Peaceful World of Warcraft Player Hits Max Level Without Kills

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Peaceful World of Warcraft Player Hits Max Level Without Kills


Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to kill a single foe in World of Warcraft to hit level 85.

Fighting enemies is a big part of World of Warcraft. It even has "war" right there in the name, so you'd think whipping out a sword or spell from time to time to roast an evil turtle would be a requirement. Alas, it isn't, as a player recently hit the current level max of 85 without killing a single virtual foe.

Night Elf Druid Everbloom of the Feathermoon server pulled the feat off by only engaging in gathering professions and exploring, which both offer experience points of their own. She, who may or may not actually be a he, took on mining, herbalism, and archaeology, in addition to traveling to every possible nook and cranny of the game's world. Everbloom wrote on the Blizzard forums that she's been playing World of Warcraft since the day it was released back in 2004, and still discovered new landmarks in her quest.

Everbloom hit level 85 after dying just 25 times, though she absorbed 3,000,000 damage along the way too. She says she chose a Night Elf Druid for its healing abilities, rooting abilities (which can freeze enemies in place), and flight transformation.

If you're skeptical, a visit to Everbloom's profile clearly proves that she has no kills, and only completed 1 quest by accident when she opened a letter that came in the (virtual) mail. She plans to do it again, but without opening her mail this time.

Source: Blizzard Forums, via PC Gamer


I'm reminded of the time that someone asked for more vegan recipes on the WoW forums.

The immediate response was "that would be great, if, y'know, the whole game didn't revolve around killing things".

That is unreal. I tip my hat to this woman and her feat.

Still, it's also proof that any good businessman or woman can do as well as the guy who fries enemy brains.

Why would you do that


This puts the "Role Playing" in "Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game."

I personally don't play WoW, but this is pretty cool. Shows that even pacifists can be as good as anyone in a game.

A prime example that WoW is a game you play the way YOU want to. *sneaks off to stalk hordies in orgrimmar on my worgen rogue*

Read: not kill, STALK! :D

Bravo! Very stellar effort. I'm sure after the fifth death I'd probably snap and start getting the most kill-crazy quests I could get. :P

That said, I wouldn't discount that one quest if doing it without any kills was the goal. not every quest requires you to kill stuff, so the goal of pacifism still is there.

That's quite the feat. Good effort on her part... I don't nearly have the patience to attempt something like that.

Hmmm, I would really suggest that s/he plays something like RuneScape instead. That's a game where you truly don't ever have to kill anything and aren't punished for it.

What a coincidence I got to lvl 85 while only killing things.
But on a serious note that is an amazing feat

That's both extremely impressive and so very, very sad.

Sounds fun..........

Thats dedication.

This is kind of cool. I would never do it. But it is cool.

Why would you do that


To see if you could? Or to prove that it could be done? You can actually get decent experience from gathering. Still, it would take a VERY long time.

So how did she/he exactly do that??

That's both extremely impressive and so very, very sad.

You beat me to it.

Ten bucks says that this Everbloom person is actually Hideo Kojima...or Vash the Stampede.

Why would you do that


To prove it can be done.

That's some insane dedication. *claps*
Wow. It's incredible! It shows you don't have to kill every single thing to have fun.

That is true dedication right there. To much for me.

It's because of things like this that gaming will always carry a stigma.

Funny i recently thought of games you could beat without killing anything and WoW didnt sprign to mind.


Blizzard should make a new NPC and name it and have it look similar to her character and have it give an insanely loooonnnnggggg gathering quest with the end result of the quest a magic shovel or something named "Everbloom's shovel of digging" or whatever as recognition of that feat. also just stop charging her a subscription fee for doing something that awesome.

In before "no life" and "WOW IS CANCER" comments.

Wait, no, I'm like a billion years too late.

I saw this back on the WoW Forums a few days ago.

Very impressive from any standpoint. Just goes to show how dedicated some players can be.

Good work!!

Dedication, compulsion, vocation, life's calling, whatever it was this is both impressive and worrying at the same time.

People talking about her "beating" WoW by getting to max level with no kills are sorely mistaken. Leveling is a tiny part of the experience, and the vast majority of the game exists in raids. It is certainly impressive, but entirely trivial because there is no way to proceed from there without killing anything.

Holy crap, I didn't think it was possible. It makes me feel bad for not being able to walk twenty feet in WoW without thinking "Bored now, gonna punch a face". At the same time, it makes me feel better about what I've done with my life so far.

I must try this sometime. Sounds like a good way to roleplay peaceful character and make lots of gold along the way.

That's some insane dedication. *claps*
Wow. It's incredible! It shows you don't have to kill every single thing to have fun.

As I recall, the word fun doesn't come into the equation.

Dedicated and possibly insane, as you rightly say, seems to be more the case here.

This is a rare example of "because I can" being a good and non-dickish answer to "why would you do that?".

Hats off to 'em. I wouldn't mind trying something like that myself - I've never been a 'MUST KILL EVERYTHING IN SIGHT' sort of gamer, always preferred getting caught up in random distractions like that.

You know, there are better MMORPGs for doing this.

That's both extremely impressive and so very, very sad.

Why? The last thing that kept me playing WOW was exploring the world.

But after a while i realized that anyone can and will foce you to use the awfull, repetetive and boring (in my oppinion of course) battle system, and so i finally quit it.

People do this all the time.

Just get to level 15 through professions and exploring then Queue as a healer until level 85.

In my book healing allies while they kill enemies isn't killing enemies

That really is quite insane. Very impressive indeed.

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