Portal 2 "Probably" Valve's Single-Player Swan Song

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To me this means all future Valve games will be at the very least Co-op in some way, shape or form.

And once again, the internet astounds me in its ability to produce apocalyptic levels of nerd rage based on a single out-of-context sentence.

Doesn't have to affect HL3 because it could simply mean that they won't start development on any single player titles, and that they'll finish those already in development like HL3

Front page of the Escapist reads...

No More Single Player Games?

Valve says Portal 2 could be its last single-player experience.

Are you serious? How can you make it this misleading?

Sigh, this sucks. Portal 2 was awesome, and its single-player story was told in a way that most developers can't even pull off.

It's not that I don't like multiplayer components, but single-player modes just suck you into a game like nothing else; this is an observation that developers like Bioware and Bethesda continue to use to their advantage. In Portal 2, the single-player mode allowed you to actually feel like you were there, and that the other characters were directly interacting with you. Co-op modes just remind me that I'm just playing a game every time I look up and see my friend's username/Gamertag/PSN ID above his head.

Also, to everyone reminding us that Half-Life 1 and 2 had multiplayer components, you need to read this guy's comment more closely. He said that Portal 2 will be the last game by Valve "with an isolated single-player experience". That includes stuff like the Half-Life games, which obviously put most of their effort into providing an excellent single-player mode.

Why would Valve want to limit it's self like that?

As long as they conclude the Gordon Freeman storyline with an epic arc spanning multiple worlds and planes of existence including: the Borealis, Xen, Combine home-world, and a final confrontation with the G-Man, I'll be happy.

Somehow the word "settling" doesn't seem strong enough.

I swear to god I will be angry if Valve just keeps coming out with sequels to other games and not Half-Life. How can you ignore the game that made you guys so popular!? I don't want Left 4 Dead 3 and I don't care about DOTA 2. Just give me episode 3 already!

I think it just means that they're going to include multiplayer in all of their future games, which I don't really have a problem with since Valve multiplayer tends to be brilliant.

I think this is appropriate.



co-op is good... for some games. Most games however should have a solid single player, and by single player I mean 100% content and experience for one player, now its ok if they tack on a multiplayer option like HL deathmatch but the core game should be single player in the full sense.

The only reason to abandon single player is to further monetise games with micro transactions and DLC.. All you muppets who bought into the idea of micro transactions with Team fortress have precipitated this so you only have your own moronic selves to blame. /rant

Multiplayer competitive portal would be really tight. Or team fortress + portal gun....

I doubt this, seeing as how Half Life is arguably Valve's biggest franchise.
Then again, it's Valve. People were pissing themselves when it was announced that Portal 2 would have multiplayer, and what happened? IT TURNED OUT GREAT.

Valve is a prime example of a good company. They listen to the community, crank out great games with great characters, etc. So of course there's gonna be haters with stick up their asses for no good reason.

1. Left 4 Dead is still supported.
2. Left 4 Dead 2 is the same thing as 1... IF you ignored ALL of the characters in 1. Yes, you still kill infected, so IT MUST BE THE SAME GAME!!!111
3. No one is forcing you to buy it.

1. There are games these days with mediocre characters and stories that last about 4-6 hours in singleplayer. Portal 2 has a great story and great characters. Single player alone lasts anywhere from 6-10 hours.
2. No one forces you to buy DLC.
3. Stop being such a little bitch. Then maybe you can get some friends and experience multiplayer.

1. There are plenty of servers offering vanilla TF2. Go play on them so the rest of us don't need to hear your whining.
2. The new game modes are great.
3. No one forces you to buy from the Mann Co. Store.
4. The new weapons mix up gameplay enough to keep things interesting, despite the fact that TF2 was released in 06 and still has a massive fanbase to this day.
5. There are servers that restrict trade offers to start up times. Stop bitching about things that can be easily solved.

