Take Your First Look at Soul Calibur V

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Please just bring back chronicles of the sword. Then it will be good C:

Character customization and Astaroth are all this game really needs to get me to play it, every title in the series has had reliably solid gameplay. I expect to be playing days worth of this when my family gets a hold of it.

I think the story is utterly pointless, but, no ones asking for them to improve it, so, meh.

My favourite fighting game on the PS3 would have to be SC4, it's even better than it was on 360 (yes, I owned a 360, bought this, played it extensively, then traded for a PS3). Ok, ok, it's identical, but still, with hopefully a revamped graphics and not 'let's through this together for launch' style effort, this next game could be even better, more characters, more add ons for the characters and easier to get them, less conflicts! Should be good.

SCIV was probably the best fighting game to come out in ten years. Not sure why people are hating on it...

If there was anything better then it before SF4 came along, it was just an earlier soul game... I've been repping that shit since the fantastic Soul Blade way back in the day.

OT - I just finished my happy dance at this news.


"Transcending history and the world. A tale of souls and swords eternally retold."

That, and the dub was pretty bad.

SCIV was amazing I put 300 plus hours into it. At first I was thinking this was a preorder, but with new gameplay I'm not so sure...

Best fighting game yay!

I'm still waiting on Namco to announce a "design a destiny" contest or something, in which fans design a new character for the series. Instead we get... young male Sophitia. So... cool? It seems these games will have fans no matter what Namco does with it.

Oh shit... 17 years later?! Doesn't that mean- weeelp, Talim is going to be a very popular character all of a sudden, won't she?

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