Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Fees Still a Ways Off

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Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Fees Still a Ways Off


More than six months after release, Final Fantasy XIV still has no monthly charge due to the unfinished state of the game.

When Final Fantasy XIV was released back in September 2010, complaints from players led Square Enix to admit that the game had some major issues. The company extended Final Fantasy XIV's free trial period for 30 days, hoping that'd be enough time to sew up its wounds, but it wasn't. More than six months later, Final Fantasy XIV still comes with no monthly fee.

In early 2011, Square Enix removed original producer Hiromichi Tanaka from the game and replaced him with Naoki Yoshida. Speaking to Gamasutra about the sticky situation he's in, Yoshida said that Square Enix won't charge for Final Fantasy XIV until it's in a state where he himself, as a player, would want to pay for it. That point is still "out in the open," Yoshida revealed.

Yoshida also went into the types of changes that might be necessary, both major and minor, giving us an idea at the task Square Enix faces. For example, he believes Final Fantasy XIV's quest system could use some minor tweaking to satisfy a wider audience. On the other hand, Yoshida says that a "70 percent change might be necessary" for Final Fantasy XIV's battle system to get it to an acceptable point. These are just two examples of many areas Yoshida wants to improve.

Square Enix is able to take its time with Final Fantasy XIV because the game is self-funded and doesn't use any money from investors. Were this not the case, Yoshida says that the situation would be much different with regards to a monthly fee (or fees in general).

As it stands, Yoshida is able to implement both long-term plans, like his battle system ideas, and short-term plans, like those for the quest system, without charging unhappy players. However, you've got to wonder if Final Fantasy XIV will ever recover to the point where it earns Square Enix a profit, because Yoshida's words seem to hint that it could be another 6 months or longer before fees are implemented. I guess it could always go free-to-play.

Source: Gamasutra


Bwahahahahaha! What else is there to say? This is pathetic and the prime example of why developers need time to actually make the game worth playing, publishers take note.

I know that MMOs can change drastically over time.

But a 70% change to the battle basically a whole new battle system.

Still, at least they aren't going. "This game rules, and y'all are just haters."

It might not recover to point of profit, but they could at least start to recoup some of their losses later on.

The damage is done already.

I don't see people returning to this game.

I would shitcan it if I were them. Good to see them trying though.

If nothing else, I'm impressed that they are still working on it and want to drag it up to an acceptable level and aren't forcing people to pay for it in the mean time. It almost seems like to them it's less about recovering a profit, but more about recovering their pride in the series cause XIV fell hard.

Surely people aren't still playing? I mean, I give them credit for how they're trying to deal with it, but I do have to wonder if its really worth anyone's time.

Kind of reminds me of APB: Reloaded - the customisation system is worth more than the game as an MMOG, even with the necessary fixes implemented.

Man alive. I wish I could feel bad for Squeenix but they did this to themselves. As a beta tester for XIV, myself and everyone else who partook in it kept telling them it was in no state for retail. Coupled with the fact that Squeenix took absolutely no input from fans and their feedback, they get what they deserve and should make this POS free for life lol.

Here's an idea Square; Stop trying to make Final Fantasy an MMO and just make games like you used to. Like Final Fantasy IX on 3DS. PLEASE?!?

I didn't even know this game was out. Whoops

I almost feel like they are going to have to keep it as a free to play, since I would imagine a lot of people who are playing now will scoff and quit once they are told that they now (like a year after launch) have to start paying for the game.

Whilst they shouldn't have released it in the condition they did, Square gets my respect for not charging until it is actually worth paying for.

I was wondering what was happening to FF XIV online. I'd assumed they'd started charging after fixing the issues (though from what I've seen it'd still be a bad game). I'm amazed they even released the thing if it's in such a poor state.

Perhaps we should just chalk this one up to a failed experiment?

At least they are trying to get it back on track. I feel like the combat is a major problem but if they can fix it there might be a chance.
The biggest problem I see was self imposed in their choice to limit levelling. A catastrophic misunderstanding of their fanbase.

Onyx Oblivion:
Still, at least they aren't going. "This game rules, and y'all are just haters."

Hahahaha BioWare.


Onyx Oblivion:
Still, at least they aren't going. "This game rules, and y'all are just haters."

Hahahaha BioWare.

So true.

But I was thinking of Tony Hawk: Ride, to be honest.

Cut your losses SE, Don't sink more of your private money into a sinking boat. Get the survivors aboard life boats and abandon ship.

its free and i don't even have an account but its "crap" so maybe that a good thing or maybe not

There really is no turn around for the game imo. It truly is an epic fail. There is just no way they could start charging people to play now after half a year at retail. It's unheard of and would be absolutely ignorant on their part. It is squeenix after all though and they aren't exactly known for making smart decisions imo. Pretty much the most arrogant and stuck up video game company ever. I do generally love their products though lol.

Tom Goldman:

Nice to see that they've been willing to extend that. I'm not sure they'll be able to start charging the established playerbase after they've enjoyed it so long for free, but it's at least been a stand-up move for them not to charge in the interim.

Releasing an unfinished product is a bad thing. If you're forced to release an unfinished product, that's still a bad thing. But at least by admitting it's unfinished and treating it like an extended beta (ie, no charge), they've turned lemons into slightly-less-awful lemons.

Look, Square. I know that Notch was able to get away with "selling the game halfway through the development cycle" and came out aces, but it doesn't work for everyone. Especially if the game is terrible.

