PSN and Steam Enter Limbo Together

PSN and Steam Enter Limbo Together


Acclaimed Xbox 360 indie horror-platformer Limbo will be hitting PS3 and PC in a matter of weeks.

Last summer's Xbox Live Arcade title Limbo was a haunting, bleak adventure that we absolutely loved. While there were no plans to bring the title to other platforms at the time, the Korean ratings board accidentally leaked a rating for a PS3 version of the game last week.

Developer Playdead has confirmed that Limbo will at long last be coming to non-Xbox platforms, so that PC and PS3 owners can discover terrifying new heights of arachnophobia together. According to the official site, Limbo will be hitting PSN on July 19th and July 20th for North America and Europe, respectively. PC owners have a slightly longer wait ahead of them, and will be able to pick Limbo up via steam on August 2nd.

This is really great news, honestly. Limbo was a magnificent experience that showed just how genuinely atmospheric a game could be even when played on the comfort of your living room couch. If more gamers get to play it, so much the better.

Playdead also announced that the Limbo soundtrack will be available via iTunes on Monday, July 11th. You know, in case you're not creeped out enough by the time you exit out of the game.



Welcome to the party!

Who cares if you're a year late, enjoy!

(I will admit, I did have to look up how to get past a certain part.... I cheated)

That's cool. I've always wanted to try this game out, but my lack of consoles has prevented me from doing so.

so, yeah. Sounds cool

Yay now I can get to try it, without getting a xbox.

FINALLY. My PC can't run it, so it looks like ol' Bessy will get some use.

Well it was about time! :D

Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Now I can finally play the whole thing at the comfort of my PC!.

When I still had a 360, I loved the demo and I actually played it a couple of times, because of how brilliant it was, but I just hated to buy those pesky MS Points to buy the game and then had some points left that I couldn't spend on absolutely anything.

Now I can spend the exact same amount of cash that the game costs and play it on any PC I want =)

I just hope that it won't cost $15 for a year old game, but I would still buy it if it costs $15.

After about a billion years. :C


Iv never really gotten the hype about Limbo... Could anyone explain why Limbo is so popular?

Looks like just any other newgrounds flash-game to me.

Yay. :) We can get some spidery lovin' now! Whooo!

Right on! I will keep my eye out on steam.

Iv never really gotten the hype about Limbo... Could anyone explain why Limbo is so popular?

Looks like just any other newgrounds flash-game to me.

Stark visual aesthetic puzzle-platformer that gets instant death platforming done well.
The repeatedly dying ties in with teh overall feeling of hopelessness, while well-positioned autosave prevents deaths from being frustrating.
I'm not a fan of platform games. At all. Yet I really enjoyed Limbo. It's nothing new or revolutionary, but it does all fit together really well.

As someone who owns the Xbox version, hurray for going cross-platform. The medium as a whole can only be benefitted by more people getting the option to play everything regardless of owned hardware.

This makes me so happy! <3 The only reason I've ever desired a 360 was for the exclusive Arcade titles... so how about bringing over Rez HD or Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved and make my life complete?

Never played it, but I LOVE the look of it and been dying to play it. And you don't see many physics/cinematic platformers (well, many good platformers in general outside of Mario and such) these days, so this is great!

Finally, hopefully i'll be able to buy it at some point. I'm saving my money so I can buy Dark Souls and Skyrim on release day. I'll hopefully be getting a job at some point so I should be able to get it.

Thank goodness.

There should be a law against exclusivity and artistic games associating with eachother >.>

I can FINALLY play Limbo. On the PC.

Like a proper human being.

Well, I'm not too interested in the game, but it's always nice to see the walls of exclusivity come tumbling down a little more.


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