City of Heroes Goes Steampunk

City of Heroes Goes Steampunk

Grab your crazy moustaches and sexy lace-up boots: City of Heroes is about to give you access to a steampunk booster pack.

Are you sad that you were born today instead of a hundred years ago? Do think you missed your calling as a mad scientist or a flintlock vigilante? Well, good news: City of Heroes is giving you the opportunity to live out all your Victorian fantasies, courtesy of its new Steampunk Pack.

Paragon Studios has revealed the pack, which will start selling on June 1st in the City of Heroes store. The booster pack will contain all manner of nifty steampunk accessories, including delightful facial hair, nifty boots, mechanical wings, and dueling pistols. As you can see from the trailer, it looks rather delightful.

The pack is going to sell for $9.99 when it goes live. I'm not going to lie: I haven't touched City of Heroes for a few years, but this pack might cause me to get back into the game for a month or two.

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I may have to start playing City of Heroes. or hope APBs awesome character creation stuff has Steamy stuff in it when I get into the Beta

For steampunk I can't say it was all that riveting, but it still looks like quite a gas.

that actually looks pretty fun.

I'm a big fan of steampunk, but that and zombies seem to be getting overused by the game industry. Can't we see some more variety.

That settles it. If I ever play an MMORPG, it will be this one!

I must say, while I've never played CoH, this little ditty could almost make me go out and get it. Almost. :(

Mmmmmmmmmm, steampunk. I love the whole concept/genre of steampunk, it is so heavily underused it's almost a sin. If I had the game I would totally pick that expansion up. More developers need to take a chance with the -punk genre, it's a goldmine of untapped awesomeness.

Dammit. I've heard of City of Heroes, and never payed much attention to it. Now this pack has really caught my attention. I'm considering playing it now.

This could be the thing that makes me actually like Superhero MMOs. I played a bit of Champions Online when it went free-to-play, with intentions of doing a several-installment Let's Play column on it. BUT OH GOD IT WAS SO TERRIBLE :3

...I have heard this "City of Heroes" whatsit is basically the best of the best when it comes to super-hero and comic-book MMOs, so this could push me a good way towards purchase.

Not going to lie to you either, haven't play CoH in years& my first thought when reading this was "CoH is still going!?" my second was "You know you still have characters there, you could start them up again for this" Ah Steampunk, is there nothing you can do?


I am glad NCsoft still updates the old girl (even though the numbers are quite good)

Looks like some fun, though I am merely taking that from an aesthetic viewpoint, sadly.
Steampunk is nice, but eeehhh... My lazy arse can't be bothered.

NEMESIS! This is your doing, I know it is!

I've played many MMOs from American to Korean but I always come back to City of Heroes. The character creation system is the best in the industry. APB came somewhat close with the ability to make your own patterns, textures, icons but CoH is still king in that area if nothing else. I've never seen two characters that look remotely alike unless the two people planned to have similar characters.

For steampunk I can't say it was all that riveting, but it still looks like quite a gas.

Holy Double Pun Batman!

OT: City of Heroes was a fun game for a while, but it's an MMO lacking in the massively multiplayer aspect. The servers are so empty. :'( This does look very cool though.


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