BioWare Asks Fans About Showing Tali's Face in Mass Effect 3

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Hell yes! Seriously, there is nothing "mysterious" about Quarians looks, there is no fricking reason to keep them secret other than meta-reason about keeping players own imaginations of Tali intact. In-game lore gives me impression what Quarians look like is not further than few clicks away for the curious. There is even Alien Pr0n magazine Fornax (which you get Codex entry about) and it says it has issues that has Quarians in it. I have hard time imagining they wear Envirosuits on those. ;) Also Quarians have been killed left and right, there is bound to be photos or medical reports around. They are definetly a reclusive race but they are not exactly Collectors.

My point is that if they keep Quarians looks secret, it only takes me away from the game. To clarify I do not give two shits if they choose to keep exactly Tali's face secret, (maybe just dissapointed? ME2 teased me too much) just show us of SOME Quarians face damnit, male or female! I can imagine my own version from that if I so wish, as currently I have none really. Tali is my fav character due to her personality and it stays so, it is just the Quarians general looks that I am curious about, even anxiously so, and I simply refuse to take the "mystery" BS as an excuse. It makes no sense.

I love Tali no matter what she looks like. For those that romanced her, what's that even part of the point? "I never imagined you'd ever see past... this..." It wasn't her face that people fell in love with; it was her whole adorable hot alien space gypsy nerd girl with a shotgun thing and the amazing hips.

She could look like a human, a krogan, a fairy, or a void of human suffering, and she'd still be just as likable at heart.

I'm still surprised that the whole of BioWare hasn't been crushed by the wave of yeses from the Talimancers.

I'm very torn because I love the mystery but at the same time I'm interested to see how the Quarians look - not just Tali specifically.

I think ultimately I would like to see how she looks like, although I do hope it's humanoid; but if the outline behind the mask is any indication they are humanoid in appearance. I personally hope their skin colour is light purple to white. From what we've seen from the mask their eyes should actually be glowy. That would be awesome.

Yes only if this is going to be the end of Mass Effect if they are gonna make more then no because all secrets will be revealed leaving only the Volus. And they are pretty annoying.

I wasnt really that interested in Tali, never romanced her and barely used her in the squad. I did find her interesting though, especially in ME2 but i think it might actually be better for everyone if they didnt show her face.

As many have said before, Make it a choice, Bioware are mighty fine at letting the player decide. Do so with Talis face. But, why not show the quarian face in general? Perhaps if you re'visit the migrant fleet? Then you can see how a typical Quarian look like. And then if you romance Tali in Mass effect 3 (or make it a long side quest), you get a choice to see her face.

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