Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference

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so much kinect, all nothing special.

I'm having mixed feelings of rage, sad, and disappointment. sigh.

Next year Kinetic simulates going for a dump in the toilet with the help of Kinetic Sports Grit Iron.

I know the family, sports and music games are the backbone of the industry now, but this stuff is so painfully awkward to watch it's fascinating.

Halo 4 was just officially announced for holiday 2012, Microsoft... i am disappoint...

At the end of the confrences when he announced a "new" trilogy on the Eggsbox, I pulled forwards my chair and thought "new ip!"

Started as smoke clouds, that turn into blood vessels. You hear a heart and you pan out of the mouth. You see a figure in a pod and it op-

Oh, it's master chief. So no new big blockbuster IP.


Piss poor conference. There was not one thing here that even got me mildly excited.

Well that was absolutely terrible

That Halo 4 trailer put me in Fanboy Mode very quickly.

Well that was a waste of a bloody night.

Microsoft is summed up in one word. "Suck".

Go buy a Ps3 or PC people, nothing worth hanging around for this year.

Tomb Raider looked neat though, uncharted for the eggsbox.

Damn... even though it's not Bungie anymore I can't help but get excited for Halo 4... I really hope that 343i does a good job with it but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

-Also, I'm VERY happy that they're waiting until holiday 2012 to bring it out. I was worried they'd be rushing it as the franchise moved to Microsoft.

And you could've let your bias show a bit less there Steve. Not very professional.

Tomb Raider looked neat though, uncharted for the eggsbox.

Its Cross Platform I think.

This may have been the single worst press conference in E3 history. SO MUCH Kinect shovelware. The only thing that was even remotely interesting was Halo 4.

Seriously, how much do we have to say it for Microsoft to understand that the core crowd doesn't want Kinect stuff?

Well that was a waste of a bloody night.

Microsoft is summed up in one word. "Suck".

Go buy a Ps3 or PC people, nothing worth hanging around for this year.

Shit dude, you have written like 10 comments now. I think we understand that you aren't a big Microsoft fan.

I think that is was quite good. It showed that developers are taking Kinect seriously and it'll be cool to see what they do next.

I actually thought that the Kinect controls for some of the games, mostly Future Soldier were pretty cool. (Sorry for not hating motion controls :P I know I'm supposed to). I think Sony will have a tough time making their own motion controls compare, might take a large toll on their business as I'm sure a lot of money was put into it.

I watched the conference and it was pretty decent, but there wasn't really anything that they showed that would make a person like myself that doesn't own a 360 feel a dire urge to run out and get one.
Most interesting bit to me was that gunsmith mode they showed for Ghost Recon.
Lowest point is a tossup between the Kinect Disney demo and the football demo.

Personally i never really took the kinetic very seriously. But having seen that show, i kind of want to get one.

COD the best storyteller? What? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, wait, you're serious? Then let me laugh even harder, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This conference sucked. Gears 3 and Halo 4 are ok but it was a pretty piss poor showing for actual game fans. How many 4 year olds were tuning in live? Seriously, Microsoft need to get their shit together. Just because Kinect was a success does not mean you abandon everything else.

a few thoughts from a sony fanboy

voice recognition?
not as cool as it looks... unpractical in actual gaming(press of a button stays more convenient)
and i am skeptical if that functions as well as it looked the whole time

kinect games?
i actually thought that they were kidding with the star wars game
that's nothing more than a quick time event on rails
only barely control through gestures
a star wars game with move would be epic as in you can actually do extraordinary stuff like going and looking in the direction you want...
exact thing applies to the fable game

same with the kid's and sports games
you only have a minimum of control and everything else is scripted
it probably works well with kids as it isn't too demanding but that's it
still prefer physical feedback

for the games... well that's for everyone else to decide
i almost threw up after hearing those stupid one liners and comments in Gears 3

kinect kinect kinect kinect kinect.
new trilogy, its halo 4.

I am underwhelmed Microsoft, really underwhelmed.

I'd say not bad Microsoft considering they pretty much had nothing to go with.

Future Soldier
Gears 3
Dance Central 2
Halo 1&4

I think those were the real Xbox highlights.

I laughed when I saw Kinect Disneyworld(land?) and Star Wars. Those looked bad to bad-funny. Possibly because I live in Southern California and Disneyland's like 40 minutes away and I've settled with the idea that Star Wars is done; I don't need any more Star Wars.

Poor Peter Molyneux. Now he's been demoted to announcing minigames. I feel kinda bad for him.

OMFG Skyrim is making me wanna touch myself O.O

So much Kinect, so little of interest. Yes, well done, we know Kinect did well but you can't just stop making games for the base console and live on gimmick alone. The only thing that really grabbed my attention there was Tomb Raider, which will make it the first game in that particular franchise that I've ever cared about.

Also, I'm calling it now: the Earth will be swallowed up by the sun before they ever stop making Halo games.

I'd say not bad Microsoft considering they pretty much had nothing to go with.

This. It didn't suck as much as I thought it would considering they had just about shit all coming into the show.

I say Halo 4 can only go one of two ways: it'll either be insanely awesome, or completely suck (like, Haze style bad). Either way, it'll likely sell 10+ million units.

EDIT: Oh yeah, there was Dance Central 2. That was cool.

this was IMO a terrible conference. most of the games they showed, showed nothing new (gears 3) or were just not interresting at all(almost all the kinect games). microsoft just proved that besides halo that they don't have soem good exclusives(i disagree, i think halo is boring and the other exclusives are better but those just not sell good like alan wake and such), so they release the first game in HD and make a sequel to a serie on which the original developer drawed a line.

i find it weird they release minecraft on xbox when it is still in fact a beta.

i found it weird that people where crying like the second coming of christ when they saw the weapon smith from ghost recon (to be said it is kinda cool, but really not THAT spectacular)

the only game they showed that really drew my attention was tomb raider(before i didn't really care) it looked pretty cool and started to show that the weren't fucking around, although it was weird to see lara still be pretty jumpy with that extra hole in her.

and wow, you can say the words instead of of using your thumbs to choose the converstation option in ME3, i'm so immersed right now. ok the feature is kinda cool in the fighting but still not game changing.

overall, they weren't showing anything that was really interresting.

I've gotta say, I'm extremely underwhelmed. Sure, they got me a lot more excited for Kinect than ever before, but I don't really care about any of those games. And to bring out Tim Schafer only to announce a damn kid's game for Kinect is an insult! Microsoft, for shame, I was expecting more!

Star wars kinect looks absolute SHITE.

Is Mordin's voice actor different?

Nope, it's still the same guy.


Is Mordin's voice actor different?

Nope, it's still the same guy.

Good, guess the audio on the demo was just a bit off or something. He sounded a bit different.

That was a shameful display.

MS fucked up. Nothing new or exciting but sequels and kinetic crap. Those game will be good, dont get me wrong, Tombraider, Gears3, AC, ME3, DE and Forza will be awesome. But we, as gamers, know this already. Just, ontop of that, there was nothing new or exciting. Anyway, there is still alot of awesome games to play.

ok I am sooooo confused right now....I'm watching on g4 and they are advertising the ubisoft and sony press conference in an hour and according to my tv guide the microsoft conference is tommorrow....i'm on the east coast of the us and I'm so confused as to what going on...
i'm watching on g4...

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