BioWare Asks Fans About Showing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

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At the end she'll take off the mask, revealing SHEPARD'S FACE.

Cut to black. No credits.

What a tweest!

No, no, no, no! Make it Wrex!

It's a pretty bad idea to reveal her face IMO. The people who are asking for the reveal don't really know what they're asking for. Everyone will want something different and there's no conceivable way to please them all. Give them a face and 80% of the fans are probably gonna be disappointed.

Leave it to the imagination and odds are you'll have a better result.

Really, please don't do it. If the worst should come to pass and Bioware feels they "MUST" show a face, I hope they will at least make it optional.

*Edit: Remember Lost? The whole big secret reveal thing? Disappointment for exactly the same reasons.

If they expect to continue the Shep/Tali romance subplot, showing her face would be kind of important I'd think. So I'm not against them showing it, though I would still prefer not knowing. It's already pretty easy to tell they are not too dissimilar looking to humans; I'd expect their appearance to fall somewhere between Asari and Drell. But this is really a non-issue for me. I'm not going to enjoy this game based on how much Quarian face is or isn't in it.

I can't decide whether putting the choice to a fan vote was a good idea... but using twitter was definitely a bad idea.


Stabby Joe:
I'm not entirely sure. I mean on one hand I liked her the most of the female character and did the romance option but after two games, anything else would just seem... different in the negative sense.

I mean does anyone care what a Volus looks like?

I do. I've wondered what both the Volus and the Quarians looked like ever since ME1.

You know, I've always seen the Volus looking like... voles. Come to think of it, I've been so sure that they looked like voles that it never really occurred to me to 'wonder' about their appearance behind the suits.

All this talk about Tali and her face just keeps reminding me of a daunting question I had while playing through Mass Effect 2...

In the Mass Effect Universe, is there Quarian porn? If they have pornographic magazines depicting Hanar in 'sexual' positions then logically theres probably porn of Quarians/other species.

Actually this raises the better question of 'is there is Krogan porn magazines.' Someone must question Bioware!


But my point was that if these things DO take place then bioware should already be aware of them, and they should know whether or not her face NEEDS to be revealed or not. At this point in time with them leaving it up to the fans it seems as if her face reveal is purely for the sake of a reveal, and thats the complete wrong way to do it and will only cause harm.

Oh, the question they asked on Twitter/Facebook isn't actually going to affect the game content. I think it's just them trying to interact a bit with the community.

Quoting Casey Hudson here:

"Will we show Tali's face in #ME3? We locked down our approach long ago, but you'll have to wait until March to find out what it is."

It might affect the content somewhat. If they're just going to lower the opacity of the mask, the the 3D program, that's just a slider. Easily done and they can cater to the wishes of most of the fans.

Is this going to be like the Dragon Age 2 poll when they do the opposite of what the poll indicates and still act like they listen to fans?

I worry that I wont get to see her face simply because too many dont want to see ... we need it too be optional not one or the other.

A part of me wants to see it, a part of me doesn't.

I'd rather keep her face secret for the sake of the fans, because all her mystery(which is the reason most people have her as a love interest) is her biggest appeal, just like Miranda's appeal is..... you know.

Terrible idea. Apparently Bioware has never spent any time on the internet. Asking the fans what they want will result in the overwhelming majority saying, "Show her face." Then when they do, those same fans will complain that it was a bad choice, and worse, they got the face wrong.

The only way to mitigate this would get to write a random face generation routine and have every player get a different face. At least we'd get hilarious debates for the first few hours until people realized they hadn't seen the same face.

do the cross between a Predator and Dr. Zoidberg, just to screw around with the fanbase:P

Yes, yes, yes. And add in the Xenomorph tongue for good measure.

OT: I don't play Mass Effect, but I think they should keep it secret. Let it be a mystery for questionable fan art to solve.


Casey Hudson has written time and time again in his twitter account that they had already decided what to do about Tali's face quite a while ago and they're sticking to it.

Myself, I wouldn't mind having another hint, like Tali and Shepard together watching the sunset on the newly liberated Quarian homeworld, just a silhouette visible.

I too would think it is a bad idea. Mainly because

1. People who want to see her face really bad do see it and if it isn't what they expected then the storm of angry fans would block out the sun itself.

2. For me (and for many other people here) Not knowing what she looks like is that shroud of mystery which adds depth to her character and also allows us to use our own imagination to what her face may or may not look that.

I say they should do it. I am a huge Mass Effect fan but it would really make no difference to me. I don't care about her face. But I know most fans will probably rage about how she looks like and they'll be all disappointed and whatnot. And that would make me happy because I'm an asshole.

Also, where did they get that suit for Shepard?

It'd be neat to know what Quarians look like in general, not Tali specifically. If we saw some Quarians without their helmets and had to use our imagination of what Tali looked like I'd be fine with that. Just having a basic "oh so they do look sort of like humans" or "holy shit I made Shepard sleep with one of those monsters?" kind of template for our imagination would be good enough for me.

As for my vote...I'm not sure. Whatever they decide to do it'll be pretty respectably done, so meh?

I say keep it a mystery. It's what makes her character so popular. If you where to take away that mystery, than her appeal would go down the shitter. Keep the mystery alive, keep everyone guessing.

Think: Predator face.

Seriously though, a little mystery goes a long way.

