Blizzard Recruiting PS3 Specialist for Diablo III

Blizzard Recruiting PS3 Specialist for Diablo III


PS3 owners might want to start warming up their clicking fingers, just to be on the safe side.

Blizzard has been saying since 2008 that of all its PC-centric franchises, Diablo made the most sense to port to consoles. Last November, we first saw hints that the developer was "exploring Diablo-related concepts for consoles," but precisely what that means is rather vague.

Now, though, there may be something (slightly) more concrete in the mix. A Joystiq reader noted a very interesting job listing on the Blizzard site - a job listing that really didn't mince words: "Senior Software Engineer, Console -- Playstation 3 Specialist." The position would be "responsible for overseeing Playstation 3 (PS3) architecture design as well as other PS3-specific game code development to maximize platform performance."

It's entirely possible that this job listing is nothing more than part of Blizzard's previously-mentioned explorations. After all, the Xbox 360 is relatively similar to a gaming PC, so a PC-centric developer like Blizzard might find the hardware easier to work with, while they would need someone experienced for the PS3 version.

On the other hand, this listing directly mentions that part of the Diablo III team is working with PS3-specific game code. So who knows? Either way, the PC is undoubtedly the primary platform of development for Diablo III, whereas any console version would be a port developed after the fact.

On the other, other hand, permit me to speculate a bit: It's all but certain that Diablo III will be tied in to Blizzard's service in much the same way that StarCraft II was (for better or for worse). With Portal 2, Valve was able to bring the equally-crucial Steam and Steamworks to PS3 in a way that Microsoft's Xbox Live didn't allow.

Perhaps Blizzard could be considering the same thing - if the PS3 can run Steam over PSN, why can't it run and let PS3 users and PC users play together? Of course, the question there is: Where does that leave Xbox 360 owners? It's unlikely that Microsoft would allow Blizzard to circumvent its Xbox Live service, but if D3 is being built around 2, Blizzard probably wouldn't want to release a version without it. And a multiplayer-less Diablo III wouldn't be nearly as fun.

Of course, this is all just complete speculation. All we have here is a job listing for a project that may or may not ever materialize - because really, Blizzard can probably afford to hire people on projects that never see the light of day.

(Blizzard, via Joystiq)


Oooh.... I always liked these kind of games on consoles then pc...


That would so totally, totally, totally out of the blue and awesome. Diablo on the PS3. YEAH!

Last year, Mass Effect 2. Then, Portal 2 and now this? We are being spoiled. Outright. God, if this turns out to be a port, this would be the biggest surprise of the year. Come to think of it, this is E3 stuff only.

Well, seeing how diablo 1 was avalible on the PS1 i don't see why not.

It would actually be pretty sweet if they tied the PS3 and PC together through
I find it quite funny that the PS3 is now closer tied to the PC (via Steam) than the X360, despite the X360 and most gaming PCs (since most of them run windows) are both built by MS.

Oh Blizzard you crafty Devil!

I'd buy it.

You couldn't stop me from buying it even if the port ran like ass and crashed hourly.

If it wasn't for the "Familiar with Diablo and other Blizzard Entertainment products" statement, I would've suggested the job might be for their new MMO codenamed Titan.

Oh please don't let them "dumb down" D3 for the PS3. Please if this is to happen, let it be a port and not mess with the more capable PC version!

John Funk:

Oooooooorrrrrr... we could also have StarCraft 64 Mark II... on the PS3! ;)

Kidding aside, this is great news. I like the idea of gamers from two platforms being able to play with each other.

Must not make console-tard comment...

Oh, well. Maybe I could finally get the roommate interested in it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no PC elitist, I love my 360. But Blizzard should stick to what they know, AKA the PC.

DragonLord Seth:
Don't get me wrong, I'm no PC elitist, I love my 360. But Blizzard should stick to what they know, AKA the PC.

They are sticking to what they know, thus why they are seeking PS3 specialist. =p

And like someone else already say the original Diablo was also available on PS1, it actually controlled quite well, what was bad were the save, a saved game took like 12 save block, and the character save were 1 block each, the trouble with character save is that unique item wouldn't transfer from game to game(losing a Grandfather suck).

Hmm. The tech guy in me says "Well, that's cool. Larger playerbase, smart business decision."
But the elitist prick in me says "Well, that's just one less major PC-Exclusive game. Hopefully it won't get watered down like everything else."

Then again, it could just a variant of the regular game that's modded to work under the PS3's network. Nab a Sony-Approved USB mouse and go.

I can't imagine they would port to the PS3 and not the 360

Oh nooo =(
Hope they don't ruin the PC version for the sake of consoles horrible controllers.


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