One-Fifth of PS3 Owners Are Eyeing the Exit

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I have both. Ps3 is my superior. Xbox will NEVER convert me. I grew up with playstation and I am not going to give up now. People just need to become more tolerent and patient.

So they should get use to getting their information taken and their Credit cards as well?


And pick up an Xbox 360 console? Ewww.

Na just kidding, but seriously I not going to pawn off my PS3 just because Sony's PSN got Hacked. Most of my PS3 games are not online multiplayer, and those which are I seldom play online.
Also my PS3 backwards compatible and its how I play my PS1 and PS2 games.
Would you guys drop your Xbox 360s if Microsoft got Hacked and Xbox Live got compromised. How many of us will give up on Half Life if Steam got hacked? Holy shit Nintendo got hacked, time to burn my copy of Pokemon Soul Silver.

Come and join the Xbox frat house, there are plenty of cups next to the Keg or some crystal glasses on the top shelf for those with a more refined pallet...


Is your avatar Cassie Hack?

OT: I was *this* close to getting a PS3, as a bucketload of my friends have been encouraging me to get on the wagon with them for free online multiplayer. And there are soooo many exclusives now that have long since made the thing worthwhile, even if GT5 happens to turn out a disappointment. But i'd like to see how this pans out.

I won't say Sony doesn't deserve this entirely, they have made major fuckups in the past as far as I'm concerned, but one thing remains is their customers don't deserve it, and their hardware IS still good (much more reliable than XBOX anyway), only lacking in the controller department. So, hope that everyone gets back on track, because I love console wars, they are a great and healthy way to keep all companies on their toes and pushing the envelope.



Is your avatar Cassie Hack?

yeah, my avatar is Cassie Hack. I recently discovered the Hack Slash series and I am loving it!

I like the fact that you point out the customers and the positives of the PS3 in your post while giving your criticism of Sony. Nice to read a reasonable, balanced post.

Sony should have repainted the ps2 updated the hardware slightly and continued making ps2 games. because we all loved ps2. it was even backwards compatible!

But no worries my friends. im inventing the next big thing. Shwiing!

1. Shwiing will have ps3 graphics, 360 quality online, and all those gay features from wii (sorry had to do it, gotta admit tho, wii is kinda silly, especially that mario kart steering wheel. how do you drive that thing?)

2. ill hire a bunch of greasers to bully game developers exclusive to consoles to sign to me, so we can all play what we want! together ;)

3. the console will come stock with a handgun, steering wheel, and standard controller. it will be gold because its cool like that.

4. Educational games are free. "Dont be a fool" this game will teach you how to prevent yourself from saying foolish things in public like: "We finally got Obama,err, Osama! yeah!"
*multiplayer includes "Who will say something stupid first?"

5. most importantly, it will have the best security around. to hack the deepest security, you must do 50 of those wierd random word things you gotta do for website registrations so they know your human and not some psycho killer robot or alien who cant read good. THEN, to top it off, there will be 500 job interview questions. Brutal right? everybody hates doing those! thell kill themselves halfway through! ;)

quote me if you like my clearly impossible idea!!!! yes im retarded but im sick of hearing people complain about PSN take the stress off and join in and help me craft more thoughts for Shwiing..!

Except now Microsoft is going to ramp up their security BEFORE they get hacked. At least they should be. Ah fuck, who knows what those crazy kids are up to these days?

True, but no system is completely unbreakable.....hopefully they will do at least

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