How Will You Survive the Zombie-pocalypse?

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How Will You Survive the Zombie-pocalypse?


Take this quiz to find out how you deal with the zombie hordes clawing at every door.

Ouch! That thing just gouged my arm. Damn, that hurt. Anyway ...

Every zombie story has a group of colorful human survivors that have to band together to survive. Whether in the many zombie attack survival videogames like Left 4 Dead or movies like Zombieland and Dawn of the Dead, or even the latest TV show adaptation of the comic book The Walking Dead, there are some common archetypes that are immediately recognizable. But when* the brains hit the fan, and the dead start rising from their graves to terrorize your town, what characteristics will you embody?

There were many archetypes to choose from but we picked a group that are completely unique: The lazy security guard. The lady who won't take shit from anybody. The man from the city. The poncy businessman. The child. Not to mention the woman that may or may not have been recently bit by the not-quite-dead.

Ugh, I don't feel so good. Anybody smell that garbage?

So in celebration of Issue #304 of The Escapist Magazine that covers all things zombie and why they are such a pervasive part of our shared culture, please take this personality quiz to find out what you'll be like when the dead rise up. You'll get a badge for you to proclaim your zombie-pocalypse survivor archetype to the masses, and you can always retry if you don't like your first result.

Take the quiz now to find out What Zombie-pocalypse Survivor Are You?


*Please note that I said "when" and not "if." The zombie attack is on its way people - it's just a matter of time.



I'll try for the last two after class.

Edit: Lots of security guards and tough females I see. The time I put in my real answers I got her as well. Why I no see no redneck or Ving Rhames option? Flawed quiz is flawed.

Security guard? Donuts? Mrow...?

A actual HWYSTZA (Lazy me) thread instead of a new one on the forums every week.

Secretive lady.. hmm.. last i checked i had boy parts..

Wohoo security guard.

I predict a lot of security guards in these parts.

Security Guard
Security Guard

Works for me.

Tough woman?

I see. Remind me to get a sex change before the apocalypse hits, then.

A actual HWYSTZA (Lazy me) thread instead of a new one on the forums every week.

Might have been the idea, yes.

Stupid apocalyptic levels of zombie threads rotting our brains and turning us into mindless...hang on...

Ok, I wasn't expecting much from an online personality test, but that was pretty lame even by their standards.

I got a security guard. Is that good? Do I live?

I got the tough women. Did I get a sex change when I wasn't looking? Oh well, close enough.

I demand my doughnut, and a crowbar, and my pick up truck, please?

Urban Father?
I'm neither urban, nor a father...
More of a redneck, really.

Tough Woman
Tough Woman

Take this quiz

But...I am a man last time I checked.

Tough Woman...

I have some reprioritizing before the zombie apocalypse.

Gotta break the news to my wife.

So I'm going to get a baseball bat, tattoos and dreads? I can live with that.

Tough woman... but... uh... *looks down at lack of boobs* I got nothing to gawk at!

Is this because I answered the sex question as yes?

Tough Woman
Tough Woman

Take this quiz

I uh.... honestly don't know what to say to that.

Tough Woman
Tough Woman

Wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that I'm male...

Meh. I got a Urban Father, while i should be some kind of deathly psycho.

"A member of the opposite sex sidles up to you and starts making moves."

Seeing that there are many non-heterosexual Escapists, this could have been worded otherwise.

Sigh... yes we all will, who does not have a plan yet ?

*wakes up to see parents trying to eat me*


1. wonder why my parents are at the house I'm in

2. take out my child hood on them with the glass lamp-ie thing next to my bed

3 take car keys, water, tin food, lighter, belt, best pants, shampoo and condishener (oh god my hair gets really greasy in like half a day (if any one knows a good way to stop this let me know)) make a coffee for the road, grape toilet paper, grab knifes and take my PC E ski and ice

4. pick up my dog if his all good

5. go to the shop to get water, threaten any one in my way THIS IS A HAPPENING SO GOD HELP ME ITS EVERY MAN FOR HIM SELF!!!

6. Grab some black V and a copy of PCPP (might drop by EB games on the way out.

7. Get battery, touches, axes

8. Go to local gun shop gap every shot gun and rifle with ammo insight.

9. Go to the local air port look for some one that can fly.

10. tell them to come with me why I look for a hot chick that needs help (need to repopulate right ? and who can say no to a dashing man with a axe cutting down humans probably a little to happily but still...hummm... hummmmmm)

11. get the best jet/plan for fuel.

12. show card tricks and this twirly thing I can do with a pen that looks impressive but is easy.

13. land in Antarctica.

14. pee in the slow and make a angel, never been in the snow.

15. set up computer see if you guys made it.

I only just realised this was a quiz thread but the things stated still apply.....*face on desk*

As usual almost none of the options were ones that I would picked and I ended up with someone who isn't even the same sex as me.

Kinda biased, actually, as it was obviously written by a dude. I can tell by the "girl starts making moves on you" question. Unless the Escapist is talkin' bout getting som Lezza action on, which I doubt a bit.

birepel prdx

I'm a security guard? was there any way to win at this quiz?

Tough Woman
Tough Woman

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Er am I missing something here?

Security Guard... Yah.
Well, they are the nobel keepers of the 20;th century after all...


Security Guard... It's not special though, everyone else has it.

i read the Zombie survival guide by Max Brooks. definetly bringing that with me.

im going to start a new civilization on Alcatraz, its an island fortress for crying out loud

Security Guard
Security Guard

Take this quiz

I got security guard. On the walking dead zombie survivor thing, I got emotionally scarred loner :P

I got Urban Father:

I have to ask, is the "Urban" in this title used as a euphemism for "Black" like it is with music & culture, or does it literally refer to "the culture of town and cities".

Am I a Black Father, or am I Father from a city and the picture is just a coincidence?

EDIT: I just took the test again and answered all the question excactly the same, except this time I chose John McClane instead of Shaft and I got 'Security Guard', so I guess "Urban" really does mean "Black".

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