Conduit Studio Accused of Amazonbombing Conduit Reviewer - UPDATED

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Gabe Newell would have flown Michael Murdock over to have a talk about why he thought the game was so bad and explain the choices they made during development.

Matt Corso, you have some growth ahead of you, if you ever want to attain the same level as Gabe Newell.

I think I'm going to buy that book, now

Andy Chalk:

Whats that Escapist? You want me to Amazonbomb HV? D'OK!

Stuff like this puts a bad taste in my mouth whenever I think of the gaming studio involved.

Well, as there are currently 13 one-star reviews of The Dragon Ruby, I'd say that they won't be all removed any time soon. And as only one of those one-star reviews predates this article, I'd go as far as to say that this article may have had the unfortunate side effect of getting others to jump on the amazon-bomb bandwagon.

More companies need to be like VALVe and realize that a lot of your problems go away when you actually consistently put out quality work at great value with constant support.

Not really. You'll still get hammered for having DLC hats.

The same reviewer also gave last year's Alpha Protocol a five-star score, however, calling it "an RPG masterpiece," so maybe he or she just has really bad taste.

I am seriously fed up with all the hate for Alpha Protocol. Sure it wasn't perfect. Aside from glitches (glitches that I never encountered in my 3 playthroughs) and some balancing issues, the game was an amazing RPG. The only problem was being thrust into combat encounters when you specialized in stealth and technology. Fortunately I saw the Zero Punctuation review and when I made my character I was sure to specialize in a weapon type so I could fight when necessary.

I seriously don't get what people hated about it. The story was great (as in rather than just having 2 black and white choices on major events, you were given a large handful of choices) that changed drastically depending on your choices. There were some major events that you could uncover that 1 play through couldn't uncover all of them. The combat and stealth were like a pure RPG in that everything deals with stats rather than player skill. It plays like Mass Effect 1 for crying out loud, the only difference were setting and some bad voice acting from the player character, and a brief scene with half of a bare ass.

I really wish they would make an Alpha Protocol 2 so they could patch up some of the issues with the first game.

Thier kind-of apology is all well and good but im still waiting for them to say sorry for unleasing two conduit games onto a world that has done nothing to deserve such harsh treatment.

Terry Pratchett? Really? Someone needs to take a gander at the fiction section and take a break from the sci-fi section.

my that was terribly professional of them, lemme just run out a get that game right now /sarcasm

high voltage is the dev? remind me to not buy their games, ever.

if their gonna react so childishly they don't deserve my money

(not that they've done anything worth me buying >.>)

To be honest, this kind of thing has been going on for ages, in various forms.

Whenever lots of artists get frankly hideously unfair reviews, they have responded by attacking mostly though their art-form. Particularly comedians have been quite harsh...

Now amazon gives people the chance to do it in person, venting their frustrations directly, showing the reviewers how painful it is when someone demolishes your work for no reason, and particularly when they big themselves up at the end.

Is it unprofessional of a company to do it, rather than fans ? Probably.

But what about if fans do it by themselves ?

I think that its actually kinda dodgey that amazon are caving and removing bad reviews. If only High Voltage could phone up a review site and have a terrible review pulled just because they think the motives of the reviewer are in question... I mean companies pay for good reviews, and lots of reviewers are dicks about things just because they CAN be.

Hey!...I liked Alpha Protocol.

You guys want see some real astroturfing, look up the fuss about the new Dune books. Hooooo, boy.

This reminds me of high school haha nice Amazonboming though that was pretty funny.

Seriously though, don't be ignorant.

tried to read into their response more but they just seem to be irritable about it all both the bad review plus having the world find that email lol

in the end...well, hopefully they behave and...uh, make better games? idk lol

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