BioWare Asks Fans About Showing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

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It allure of the unknown would be completely lost if we saw her face.
That fact that we want to see what she looks like it part of makes her special.
Just like Jack's emotional scaring or Miranda's pants.

If we saw her face it at best strip of her of that allure and at worst disappoint.

Yes, I would really like to see what she looks like.

Tali is by far my fave character in mass effect i was gutted not to see her face when she took the mask off but i did kind of like it too but i would defo like to see her face in 3 :D

In Pulp Fiction did we ever find out what was in the briefcase? No. Was Darth Vader cooler before we found out he was Hayden Christensen? Yes. Would the ending of Inception have generated the same level of analysis and discussion if it had been more clearly defined? No.

BioWare must have done something right to make this many people that concerned with what she looks like under there--let's keep that up. Mysteries are compelling, and their reveals often can't live up to expectations.

As a side note, a lot of the fan art versions of Tali's face give her humanlike hair; how much of a pain in the ass would that be, if removing your helmet for a haircut could potentially kill you?

I don't want to see it. For ne, Tali's helmet IS her face - it's what I know her by; what I've grown fond of. To show her actual face is an unnecessary step, because as far as I care, she already has one.

It'd be hilarious if they just stole one of the faces that Rule 34 artists have given her.

Seeing her face will only lead to disappointment from everyone. Nothing can live up to one's imagination.

But i dont have a imagination

OT: yes a infatic yes doesent have to even be hers a quarian in general

If they don't show her face I will blow BioWare up. jks...

but seriously....we have to see her face ffs

Nah. You see, I haven't even played any of these games (I want to. I really, REALLY want to) but I guarantee that whatever you imagine she looks like, her real face will be nowhere near as stunning/grand/weird/awesome as you want it to be. Any masked character of this sort should remain masked unless it serves up a plot twist, which this clearly isn't doing.

I don't care about Tali specifically, but I do want to know what quarians look like.

Bioware REALLY had to ask?

I don't know... tali is my favourite squad mate, infact her personality is what I like in a girl. I would usually say "I don't care what she looks like or if she takes off her mask," but there's always a problem.

What most people like about Tali is she is "faceless," leaving people to want to know what she looks like even more, so much it keeps you thinking about it. But when they get what they wanted for so long, to see it, then the mystery is gone and you "get used to it." I'm sure everyone's put comments like this though :S

I don't care, BioWare, just make a good game, like you always do.

Here's a good Idea, have it flash or something in a action scene, or see another quarian's face so you get a idea what it's like.

You know, i think they should make it an option.

While some people might not like it because it would break immersion a little, but they could just add a Y/N during the cut-scene where he removes her helmet? And it either shows her face, or just does what it did in ME2 and show her from the back of the head.

Sure, it might take you out of the game a little, but if someone doesnt want to see her face, dont punish the people who do x:

A really good Idea, but, if anyone's like me, they may not have the self control to click "don't show" when it comes up. I mean you're in the middle of a romance, it's, *cough*, "passionate," and then it suddenly comes up with the option, the fact that it's THERE is enough to get people sweating over which choice to make, and I bet if it was in there at least 60% of all who didn't want to see it click yes because the allure of it was too powerful.

Maybe if the option was near the beginning, people may have a clear head and choose what they WANT to choose

There should be a dialogue option that's really hard to get to or something so that people who actually romance her have to be super amazing to her then they get rewarded and everyone else can just stay in the dark

It is my most sincere opinion that you only leave something up in the air if you can't come up with a satisfactory answer for it. If they never show it they'll just admit they can't possibly satisfy Tali fans' (admittedly high) expectations, even after the superb work they've done creating every single alien race in Mass Effect (except the Asari).

Yes, I know my opinion goes directly opposed to some treasured classics, but hey, I stand by it. Kubrick's only worthwhile movie for me was the Mechanical Orange, because he didn't bullshit his way out of 90% of the writing.

Granny Smith 07:
There should be a dialogue option that's really hard to get to or something so that people who actually romance her have to be super amazing to her then they get rewarded and everyone else can just stay in the dark

thats what i also suggested that people who have an affair wit her, should see her face.

just checked the facebook status about this topic:
over 20630 say yes
over 3350 say no

i think its clear now that the majority wants to see her face. i ma one of them.

I think her face should be entirely inhuman. I know she looks like she has a human nose and eyes, but if that could be subverted somehow that would be awesome. One, because that way she's not just another Asari type, only alien enough that it doesn't interfere with conventional attractiveness. I'd rather have her look like a genuine alien than something designed for manly human space captains to sex up.

And two, because it would be hilarious to see the looks on the faces of all the Tali fanboys when they find out she's not just a night elf with three fingers.

good. I don't even know why it's debatable it should be easier to just put it in for people who want it bad enough to actually spend time on the character and get it and let everyone else who thinks no just ignore it, seriously right before she does it just give a dialogue option where the player can hint to see it or not, problem solved

Sorry about my English.

How about make it like a dialog choice in Knight of the Old Republic 2
In that game, player got to choose the outcome of the story of the first game in form of dialog choice.
It was like this
Companion: I heard that Darth Raven is a hero who safe the republic. He is so awesome!
Player: No. Darth Raven turn to darkside and Darth Raven is "she"

I know the dialog is not like that but you get the point.

This system will let the player choose Tali appearance.
Companion: Hey Shepard. You're the one who get to see Tali face. So how does she look like? I bet she has a pretty nice eyes
Player: (Choice1: Big round eyes)Her eyes are like a blah blah blah...
(choice2: Sexy eyes)......
(choice3: almond eyes)......
(choice4: etc..).....

