumb, fuck people.

Yeah, sure! Fire a guy at the behest of a bunch of whiny and entitled fuck-sticks. Great idea, lads! ...Eugh. "Retarded" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Even when a game has 20 hours of gameplay, you can't fit every single nuance of human behavior into it so all video game characters are a parody on some level. Its really the only way to really hammer home what their personality is supposed to be. I never had Anders hit on me once. Now, Isabela on the other hand...Yeah she was chomping at the bit the entire time to get in my pants. The lack of female gamers complaining about that just shows how baseless this all is. As Mystery Science Theater would say, its all just a game, you really should just relax.

I'd bet money the guy is just a troll. It just seems too convenient that the only man at Bioware on record as actively defending homosexual romances in their games is suddenly being accused of being insensitive towards homosexuals.

Alpha Maeko:
Never fear, I'll take Gaider's place.

From now on, all Bioware games will be written in Shakespeare.

This will solve all of the worlds problems. Anyways, OT: People are stupid. Very VERY stupid.

Fun fact: Anders never flirted with me because, get this, I was only friendly to him and didn't select the options with a fucking LOVE HEART SYMBOL!

Necromancer Jim:
Can I start a petition to allow us to slap people who start shit this stupid?

Oh, please do? The thought of this makes my day.

He must be trolling. If he isnt...jeez, there are people who are waaaaay too sensitive.

I've met and known my fair share of gay men unfortunately and everyone of them is a complete and utter hornball....much like any man. Gay women....not so much.

Ugh!! I am so offended by this! I need to go look at porn to express my misery!

Bahahah. I do agree, if that is actually a gay gamer (which I doubt) then he definitely is missing the point. David Gaider gets a lot of hate from people, especially RPG Codex, so it's not surprising that a trolling attempt is going to get that many signatures. That and DA 2 is getting a lot of flak for not being as good as DA:O (which I agree with, it's not) so there are undoubtedly also people who are lashing out over that.

People are unbelievably dumb sometimes and really need to grow up.

This is just silly. Anders is no more pushy than any of the other romances in their games, and he isn't a gay stereotype either. I don't like him, but that's because he's a dick, not because he's gay.

Furthermore, rivalry points aren't a bad thing. They are not the same as having low "friendship" in Origins. The game makes it more beneficial to push it to one extreme, but having full rivalry is just as positive as having full friendship.

If anything, people should be complaining that he's the only healer, making it necessary to bring him along sometimes.

Forest for the trees.

You have a game author and a game company on our side, both whom are interested in the INCLUSION of otherwise disenfranchised parties, and you are going to gather the torches and pitchforks?

Jesus christ will these people shut the fuck up already!?

I like how the petition in support of David has more than TWICE as many signatures. Hah. This dumb bastard who's complaining must feel like a real idiot.

I'll bet the only thing this does is remove romances entirely from future bioware games.

Which just goes to show gays are moronic, entitled jerkasses along with the rest of the world.

Lets all hold hands and celebreate our similarities

Although Fenris was OK when you turned him down he didn't stop. No fenris I'm still not gay, fuck off. ...(ten minutes later).... Goddamnint no! I'm not gay yet!

And the fact that both Fenris' and Anders' advances come out of nowhere without any hint that you're interested in them. Who does that!? The only people I can think of are sleazebags.

More importantly; ANDERS ISN'T GAY!

How did he become gay between games!? He was fiercely heterosexual in Awakenings, and don't tell me his change is due to his companion as he had no desires at all.

There is such a thing as denial of your sexuality. Believe me. I was "fiercely heterosexual" once.

this is why we never get nice things

Fenris and Anders are probably the worst examples to use. They're both assholes who needed to be smacked around to be kept in line, and still they persisted until I disowned both of them because it was getting really Zarbon in the last leg of the story.

Can we have him caned for bad writing instead?

I remember a bug that made Anders and Oghren fall in love with me in Da: Origins: awakening.

That was strange...

I'm actually tempted to call troll on this one, I mean anyone who's actually PLAYED the game knows that the guy's accusations a blatently untrue, so it's really only going to get the attention of the ignorant.

Andy Chalk:
"unable to be normal people and think [about] nothing but sex."

...That IS how "normal people" work...

Seriously, where do these people come from...?

so far, both chars in da2, i never get rivaly for not going gay w/ either anders or frenris, sure the options generally there, but eh, w/e. so whats the problem? besides a select few from a broad spectrum crowed stirring the pot retardedly again?

Necromancer Jim:
Can I start a petition to allow us to slap people who start shit this stupid?

I would sign..

So wait wait...Anders is a stereotypical gay person...and Zevran was NOT and he didn't deserve a petition?!

This is retarted beyond belief. I mean, Zevran caught a bit of flak for being so stereotypically promiscuous, sure. Heck, I kinda liked him regardless, but if anyone said that Zevran was a bit of a stereotype on 'loose gays', I'd probably say "Yeah...maybe, I mean - there's a little bit more to him than that if you dig through his past, but fair point I think."

Anders on the other hand is completely obsessed with his personal mission and I honestly thought it was a bit clearer as to why he's slightly more forward about it - because his personal mission is utterly draining his energy and hence he's that much more desperate to find love (and relief) where he can. And even FURTHER than that, Anders actually doesn't take the relationship as something minor, unlike say...Isabella might. what possible way is he a 'stereotype'? If anything, he's the exact opposite of Zevran (hilariously, they both also faced off in Act 3 for me and the difference between them is made clear at the end of that quest) - someone who won't dump Hawke for another person, even though he might still place them second to his mission.

Really...I guess the only thing I can think of at the end of this story is this being a simple case of the following mindlessness...

You know when Anders nuked the chantry I wondered if they would be anykind of controversy, because in a way he acted like a fanatical sucide bomber (ok he didn't blow himself up but clearly didn't care if you executed him and even was rejoice by the fact it would make him a martyr) and by doing so not only stabbed you in the back, but destroyed any sort of peaceful resolvement in the conflict between the templar and the mages

but no the real controversy came from the fact that Anders has a crush on Hawke and they both have a pee-pee

You're not going to be happy that someone else doesn't return you feelings and some people are bad at taking rejections. Did he expected him to jump up and down in joy when you reject him? He is going to be hurt obviously. That has nothing to do with sexuality, it could just be a trait of that character. He is the one who is linking it with being gay. Not to mention its only 15 rivalry points. Easily fixed.
And most the bioware romances practically throw themselves at your feet if you even look at them.

I think he's a troll. Note the fact that immediately after bashing the writer he then says that thee writing on the entire game sucks. That sounds trollish to me. Either way, I don't think any online petition like this is ever going to work or that they'd ever fire their writer over such a small complaint. Not to mention the idea boils down to "I know you're trying but you didn't do it perfectly so don't try at all" which when you're talking about representing homosexuals in games that's a bad idea. We need to start somewhere and work through the screw ups to get it right.

... bloop!

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