I hate to sound like a tool, but I'm ver split across the middle on this. Part of me says "Yes, show me." but then I'm like "Maybe not". I guess I'll just let Bioware sort it out and we'll see what happens.

how bout you make it an option in the game ALA no russian.



problem fucking solved.

PS: dunno if anyone suggeste this. 4 pages of comment is too much.


Daystar Clarion:
What amazes me about the whole 'what do Quarians look like' situation, is that you'd fucking think there'd be photos lying around, since, you know, they do occassionally take their suits off.

We should know what Qurians look like in general, but what Tali looks like? I'm not sure...

Thing is, how many Quarians have you seen in Mass Effect? Tali and a few random ones on pilgrimage. They aren't very common. They're a very, very reclusive case for many reasons, having next to nothing as an immune system being one of then. It's already been said that they pretty much only take their suits off to like, mate, or take care of a newborn.

Unless some curious bugger murders one and takes their suit off I don't imagine there being many photos.

I see a renegade option in our future :P

Well considering Tali was the only NPC I bothered to romance only to see what fuck is under that helmet, I'm all for revealing however they be some who hate it, some who love, and people like me who are only fucking curious.

I did the romance quest with Tali for the same reason, glad its not just me, and agree with everything you've said. SOme would like it, others would hate it.

Seriously, is it that big of a concern? Does it really matter to the Mass Effect storyline at all in the end?

How about they really shock the fanbase and kill her off. Show her face, kill her's all the same to me. I just never found her that intersting to be honest.

I dont want to know. I like mysteries :)

That or I've said before that my option, were I in charge of it, would to do something like Darth Vader's unmasking. You get to see her face, but she's mortally wounded or terminally ill. Can't have the best of both worlds, along with making it a memorable, lasting memory from the game.
That or I may have just gotten too annoyed with all the Tali fanboyism/waifuism going around...


EDIT: I just want to add that I have no expectations as far as Tali's face goes, but I would very much like to see it. I'd be hard to disappoint unless BioWare actually made an effort to do so.

Proverbial Jon:
Besides, there's just no way of doing the reveal without it being a "I want to show you my face before I die" kind of scene, just like someone already said.

Tali already showed Shepard her face in Mass Effect 2, if romanced.

Now, granted, we dont know the full story and the arc that Tali will have in ME3, but i really cant think of a REASON to reveal her face other than the "but we want to know" mentality. In terms of the story and her character, its pointless (im assuming, unless something drastic happens in ME3, in which case Bioware should already know whether there is a point to reveal her face or not).

Err... the obvious scenario would be with the Reapers defeated and an alliance forged between the Geth and the Quarians, Tali finally gets to set foot on Rannoch (the Quarian homeworld her father fought to reclaim), so she takes the opportunity to breathe fresh air and look at the world around her without her suit's tinted visor.

It would be a pretty good conclusion to the Shepard/Tali romance arc if Shepard is there as well, and the camera pans around to show Tali's face.

Yes, Tali showed Shepard her face... but that was during a romantic encounter between the two characters. What I'm saying is that it is unlikely that a situation will arrise in which she can show us (the player) again without it feeling forced. So yeah, I'm with drosalion on that one.

As for your point about the Quarian race being able to reclaim their home world again, it's a beautiful idea. However I'm pretty certain that Tali did explain to Shepard (at some point during the trial mission?) that they had adapted to life in the suits and were unsure that they would even be able to live within a planet's atmosphere again, at least not for another period of years in order to adapt back. I could be remembering this wrong but I highly doubt a race as physically sensitive as the Quarians could just return to their homeworld and simply breathe the air unaided by their suits. Although, granted, it is a lovely image.

silly question, of course we're going to want to see it

Well bioware could always give us the choice in game as always, that way we all get what we want

You know what would be funny? If they did a big reveal and she looked like The Question.


Well, at last check on FB, the numbers were as follows

19965 (86%) in favor of, 3276 (14%) against.

Now, I don't know the twitter response, but this isn't "predictably mixed" in my opinion. This gives a decent response from the community, but that's just my take on it.

Every serial writer knows that as soon as the tension of the unknown is gone, the show ends. Alred Hitchcock is frequently referenced when discussing the difference between surprise and suspense. I think it's relevant here.

People enjoy stories for suspense. The whole point is that you care enough to want to know the answer to a question posed by the story. The way a Quarian looks is one element of ME's dramatic tension. It has worked - clearly people WANT to know if they have engaged in the story. However as soon as Bioware decide to show us - suspense over, the surprise won't last - and everyone walks off somewhere else.

My view - I like the ME story and want elements of suspense to continue. Don't reveal unless it means the conclusion of the Quarian story - or the creation of additional mystery.

well this THE END Mass effect so yeah i'm fine mabey show it near the ends by that point their still be tenstion in air (the whole save galxey or be killed). So yes i'm fine mabey base it off of some the fan art for nod the fans(US)

I would like to know EXACTLY what ive been fapping to. Shes just so damn cute.

i never make a choice on these, because i wnat it to be suprise, so please Bioware, don't anouce your decision.

I don't want to see her face, as I prefer mystery to the mundane.

Formica Archonis:
You know what would be funny? If they did a big reveal and she looked like The Question.

Id be cool with this. From what I saw of him in the Justice League cartoon hes preaty damn smexy.

I for one wouldn't care if they showed her face or not the main reason for that would be that she ended up dying in my game. D=

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