What's a Quarian look like? I don't know, why don't you ask A FRICKEN ASARI. Did anyone forget that the crazy blue space lesbians live for about a thousand years and there are a few referances here and there of Asari working with Quarians on their home planet pre-Geth Uprising. Boba Fett had the mystery appeal (until Episode 2), but Quarians have about as much mystery appeal as the ending of Austin Powers.

Proverbial Jon:

Daystar Clarion:
What amazes me about the whole 'what do Quarians look like' situation, is that you'd fucking think there'd be photos lying around, since, you know, they do occassionally take their suits off.

We should know what Qurians look like in general, but what Tali looks like? I'm not sure...

One of the Asari characters (I think it's the one behind the bar on Illium) said something about "...back when people could still remember what the Quarians looked like," in reference to something completely different. It was a throw away line but it gave the impression that it was such a long time ago that it's just been accepted that Quarians live in those suits and no one remembers it otherwise.

Besides, when you ramance Tali, she tells Shepard that to share the same environment with another is a gesture of extreme trust and respect. I expect that within the Quarian culture, to reveal their appearance has simply become something they just don't do, considering the implications it would entail on a social level.

Personally, I'm not fussed about seeing Tali's face. Part of the reason I like her so much is the mystery and complexity of the character and her race's culture and the suit is all part of that. Besides, there's just no way of doing the reveal without it being a "I want to show you my face before I die" kind of scene, just like someone already said.

True, I liked the bartender's line, but that's still a little silly. The Citadel races have been spaceborne (and presumably highly advanced) for MILLENIA. The Quarians, I think were in fact a full fledged Citadel race before leaving when the Geth rebelled.

Photos and medical scans must exist. That it doesn't come up in the game is fine. That we are to believe all knowledge has gone ghost where there is a pan galactic Extranet (and a multispecies porn publication) is just insane.

Considering that every other sentient species in the galaxy shares shares some odd tendencies such as numerous mammalian and anthropomorphic traits I'd imagine that she'd look somewhat similar to all the other species. Of course I have the bad feeling Biowear didn't want to spring for creating another character model for Quarians not in suits (thus why we have never seen one despite the opportunity) so I don't know what they're going to do.

And this is exactly why video games don't get much respect.

Bioware, why don't you do what you want to see in the game. All of the greatest works of art are products of sole visions and sheer creativity. Making a poll and asking fans about what to do is awful and pandering and should never happen with artistic creation.

A quarian's face is not a mystery in the Mass Effect universe. Mabe most dont know what it looks like, but Im sure a quick wiki search on oen of those extranet terminals will show you a clear visual f a quarian face. Just show it and get over it.

please god, if she shows her face please oh lord let her have hair.we live in a universe of baldys T^T

I literally jumped at the chance to romance Tali JUST to see what she looked like (after all, she'd HAVE to take the suit of when the two "got busy", so to speak) and then they pull the biggest cop-out I've ever seen. Haha, I was so mad I didn't go back to the game for nearly a week. I even wrote a letter of complaint to Bioware about it.

I'm for reveal, preferably on a newly established quarian homeworld. Considering how much physical identity they sacrifice while living in their suits, it would be nice to have the Quarian's appearance were reflected in their suit design- patterns, luminescent eyes and so on.

I'd love to see it but give players a choice if they want to see it. Some people don't want to see her face, others do so give it as an option at the end of a mission or a conversation. That way, people who want to keep the mystique of "What's under the suit?" can keep it that way but then others who do are satisfied.

And in a somewhat related link, I'm going to be sent into a fit of laughter if this comic turns out to be correct as what's under her mask xD

Show me Tali. I know she is gorgeous.

I don't really care for Bioware, just don't enjoy anything they make, but I've read through the comments and most of the comments against showing her(?) face seem to be fairly well constructed wit ha reason behind it and most saying that they should reveal it are just "I want to see this please let me see it." Just sayin'.

Perhaps not Tali's face, but I'd love to see what quarians look like.

I think it was mistake in a first place, to end romance from ME2 with sex scene. Even walking without a suit may be deadly for Quarian, not to mention about phisical contact. If Shepard really care about Tali, he would never expected anything like this.

Without phisical love, relationship between Tali and Shepard, would raised to the new level - they don't are closely because they lust each other, and because of this, sex is unecessary. They even can't have children(I hope so). OK, kiss will be good, but nothing more.

Now I don't care if Bioware shows Tali's face, but if the decision would belong to me, I wouldn't show her face, just to piss off this part of fans who MUST know everything, and don't respect any mystery. They moanin' already forced BW to create possibility of having sex with other species in ME2.

I say, keep her face hidden, but show the face of another Quarian. That'll keep my personal mystery intact, but sate my curiosity.

Or, you know, you could have it be an option... like everything else is.

Daystar Clarion:

Surely there would be medical studies on the subject though? Diagrams, that sort of thing.

Stop asking good questions damn it! There could be good explanations for this, but the game hasn't given us one and you're making everyone uncomfortable! =p

OT, no, not really. I think its a cool character trait that their faces are hidden. Fuck it, I think of the mask as a key part of the Quarian design, the face of them can only really be a bit generic, so I'm in the leave it crowd.

If they're going to show a quarians face, it might as well be Tali's. It wouldn't make sense in my opinion, to blow the mystery of what the quarians look like, and then keep Tali's face a secret. I think they shouldn't spoil it though. The ME2 romance scene was quite well done, where only Shepard saw her face, and obviously liked what he saw, but the players were left wondering. That would not have had the same impact if we saw her face.

If they do show it, she should most definitely not look like a space monster. She should be much more distinguishable from humans than the asari, who are basically blue painted women with funny hats, but she should have a kind of exotic beauty. That would fit well with her voice, which I quite like.

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