Check Out Sega's Urinal Console In Action

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Check Out Sega's Urinal Console In Action

Sega's new "Toylet" system combines peeing, games, and manly competition. And now there's a video of how it works!

Remember how, during the Holidays, Sega revealed that it was working on a new console that would violate public indecency statutes if played in public? Because you have to pee to play it? Because it's attached to a urinal? Seriously? You don't remember that? What's wrong with you? Well, guess what? There's now a YouTube video showing the thing in action, and it's about as ridiculous as everyone expected.

At the recent Digital Signage show in Japan, Sega's new game system ("Toylet") was on display (conveniently near the men's bathrooms), where it apparently garnered a lot of attention from attendees. Based on the footage, as well as the explanation by Sega producer Hirotaka Machida, the game model is based on two very sound concepts: We dudes like to aim at stuff when we pee, and we also like to compete with each other in totally juvenile (and awesome) ways.

The system isn't actually a toilet on its own, it's an LCD screen and a speed sensor, which measures the speed and amount of time it takes a person to pee. The urine stream is measured via microwaves, measurements are then calculated about the overall urine volume, and individual rankings are then listed.

Sega has revealed that it's planning to start selling units in November, with a price tage of 140,000 ¥ (around $1750). Of course, it's expected that the Toylet will appear in bars, hotels, and restaurants; unfortunately no plans have been announced for the system to come to America.

Source: Topless Robot


I'm calling it right now- someone will be hospitalized because they were trying to save up to beat a high score.

What. The fuck. Is that?! I think part of my brain just melted. o__0'

Hmm... on the other hand, urinalysis drug tests would be that more entertaining.

too bad the name "Wii" is taken...

WiiCast 2? DreamWii?


Just wait for the one guy who holds it in to long and dies due to kidney damage just because he wanted to beat that damn high score.

Awww, came in here to make some witty comment about it being ported to the Wii. Seems i got beat to it. *Angry fist of Doom*

All I can see happening with this is just a bunch of drunken guys in a bar going "Hey, I bet my piss is faster then your piss!" and piss going everywhere as they try and prove they can piss faster then anyone else.

And that is strangely the most times I've used the word piss in a post. Fancy that. XD

Sega should've invented this game instead of the Sega Saturn.

Full of awesome.

what is this i dont even

I honestly can't believe this is for real. I mean it's goddamn hilarious, but... Who is sitting there and thinking "Yeah, I love to go the bathroom, but I just wish there was a way to make it a GAME!" ?

Someone, apparently.

I'm calling it right now- someone will be hospitalized because they were trying to save up to beat a high score.


Yes, definitely. Like with that 'hold your Wee for a Wii' competition.

Only that woman wasn't just hospitalised, she died.

Oh my.

Sega is finally admitting to taking the piss out of video games since the Dreamcast died.

... no one has used that phrase yet?

Its kinda funny-- if you etch a little logo or the shape of a fly into a urinal, EVERYONE aims at it. Reduces spillage by like 80% or some such statistic.

Its an amazing thing. No wonder the japanese are on this like piss on a porcelain fly.

I'm calling it right now- someone will be hospitalized because they were trying to save up to beat a high score.

I fully intend to be that person.

Despite it's obvious drawbacks, I must say that I am impressed by this console. It may not be peerfect, but it still is innovation.

I need this game ported to the US so I can be pro at it. There will be championships and I will come out on top!

Come on, this has got to be taking the piss....

This is amazing. I would go out of my way to always pee at whatever bar/restaurant had the nerve to install one.

awesome ! motion sensor FTW !

Back in my day, we had to use our imaginations to make peeing a competitive sport...
Seriously, though, Japan. This is just... weird. Then again, that's kind of what Japan does nowadays. They're like Lady Gaga on a more global scale.

too bad the name "Wii" is taken...

Made me laugh :D
"Toylet" is an appropriate name, though.

so... their country is in ruins, their games industry is in the shitter, there's children starving in africa, and japan spends their time developing Cat ears that read your mind, burgers made from shit, and game consoles you piss on?

i have no further comment

Wait, microwaves near manparts?
No thanks, I'm not in the mood for a hotdog in the bathroom...

I'm frankly not sure what perturbs me more about this, that someone would even think a concept like this is tasteful in any way or that someone would consider investing money into buying the product.

This is one of those things where I am completely unsure if what I am witnessing is the greatest thing I have seen, or the absolute worst.

I do believe this is the pinnacle of what we like to call a Widget (WJT): Weird Japanese Thing.

I honestly can't really think of what to say, as my first thought was "Well, that's a widget". followed immediately by the circuits in my brain frying from trying to figure out why Japan would ever invent something like this.

To be fair a popular thing with some parents is to put a cork or piece of coloured sponge in the toilet to 'train' young boys to 'aim', this is just a high tech version, and if it leads to less public bathrooms looking like men have been standing IN the urinals and pissing out onto the floor, then it has to be a good thing.

I'm only surprised that you're not required to aim at the mouth of a catgirl in school uniform is all, why not go for it, if you're going be distasteful, go hog wild, I think...

japans bathroom technology is centuries beyond other earthlings but also very very strange.

legal issues with having cameras installed in bathrooms maybe?.

So it's a Dreamcast that you piss on?


So it's pretty much just a Dreamcast?

HAAAAAAAA....Japan....making strange technologies since....well..ever ! That's why i love that country so much it's SO different from what we have here that it becomes cool. If i would go to Japan i would spend 2 hours sitting on a bench just to see how people dress, act and talk.

Jeez, first the sh*t burger, and now we can play games by taking a piss? Japan is REALLY wierding me out.

I'm afraid to find out what's next...

"What did I do at work today? Oh, I helped put the finishing touches on a game that operates by measuring the player's piss. It's gonna be huge."

My... Boyfriend wants one. Where will I be able to buy one for him?

This is just silly enough to be false but just Japanese enough to be true.

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