Computer Built in Minecraft Has RAM, Performs Division

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Seems like a lot of people here have never heard of Garrysmod. People have been building (relativley) powerful computers within GMod for years now.

I started screaming when I read the title because I had this idea ever since I learned what redstone was in Minecraft.

Oh well, another possible idea down the drain...
Might as well just stick with carving giant statues of male genitalia out of gold and diamonds...

I'm really expecting a "Yo dawg I herd U like" meme

More like "And on this day, not a single fuck was given"


I wonder if it'd be possible to build a computer in Minecraft more powerful that that used to run Minecraft?

Well no, but suppose you build a computer that can itself run Minecraft? Now suppose that computer can run Minecraft almost as fast as the original computer. Prove it either way and you'll get $1,000,000 :D

actually it is possible to build it

But your computer won't be able to run the in-game computer

which makes it fun

I'm really expecting a "Yo dawg I herd U like" meme

Damn ninjas, although this was pretty obvious :p

No friends to go out with.
Create computer in Minecraft

Someone give this man a Medal of Honor.

Too much awesome for one day.


I'm really expecting a "Yo dawg I herd U like" meme

More like "And on this day, not a single fuck was given"

More like "We need to go deeper."

OT: Can it run Crysis?

I watched the entire video and still have no idea what the hell he did and how he did it :D
Too much CPU talk got me confused....and i dont even is that a computer?
how is it even possible to make a computer by blocks and torches in a freaking game o.O

I should be admiring this guy's dedication... but...
This is just so many levels of nerdiness it's absurd.
Still, it is quite the feat though.

I am thinking of the old cartoon Reboot now.

Recursive computers inside computers! Dear god!

That is amazing.

Next task: recreate a real-world computer in Minecraft capable of running real software. I nominate the Intel 8086.

It's like the ancient Egyptian computer engineers of old, always at risk of falling to their deaths from the top of Pharoah's calculating machines!

I cant find the video or whatever it is, wjere can i download the map?

I am frightfully impressed! Just like I am on most level creation feats, due to my lack of creativity, but this is really just awesome!!

Never fear, it can't run Crysis.

*Puts on Sunglasses*


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