Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference

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I am about to heave with all the kinect focus... alot of the things they showed for the kinect were too kiddy for MY kids. :( But, I was VERY pleased to see them finally announce the next trilogy with Master Chief. That honestly made my day. Now I am hoping for a new Mass Effect 3 trailer at the EA conference to send my brain orbital!

Mass Effect and Modern Warfare continue their respective downward spirals, while Kinect stakes claim to the Uncanny Valley.

I'd like to be angry about this, but instead I'm just sad.

Oh man, the guys behind Fortresscraft are gonna be pissed.


a few thoughts from a sony fanboy


one line tells me all I need to know /ignore
OT: I can't help but feel disappointed and kinda upset by and large by what I've been reading. Kinect shovel ware BS, Halo CE Anniversary(Im looking forward to it), and Halo 4.(saw it coming a mile away I just hope its good) Thats all I saw thats of note

There are some well crafted games here but Ive played it all before. The same old stuff with some Kinect voice controls doesn't do it for me.

Come to think of it... most everything Kinect that Ive seen so far does nothing to gain my interest.

Dissapointing for sure, but I am interested in the Xbox live tv and the halo anniversary edition. Aside from ME3, nothing else looks interesting.

I don't get cable, so a chance to see some of the show I like would be nice

microsofts was very very very safe
and the acting just keeps finding new lows
i mean this time round their clothes didn't even look real
im hopeing sony's is a lot lot better

So UFC fights on Xbox 360 is supposed to be a relevant feature? ugh.... I'm still watching though, [sarcasm]can't wait to hear what's next[/sarcasm].

So, one. One single game in all that that I'm even slightly interested in, that being Mass Effect 3, and I'm getting that on PC anyway. Remind me again - what's so exciting about a 360?

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, no I'm not a PS3 fanboi

Graphics seem to be kicking up another notch in almost every game I've seen. Of course this isn't the most important thing when it comes to a game, but great graphics make for a pretty immersive experience.

I'm not much of an FPS player, however, the new COD MW3 looks excellent. Might be something I'd play the storyline through.

Lara Croft--never been a fan, not of the movies or the games. However, I like the way they're taking this new one, plus it's a prequel, so if I were to play this one I wouldn't feel like I was missing anything having neglected everything else in this franchise. Looks entertaining to say the least, though the sex noises were a little excessive.

Don Matrick?! This guy is just sad. Who put him on stage?

Sports games? Don't care.

MASS EFFECT 3! OH GAHD. I'm one of those who has been sniffing out every spoiler I could find, reading carefully of course so as not to really spoil anything. The last article I read talked about how they'd upped the scope, making massive stages to have these epic fights. They did not disappoint. Just watching it, you feel sucked in all over again, and this is just a preview. Incredible. The voice activated commands, excited! I already yell at my television, now I have an excuse to do it. Also, new melee attack is awesome. Always wanted an omni-tool blade. >_<

Watching Ghost Recon now. Will continue to post after this. I'm sure you all care.

Ghost Recon. I'm getting a chub with this weapon modification stuff. As a shooter myself, this is beyond exciting and certainly innovative. PUMPED. Actually gonna play this one, which is saying something because I'm primarily an RPG player, not an FPS player.

I like the voice-activated XBOX menu control. Makes me feel all high-tech. :P Bing sucks though. "You say it, XBOX finds it." Whatever dude. TV on XBOX? This I'm actually kind of excited about. Depends on the channels though, so I'll hold out on judgement.

GOW3, don't care. Fuck yeah though, Ice T. What are you doing off Law & Order?! Go back.

No one's talking about Ryse. Is that a game? I don't even. They didn't even really say much about it. I like the head-butting capabilities though. :O

FORZA 4! Yes. <333333333

New Fable. Whatever. I'm done with hoping these games will be good. Peter didn't cry again though, that's a relief.

Haven't gotten on the Minecraft bandwagon, so yeahhh. Just means I'll never see my XBOX again because my roommates will be playing it 24/7.

Disney. Yeah. No. Don't care.

Smoke break.

New Halo. Don't care.

Seems that they are adding kinect to loads of games, but the addition is minimal, pointless and adds nothing. Like the tilting head thing in Forza 4, very cool but pointless and not something people will by a kinect for. PLus you got all that shovel wear crap on it, but then young kids will have more fun jumping about than adults.

Should have called it the 360 / Kinect conference rather than the Microsoft conference. Otherwise you would get the impression that the only gaming Microsoft is involved with is enabling voice command on the 360.

I feel people need to wake up and see that most company are not going to treat to us hardcore fans that much when we are already knowing half the games coming out. I feel the opening conference is for the press and casual crowd for them to buy.

As well as if we want to see our games, then we will most likely see it during, well I don't know...E3! later this week. Just everyone needs to chill and just enjoy whats coming out. Gaming isn't dead or as bad as when they release ET all those years ago...

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