Yes, I know that you want to be back with all the fancy developers and regain your spot in the limelight, but it's okay! We still love you. Kind of.

I would have never tried Dungeons and Dragons Online unless it was free to play. Now two years later I spent at least $200 on it. So yeah they got me good.

BTW if you want to know the best way to get started in DDO PM me here and I'll help you out.

I know that people generally say that an MMO must come out strong to have a chance of survival, but has there ever been an MMO that was effectively 're-launched' after its official release and after a lot of further work?

Bwahahahahaha! What else is there to say? This is pathetic and the prime example of why developers need time to actually make the game worth playing, publishers take note.

Exactly. And Square Enix looks like even more of a joke with the knowledge that it was a self-funded game and thus they had no reason to rush it out the door so broken except for their own stupidity. Did none of them play it and say to each other "We need to delay this"? Wow.

That's what happens when you totally disregard your previous MMOs while developing a new one, FFXI was a good, albeit simple MMO. I mean really WTH happened guys, you seem to have forgotten all the stuff that you learned from XI!




You make a valid point, I mean really, I understand that you wanted a holiday release, but you release this flaming turd and what happens a few months later, oh right...

They would have been better off delaying it for a year or so just to add more polish and get their shit together

What's sad is that had I bought this game when it was released, it would have not only have paid for itself, but at this point would have been giving me a net increase in money.

(For those who don't know, if you have XIV and XI active on your account at the same time it halves the XI fee cost. So by this point it would have saved me [$8/mo] x [6mo] = $48)

Well I've read that Final Fantasy 11 had a rough start, too. The international crowd got the polished game, but the Japanese had to deal with an immature MMO for awhile.

For all the good they could have done with FFXIV, my biggest issue with their game is how empty it feels. FFXI had life in its world, in my opinion. Seeing the old buildings, mines, and crypts lost to the beastmen after the Crystal War gave it a sense of purpose.

With FFXIV, grab your quest from town and just kill some group of enemies. What's the reason? What's the purpose? There's nothing that makes the northside of an area different from the southside. No story to the dungeons. If they change that with time, I may see myself returning to the game. But with the beauty that Guild Wars 2 is showing, I have a hard time moving back to FFXIV considering it is still following an old MMO concept.

Ah, yes. I have a friend who plays it every now and then and he's been regaling me with stories of the vast stupidity of the design and their attempts to fix it. The way he talks, this news does NOT surprise me one bit. I have never heard such a rigmarole just to find an item you want to buy, for instance.

This is what happens when you release a game too early. They were so pressured to push this game out the door that not only is their PS3 port not out yet, but the PC version is a mess. For one thing, only getting one character slot and having to be charged an extra dollar a month (once subscriptions go into play) Is really an assinine thing. Wow allows 10 slots per server, and 50 in total. I hope Guild wars 2 at least allows 5 slots before they charge you for extra.

You know what though? Benig charged extra for slots in GW2 is alright for me, concidering even on launch it will be Buy to Play. I just hope GW2 will not suffer a similar fate as FFXIV. God damn typing out Final fantasy titles these days is like trying to decrypt some anchient language.

I still don't believe this game is out. I have yet to see it at my retail store, nor anywhere else. It's all just a big lie. :-)

While I think it's fairly decent of them to admit it needs a lot of work, and keep it free for players till it gets fixed, I also think this highlights exactly what is wrong with Square Enix at the moment.

Final Fantasy never needed an MMO. As a series built around epic, single-player RPGs, an MMO would always feel a little out of place. However, Squenix risked it and, to their credit, managed to just about pull it off. While I have no idea why they decided to make it a numbered entry in the main series, at least Final Fantasy XI worked as an MMO. It didn't exactly set the world on fire, and it came nowhere close to threatening WoW, but it managed to eastablish its own identity, and fanbase.

The problem is that Squenix, in what can only be seen as a decision guided by pure idiocy, decided to release another MMO, again as part of the main series, only two instalments after their last one.

You did not need to make another MMO, Squenix. Especially so soon after your last one. MMOs are not like single-player RPGs, and if you want them to be succesful, you have to give them a much longer shelf-life. You can't pop them out like you would instalments to your single-player series. A much better course of action would have been to take all that development that went into XIV, and focus it instead on creating new expansions, updates and improvements to XI. If you had done that, you may have even attracted more attention to XI, and turn it into a proper MMO heavyweight.

Dividing resources with MMOs never works. If Square want to crack into that market, they should stick with one MMO, and put all their resources into it. Not just keep throwing games at consumers until something takes off.

Especially so soon after your last one

Um, what? 11 came out in 2002 in Japan, 2010 is 8 years later.

This game is out!?
Also, not the least bit surprised.

Quest system...? what quest system? unless i missed something in the last 1-3 months i haven't played there is no quest system all you have is the missions (going off xi lingo) every 5 levels, and then just skirmish style mini quests used for leveling.

Since my ffxi career is basically done, maybe i should log in and see whats what now until the eu servers and new patch are released on my current beta(which for disclosure reasons will have to stay anonymous).

Yes, its time for this game to go purely free to play and accept a hybrid of the guild wars/DDO model. Leave what is the f2p game Along with the base repairs to the non existent combat system. Implement micro transactions for those who want it, and charge for the expansions. (honestly any square game should be about the narrative and the expansion system is an adequate method of delivery for it.

Honestly it makes sense to do it that way. SE already has a monthly sub game. It makes sense if your going to build 2 MMOs... dont use the same pay method for both. Expand the reach of what type of customers you will reach.

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