Demo Launched For NES Homebrew Super Bat Puncher

Demo Launched For NES Homebrew Super Bat Puncher

Punny acronyms, faux mistranslations, violence toward inexplicably volatile winged mammals; the newly released demo for Super Bat Puncher has it all.

Developed by Morphcat Games, Super Bat Puncher tells a story that would be just baffling if I hadn't grown up playing through the very games that serve as its obvious inspiration. In short, explosive bats have invaded Earth. The only way to stop them is to travel to their home planet (Planet BAT, naturally), and punch them all right in their bat faces.

It's not Tolstoy, but as far as NES backstories go, it works.

As for gameplay features, the project's official site offers a short, yet compelling list:

The game features...

Good old platforming fun
Special moves
2-Player mode
A delightful soundtrack composed by Dave Harris
Explicit bat punching!

Alright, so the features list is a bit of a cop out likely written just to make that last gag work, but I still urge you to find an NES emulator and give the Super Bat Puncher demo a shot. It feels like a hybrid of Mega Man, Adventure Island and Blaster Master with minor, clever puzzle elements thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately the demo announcement on Morphcat's official blog offers sad news for those fans of the demo hoping to play the full game sometime soon. "I have no idea when the full version will be finished as I've got to take a little break from development now," the blog entry states.

Assuming you aren't suddenly non-plussed by the game's nebulous future, you can download the Super Bat Puncher demo at the Morphcat website.

Source: Morphcat Games


Dave Harris has been around VGMusic for ages and ages and his music for this game is awesome. I'm so glad to see news for this game spreading around.

Haha this is payback for all those fucking Zubat ambushes!

<cout> >>that so sad that the development for the game is on hiatus. It looks pretty fun. Well back to learning C++... endl;
return 0;


In all seriousness if Nintendo and, Sega were to start developing and releasing games for the classic systems (as in, classic cartridges, boxes and, manuals) I would buy into that faster than you could say 'fan-boy-living-in-the-past'.

But back on topic: I really want to try this game...and those which inspired it.

Ah, homebrew. The bane of consoles.


this is so friggin amazing!


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