1. This doesn't mean that Valve will no longer make single player games. Like Portal 2, they could add in a multiplayer component, like having one player control Alyx in Half Life.
2. It's Valve. They know three things: story, characters, and multiplayer. TF2. L4D. Counter Strike. If you're worrying about multiplayer in a Valve game working, you have obviously never played a multiplayer Valve game.

But, sadly, this is the internet. Bitches gonna bitch.

tbh, a modest competitive multiplayer component wouldnt hurt episode 3... HL2 has deathmatch.

but nothing is gonna make Valve skimp on the single player goodness


I'd love to see a creative concept about online gaming. We don't need more MMOs and Deathmatches.

I agree. If Portal 3 were nothing but multiplayer I would still buy it as quickly as I did Portal 2.

I makes sense from a business standpoint,
"O.K, Our single player games are wildly popular and critically acclaimed, and our primary multiplayer game brings in tons of cash from DLC because the core gameplay is massively popular. Hmmm... OK! Half Life Team, TF2 Team, We're hookin' you guys up! Do something amazing, thanks." -Valve Executive

Personally, I don't think that just because it's multiplayer that means it'll be a shallow game experience, but will require some creativity to pull off.


dont do this valve, single player games made you famous! jumping on the single player/ multi player bandwagon doesnt mean twice as much sales, it means less time devoted to each portion.

This works better: http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

And here I was, getting all psyched up for more Portal awesomeness in the years to come.

Apparantly not.

Thanks for nothing Valve

Thanks for Portal 2 maybe, you ungrateful douche?
I'm not a fan of online gaming, but just look as Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - the campaign was even better than ACII and the game included a pretty unique multiplayer option. Plus, like everyone says, it's not like any of the first 2 HL games were single player only

As long as I don't have to experience HL3 as a co-op game this is fine. Would co-op be a welcome extra? Yes. But don't hinge the game around it. Also it would not be right if Alex or Barry became voiceless protagonists.
Introducing Portals and Chell into HL would be interesting but I take that thought with a serious piece of cake.
If Valve wants to focus on Multiplayer that fine but I hope it wont negatively impact any of their long running franchises.

They're doing something unexpected again, do I have to remind you how awesome that's turned out to be in the past?

Oh god, please no. Some of us just don't enjoy multiplayer. There is literally no way that I can interpret "Portal 2 will probably be Valve's last game with an isolated single-player experience" that doesn't leave me feeling miserable.

I've got no problem with Valve continuing to package a single and multi-player campaign into one game like Portal 2, but the idea that there wont be a dedicated single-player mode is horrible. Already some of Valve's games are problematic as a single-player experience; I own both LFD's, and while I do enjoy them, bots don't participate in the way that they should (e.g. collect gas cans) which can leave some campaigns impossible to complete. The idea that this might somehow be the future of Valve makes me very nervous.

....Oh,so this is what a broken heart feels like.

Really, as long as the multiplayer game doesn't mess with the single player game I don't care what they do with it. It won't make me want to buy their games more, I play pretty much single player only, but certainly don't begrudge those who like their multiplayer. It's only when the MP becomes compulsory or when the SP story suffers that I start having issues.

I'll be watching this with cautious interest, especially when it comes to the Half Life franchise. While I like jump-in-jump-out multiplayer, I truly believe it would've diminished my HL2 experience. The buggy level for example, the part where you have to walk under a bridge. It feels so desolate, so abandoned and decayed, so sublimely executed. Doing that with any more players than just yourself...no thanks.

But it's still Valve, and they rock with both single and multiplayer games. I wonder what they'll come up with.

Also, the amounts of nerd-rage about this is so funny, if it wouldn't be so sad. Seriously guys, over-reaction much?

Oh, no. Not the horrors of multiplayer. Whatever shall we do?

Awful isn't it? Especially because Valve is so crappy with multiplayer games.

