The Week in Review: Superman, Sony, and Zombie Fortresses

The Week in Review: Superman, Sony, and Zombie Fortresses

In this week's edition, Superman renounces his US citizenship, and Sony reveals just how much personal information it has lost.


People Unhappy as Superman Quits US

In the latest issue of Action Comics, Superman - long thought of as a quintessentially American character - tells US Government officials that he is renouncing his US citizenship after intervening in an anti-government protest in Tehran. Unfortunately, this unusually overtly political storyline has angered certain sectors of the comic reading public in the US, who see the move as a betrayal of what the character stands for. (Link)


Polish Architects Design Zombie-Proof House

One of the toughest challenges involved with surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse is finding a sufficiently defensible location that will keep the hordes at bay. Well, if you have some cash to spend, Polish firm KWK Promes can set you up with a zombie-proof house. Not only does it have a drawbridge, but the entire building can lock down, effectively becoming a huge concrete block. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Microsoft Toys With Banned Xbox Owners

Owners of Xbox 360s that had been banned in Microsoft's annual "mod sweep" found that their consoles could connect to Xbox Live again. Whatever wizardry had allowed them to sign in to the service didn't allow them to actually do anything with their connections, but they were connected all the same. Unfortunately - for the modders, that is - Microsoft soon got wind of what was going on, and rebanned everyone in the blink of an eye. (Link)


Sony Admits It's Lost a Lot of Data

Sony revealed this week that the hacker attacks that crippled PSN also compromised a great deal of personal information. The company said that an "unauthorized person" had access to PSN users' names, addresses, email addresses and passwords. At the time, it said that hackers also might have access to credit card information, although it later claimed that the credit card data was safe. (Link)


Nintendo Confirms New Console

After plenty of rumors and speculation, Nintendo has confirmed that it plans to release a replacement for the Wii next year. What's more, the console - which doesn't even have a code name yet - will be playable at this year's E3. While this isn't going to do the average gamer much good, it does mean we only have a few weeks to wait until we learn a whole lot more about it. (Link)


That arrangement of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo news seems tragic somehow. For Sony, anyway. Can't wait to see if they keep their May 3rd deadline.

When it said that Superman quit America, I thought they were talking about a flesh and blood person and I was like, and this is news how? But then I realized that they were talking about the DC Super Hero.
I'd love to have a Zombie Proof house. That, and a stash of molotovs.
Microsoft rebanning people is kinda silly. :p
The whole Sony thing has me depressed and angry.
Nintendo's new console hopefully is a great successor to the Wii. I was a lucky one to get a Wii when it first released, and I was a little disappointed that they didn't have more remote-compatable games that let it run smoothly.

And Sony has made a May 3rd deadline? There's some news for me.


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