Disgruntled Anonymous Faction Maliciously Attacks Anonymous

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Heh, that's quite alright, I can share. You can have the bucket of popcorn, I'll keep the cookies!
And, as for custody rights of that link... well, I get them Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and the weekend, you can wear them Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays...

Actually I already got a pair.
Just... Try not to use it too often. It's my bread and butter you're fucking with!

How very interesting. I'm curious to see how this ends. I too shall grab some popcorn.
Tasty, tasty popcorn...

I guess you can say Anonymous...
*slips on shades*
doesn't know who it is anymore...

You sir, have just made my day.

I'm more impressed that someone running a 800,000 computer botnet would admit it. Though he could just be bluffing.

Scars Unseen:
How Anominous...

*grabs popcorn*

*grabs some too* How exciting! Now that Sony is starting to avoid attacks, new ones appear for other people! Oh joy, the drama never ends!



I'm going to sit with the popcorn people. I think I'll lug a cooler - of soft drinks, BYOB - along with me.

If we're lucky, the Akira and Cowboy Bebop Americanization teams will drop their shit, team up, and make this. And never look back.

This is just getting silly...

He has a name presented...

doesn't that sort of remove the entire standpoint of 'anonymous'? He is no longer anonymous.

*Vacuum-devours everyone's popcorn*
Ryan sounds like one of those little shits that gets banned from every forum they visit for whining about everything, but this is interesting nonetheless. I'm curious to see how Anonymous handles this.

this should be fun, never been a fan of annon to be honist =)

I can't help but think that this was an inevitability.

Daystar Clarion:

I guess you can say Anonymous...
*slips on shades*
doesn't know who it is anymore...

Have this.


You deserve it.

That scared the crap out of me!, it was basically a screamer if your volume is up

GLo Jones:
People seem to be unaware that Anonymous has suffered from civil war before, and the last time lasted about 1-2 years. However, this was before various Anons were wanted individuals. So we'll see how quickly this conflict is crushed now the stakes are so high.

I guess that serves me right for not researching neck-beard history before opening my mouth. I was under the impression they were just calling each other names about some girl in makeup though.

This is kinda like the Alpha Legion in the Horus Heresy series: to ensure the defeat of Chaos, they must ensure Chaos wins, and in so doing, burns itself out through sheer self-destructive behavior.

In all seriousness, I hope they out-douchebag each other out of existence and leave us the fuck alone.

AnonOps is a damn namefag organization and is part of the cancer of moralfaggotry, nefags and melodrama that infests Anon. I tire of these AnonOps assholes acting as if they are the leaders of Anonymous- and their inspiring of the countless acts of stupidity and namefaggotry that they've inspired.

Anonymous isn't some damn evil, mysterious, omnipresent syndicate; nor does it have a leadership. It isn't something to brag about, to buy clothing, to openly discuss. Fucking cancerous morons who call it a "lifestyle" are also wrong- it's a chaotic hive mind that exists only as a mantra for certain actions. And guess what? It is meant to be FOR THE LULZ.

Ryan is like this. However, he is unintentionally fighting the cancer. Therefore, I encourage him.


I knew something like this would happen.

Anonymous is the Roman Empire of the internet.

It was only a matter of time before it was destroyed from the inside.
The process has begun.

Please learn what Anon actually is before thinking it's some sort of centralized super-body.

Christ, somebody who knows what they're talking about. Nobody seems to realise the entire point is you can't be a "member" of anonymous. It's not a frigging club. If shit happens for the lulz and Anonymous accepts the blame, it's not on behalf of some guy calling himself Owen. It stops at Anonymous, lulz are had, and then everybody gets on with their lives (haha).

Wait, Ryan? Andrew Ryan?!?! Well damn, if you thought Anonymous was bad before...

And so anonymous continues in its quest to self destruct or cause enough fuss that goverments might actually notice them and start a crusade movement to domesticate the internet, ergo ruinning the internet for all of us.

Great job!

Finally, a fight that can hold my attention.

OHHH! Virtual Civil war! And by Anonymous of all people...i guess they'll just troll themselves to death xD *grabs popcorn and sits in a chair to watch*

Theres a good story to be written here...
I mean we'll need to exaggerate a tad, a few gun-fights maybe a car chase or two, but still an interesting story.

At least have a better name than Owen gees.

This is the kind of expected fallout that comes when Anonymous takes their attacks too far and it ends up hurting the people they say they are fighting for. I kind of hope that whatever survives the chaos will realize their mistakes and start standing for something actual instead of just being pricks doing whatever they feel like.

Tom Goldman:
"I don't see how anyone could claim to be working for the general good of Anonymous by putting hundreds of Anons in danger of being arrested," an Anon said. "Most of the people on that list aren't operators, they are just ordinary users who aren't involved in administrative drama between server owners."

This is the part that makes me laugh the most. Anybody that gets into an organization like that ignorant of the risks they take, they need to be educated right quick so they know what choices they are truly making. Otherwise they are brainwashed people being used by the higher-ups, something I think which proves Ryan's point.
If I get into something I am willing to stand for, I will take responsibility for everything I do. Otherwise you are just being a nobody with nothing to stand on and are just wasting your life.

...I'm still waiting for a movie about Anonymous.

Many an E-peen will be lost in the coming dark days...

This...is a very nice turn of events.

It was only a matter of time. There was no way such a decentralized group wasn't going to break down eventually; there will always be someone in the group that wants power, and will abuse it when he has it.

Why do I have this feeling that no matter what happens, somehow we are all going to be boned.



I'm more impressed that someone running a 800,000 computer botnet would admit it. Though he could just be bluffing.

I think thats gona be tiny compared to what anon beings to bear against him when they from up for the counter attack.

I'm not overly surprised.

They struck me as being like a flock of birds, no exact centre and leader. Making infighting something I expect.

Civil War AHOY!

Knew this would happen: As soon as Anon began forming a single identity with their press releases etc it became clear that the whole point of Anonymous was being destroyed.

Though as some of the members have had their name mentioned then are they credible either now?

It will be interesting to see what happens next between these parties.Maybe they could have an Online Deathmatch on their hacked PSN servers. /sarcasm

If this group really consists of the best hackers in the world, then this shit could get really bad really fast and not for them but for us the everyman (and everywoman)because even I with my limited knowledge abot hacking and the hacking community can think of several ways how this could bite us from our virtual asses.

This should be entertaining.

It's like fire fighting itself with more fire.

And everything will be covered in blaze of flames... AND THE WORLD SHALL BE CLEANSED AND FROM IT NEW EMPIRE SHALL ARISE!


"The only way to make things safe is to make users aware how insecure it is," claims Ryan thinq_

So basically, we're all sat down eating our popcorn to a rerun of Die Hard 4.

Yes YESSSSS dance for our amusement Anonymous.

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