New Law Would Force Search Engines to Block "Infringing" Sites

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"Hey, you, old lady! Do you want to download an album and 'Try before you buy' or even share a really large file with friends? Well you can't ha ha ha!"
"Hey, you, 10 yr old! Do you want to look at pictures of dead bodies, drugs, illigal activities, rape, 2girls1cup, and some other terrible shit that really should be taken off of the internet? Well go ahead coz we can't be assed censoring it."

This is why I hate the government, they just can't understand the word 'Priority.'

Given that every single internet forum has some form of unauthorized copyright infringement on it, expect hilarity to ensue if/when this goes into action.

Hilarity and rage.
Well, if you thought that Ad-providers had a lot of power before, they will be the Law on the internet now.

first they harass the outlaw/outcasts, you'd join them on the move of the "Just", but think what this means? when they decides to tell you what their "Justice"/"Judgment" is pointing to? Do they have the "right" to "ex-communicate" sites? Do they have the "privilege" to decide where is the line? If one day, they decides to call off all the "abandon ware"? all the sites with emulators? what if they decides to go further, to attack the "fandom", "doujin", "fan-fiction" communities? because they ARE using other peoples' intellectual properties, thus, to the "lawful", this is a "violation", what happens to evident arts? can't we not sell prints of our fan-arts? on deviants? you might think "nah, they wouldn't gone that far..." think again... this is only the beginning.

(or i could be over reacting, but every time the authorities puts down their iron fist, it just makes me edgy...)


I'm sorry, I've always wanted to do that. I have no input on this... aaah.. I can smell the ban hammer already.

Still think this won't work. US based companies can't interact with foreign websites whoopy doo, they just interact with an intermediary. Even if they tried to block it that would make it worse as people would just use overseas proxies.

And then what if an ad-based company just 'happened' to be overseas? Zzz...

To those invoking Godwin's Law:

You do understand that yelling out "GODWIN'S LAW, GODWIN'S LAW!" doesn't actually render the point invalid, right? Godwin's Law is merely a rule of thumb regarding the probability that a discussion will, at some point, mention Nazis or Hitler. It says nothing about the validity of the point.

And in this case, it's a perfectly valid quote to use. This is a law that opens the door for the government to block whatever it likes, blocking the 1st Amendment quite openly and creating legal precedence to continue to do so. This law cannot be permitted to pass without petition and serious backlash from the nation's people. This is a serious violation of rights.

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