This all just SMACKS of rumors and misquotes. I have a hunch given that the "related threads" points straight to an interview with Valve not five months ago where they were stating that there should always be room for singleplayer that there's going to be another release--officially from Valve this time and not from an iPhone app--explaining that this is a hoax or a misquote or something. The fact that our source -SUPPOSEDLY- "comes from Valve" and that Gabe Newell just came out and said "Portal 2 is the best game we've ever made" makes me reaaaaaally skeptical that this is based on solid facts.

VALVe, you were the last hope for good single-player FPS games.

Thanks for basically killing the genre, VALVe.

I really won't care as long as the option of allowing other players to join in your campaign is optional. But, please, no Multi in Ep 3. I will hang and then canabalise a puppy if you do.

Episode 3 had better not have multiplayer, or so help me I'll...I'll

*remembers that Escapist rules prohibit threats*

Oh...I was just rehearsing a play! It's called "Episode 3 had better not have multiplayer, or so help me!" It's a work in progress...

*nervous chuckle*

yeah, HL2-ep3, Freeman + his team (Alex,, going GoW3 style!!! 4 players split screen! or online, CO-OP! NO BOTS(support)!! "Half Life 2-Episode 3-Power of 4" Game ONLY AVAILABLE ON STEAM, ONLY PLAYABLE ONLINE (assuming PSN is back)... YEAH!~

REALLY? Seriously? this is the way they answer to Pirates? This will have two outcomes, and both bad for players (who buys games), and the industries.

1: Do you REALLY think that will stop piracy? No!!! like virus, there WILL BE BETTER CURE! the pirates are getting MUCH more complex, and better at what they do, and all because they keep putting out counter-pirate software! I think they actually "enjoy" the challenge! (I know, it's kinda sick, but that's just how it is...) you'd end up with pirates learning how to make "pirate servers" (remember RO?), how to "net crack" (remember PSN, and it's only going to get worse), like pool of water, the more force you put to push the water towards one side, the stronger the "return wave" comes back at you... till you drained all resource and there is not enough water in the pool to have fun...

2: People who pirates, will continue, People who don't know how to will stay, some will get sick of all the "potential pirates' treatments" and eventually learn to pirate to have easier game times, or the "honest players" who got pushed too far, will drop this tiresome hobby entirely, and go for something else, instead having to pay for their share + the "dis-profit from piracy" that industries are charging the ACTUAL BUYERS for!

REALLY, it's not they way you "anti pirate software", it's your sale strategy, to "make pirates feel like they're actually missing out" on buying! think about it, instead punishing your faithful buyers, making them feel oppressed, making them feel rewarded for buying, thus making pirates feel missing out. hey, pirates can dupe software, but they can't dupe models, nor art books(yes, they can scan, but it's different when you are HOLDING it), nor beautiful BOX set, nor awesome looking DVD, nor cool accessories. YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY TO DEVELOP SECURITY SOFTWARE (it's not like it EVER WORKED, they'd crack it by the second week...), use that recourse to reward "buyers", you WILL see result, for sure!

Perspective: In an eye of a buyer, say you launch a popular game title, say... WARHAMMER40K, On purchase, you included a folded poster, an art book, sound track, and a small Warhammer40K space marine (one of 10 different set) table top model, not painted, and a little booklet (colored) about the table top game, Mini-codex (simplified rule book) and how to paint... all warped in a nice "Old Fashioned Fancy Art BOX. On the shelf, you have a game, that's NOT limited edition that offered same, or BETTER "stuff" than the collector's edition, and lets say you actually BREAK the $60 system, and sell your game for $50 instead! This is a DEAL! Player walked by, saw the nice looking box, check out the content, thinking that it MUST BE some limited, collectors edition shit, before putting it back on to the shelf, sip on his tapioca, suddenly he saw the price tag... (in excitement, he "discharged" the Tapioca from his mouth, "$50!?" he shout, little did he know, that with tapioca on that box, he is now obligated to buy that copy, and he'd go tell all his friends how he saw the amazing price tag(that's NOT on any kinds of promo/discount) with CRAZY contents, and how he was forced to buy it for spiting all over it, there by making all the friends to go check out the fancy boxes, and probably think twice before pirating, a cheaper game, and not able to get all the "COOL STUFF" in the COOL LOOKING BOX SET!

