3D Graphics Coming to Sci-Fi Book Covers

3D Graphics Coming to Sci-Fi Book Covers


Not content with ruining films and videogames, 3D effects are coming to book covers.

The push for 3D technology has been met with both acceptance and hostility amongst the general public, mainly because people seem divided about why they should pay extra for the privilege of wearing clunky glasses that dim the images they're looking at (though apparently porn fans love the effect). However, it's now been revealed that 3D is coming to a rather unexpected type of media: classic sci-fi books.

Vintage Classics, a division of the publisher Random House, announced that it's going to re-release some of its most-beloved pieces of science fiction with "collectible" 3D covers:

Planet of the Apes
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
The Lost World
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
The Call Of Cthulhu And Other Weird Tales

You can see the covers here; they look great, though they seem a little abstract to imagine in 3D. The books are currently only for sale in the U.K., though if you order them through Amazon, you can have them shipped worldwide.

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Was the "ruining" comment truly necessary?

Oh goodie. Pushing the limits of how gimmicky the gimmick can get. Hurray?


We're almost in the future!

Hitman Dread:
Was the "ruining" comment truly necessary?

I agree with this guy, could have done without with the "Ruining" comment.

Haha, this could actually be very cool if done well. <looks at sci-fi covers on bookshelf.> Oh shi-

This is going to open up whole new avenues of http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ContemptibleCover

Because nothing says immersive like the cover of a book hitting you in the face. (sarcasam)

You know, I can accept(begrudingly) 3D on a game or show, because it's a nice little gimmic that helps to make things stand out. If done right, it can be a nice little add-on.

But I seriously won't defend 3D on a book cover. ... Honestly, the hell?

I mean, this is just dumb. It doesn't make the book anymore immersive or anything. This is the true deffinition of 'gimmic'. Its there, because 3D's popular.

Not because it'll add anything.

No, because it'll slightly increase sales by 3D addicts and people who see these as valuable collectors items.

It'll be interesting to see the new 3D versions, but I think the covers look just fine widthout it.

It's called "hologram".
It usually looks pretty cheap and is nothing new.

This just seems weird. I don't put on 3D glasses to skim the books on my shelf. Now if the books also included a little 3D comic or something, maybe, but this is kind of silly.


Can someone PLEASE got back in time and kill James Cameron before he makes Avatar? Please?! I have nothing against the man personally except that he started this 3-D craze that should never have started!!!


Doing something even more pointless with 3D.

3D magazine covers.

Wow, as if it doesn't struggle enough as an acceptable genre to college professors everywhere. Now we get this shit. If you don't want a novel to sell, you make the covers 3D. I know I would never purchase a novel with a 3D cover, at least not after I got out of the 1st grade.

Hitman Dread:
Was the "ruining" comment truly necessary?

"infecting" perhaps?

weird, I always thought that books were already 3D

what do you know =P


Hitman Dread:
Was the "ruining" comment truly necessary?

"infecting" perhaps?

Something with a little more objectivity, perhaps. The article was pretty biased as well, from my point of view. I mean, "'privelage?'"

Far too much hate is being directed at the 3D fad, without much reason asides from "it's a gimmick" and "it doesn't do *blank*." Hell, the 3D hate has become more of a fad than 3D itself, from the looks of it.

Who the hell says that 3D doesn't add anything to a product? Enough people certainly seem to think that it does. It isn't just a fad because companies are creating it, it's a fad because people are buying it. The so-called ruination of entertainment caused by it is just a figment.


Well whatevs, it's as good as any other way to grab someone's attention to the cover of a book. I mean, yeah it's pretty excessive, it's like putting flashing neon lights on your book, but hey, it'll attract attention.

And at the very least, having special covers won't affect your actual reading experience.

For all you kids, a book was a bound stack of paper something people used to consume written information before Kindles and iPads.

Someone else can explain paper....

Well, let me be the first to say that I'm completely sold on the Lovecraft collection; the prices are good enough that I may get the copy of Planet of the Apes, which is the only one I've never read in any form, as well.

Edit: Excuse me, I haven't read The Lost World either, but I'm pretty sure I have a copy lying around somewhere. If not, that may go on the list too. I kind of want these for the same reason the guy who said it wouldn't be a selling point past the first grade said he didn't; I'm a kid at heart, and this is right up my alley.

Great, just put even more sketch artists out of work.

Well, you know what people say. "Always judge a book by its cover".

Anyone want to bet this will add £2 to the cost of a book?

When will we see 3d kindles? I always wanted to read a book in 3d.

Hitman Dread:
Was the "ruining" comment truly necessary?


You try reading Lovecraft normally and your eyes will wander.

To quote GLaDOS from Portal 2: Nonononononononononononono!

Really? Stereoscopic 3D books? Excuse me while I go to the kitchen to rage without breaking something...

I really cannot stand how 3D is EVERYWHERE.

Cause me and my mum wear special verifocal lenses in our glasses, we get migraines if we try to watch 3D...cause of 3D...amd this isn;t a joke, one cinema almost refused to let me book a ticket for Tron legacy in normal 2D...then they cancelled the 2D showing anyway. (we gave up and went to Pizza hut instead)

As a employee in a second-hand book store, I have seen books with "3-D Covers" already. They are always clunky, gimmicky, negative-adjective-y, and just generally hard to sell. Also, if the cover bends (as they always do on softbacks) the effect is often ruined.

I, as a caffeine-fuelled something-teen year old boy, naturally adore movies, and I am honestly indifferent to 3-D effects, as the only purpose that I can see them serving is driving up the price on tickets for an often underwhelming gimmick. Fortunately, 3-D does seem to have exhausted itself in the past months, and has lost much of its own momentum.

Although, for the sake of balance in this discussion, 3-D does allow film makers to explore interesting techniques of directing that are often quite effective, such as 3-D movie rollercoasters. They are always good fun.

So it's just lenticular 3d? Hasn't that been around for ages?


No sorry, it actually requires the glasses! That's stupid. Lenticular 3d would have been better as it doesn't require glasses and with todays tech would probably look very impressive too.

3D Graphics Coming to Sci-Fi Book Covers

That sounds like you mean computer graphics in general. Might be better to say "anaglyphs" or "stereo images", or whatever term there is that is not so ambiguous. Might also be better to keep your opinion on it out of the headline. I'm a CG artist, and my reaction upon reading your subheading was to actually say "Fuck you."

I realized after reading the article that it wasn't about CG in general, but there are still probably people reading your articles that are trying to do creative things with the technology that you are dismissing. You are, presumably, a gamer, and therefore should be more aware of what it looks like when people reject or dismiss technologies simply because they are new and not quite polished yet.


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