Sniper Team 4:
Wha-wh-wh-wha-wh-wh-wh-wh-what?! I think I read that wrong. Multiplayer has no place in the Half-Life realm. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. Co-op could only work if the second player takes over Chell (not Alyx because she talks and has scripted events), but that would mean she'd need to be available at the beginning of game, which would totally screw up the story. I'm sorry, but not even the G-Man can get away with magically making her appear. Plus, I feel the Half-Life series is meant to be a single player game.
Okay, I understand that we are seeing wild fires when it's really just a smoldering ember, but still. How did Valve think people were going to react when the STILL haven't even given a hint of the next Half-Life game?

Casual Shinji:
I don't mind if they add a multiplayer mode like they did in Portal 2, but I hope they're not going for somekind of "jump in, jump out" multiplayer feature in the next Half-Life. I know Valve wants to be the one who pushes the industry forward with new engines and innovations, but if that means they're saying goodbye to the singleplayer all together it would be a very sad thing.

Then again, maybe it's not as bad as all that. Let's hope so.

You guys do know that HL2 has multiplayer? Allways has.


Episode 3 had better not have multiplayer, or so help me I'll...I'll

*remembers that Escapist rules prohibit threats*

Oh...I was just rehearsing a play! It's called "Episode 3 had better not have multiplayer, or so help me!" It's a work in progress...

*nervous chuckle*


HL2 already has Multiplayer...

wait, i'm confused, are they saying this is the last game they'll make which has a single player option (ie no more single player campaigns) OR are they saying its the last game they'll make which ONLY has a single player option (ie all future games will have multiplayer of some sort but will still feature a single player campaign)

The first is the worst thing Valve could do besides sending me an envelope full of shit but the second isn't so bad...i suppose.

The exact wording in the app was "isolated single player experience" which means that all new valve games will have co-op or maybe other players taking over for the grunts (as in MindJack, and if that doesn't scare you then you haven't been paying attention.) I just hope we have the option to turn off this hypothetical future feature.

Captcha: "ysibeir first", I suppose that Captcha is technically the first poster usually.


Episode 3 had better not have multiplayer, or so help me I'll...I'll

*remembers that Escapist rules prohibit threats*

Oh...I was just rehearsing a play! It's called "Episode 3 had better not have multiplayer, or so help me!" It's a work in progress...

*nervous chuckle*


HL2 already has Multiplayer...

That's not Half-Life 2, it's Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, a multiplayer exclusive spinoff based in the same overarching universe. Half-Life two itself is single player only.

Iron Lightning:

The exact wording in the app was "isolated single player experience" which means that all new valve games will have co-op or maybe other players taking over for the grunts (as in MindJack, and if that doesn't scare you then you haven't been paying attention.) I just hope we have the option to turn off this hypothetical future feature.

This entire direction would scare me. I don't want every game I buy from valve to not only require an internet connection at all times, but also require that I play with other people.

But yes, as long as there's a way to turn it off (a la Demons souls) then thats fine, but they can lick my taint if they think they can force it on me.

This isn't so bad. Think about it. We know for a fact that Valve only ever release their games when they are DONE. So quality won't suffer. this means that
A) all the games will take more time. Yes, this is bad, but I've stopped anticipating valve games without set release dates long ago,
B) EVERY GAME WILL HAVE MULTIPLAYER, whether it's co-op or versus mode, we win. Seriously, no valve game yet would no be completely awesome with a co-op mode.

Also, this reminded me of my long-standing dream of a half-life 2/portal crossover co-op game, where one person is gordon freeman and one is Chell, and Gordon only has the Zero-point energy manipulator, and you have to use that and the ASHPD to solve puzzles and kill stuff.

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