Construction Paper Turns Super Mario Bros. Demented

Construction Paper Turns Super Mario Bros. Demented

This construction paper animation makes out the world of Super Mario Bros. to be a little psychotic.

Filmmaker and animator Eric Power, known on the interwebs as Ericpowerup, is back with a new construction paper animation in the same vein as his awesome Star Wars music video (and other work) that shows how awful the Mushroom Kingdom really is. Sure, it looks like it's all invincibility stars and extra lives when we're playing it on consoles and handhelds, but according to this animation, that's just a fabrication put together by Nintendo for its own ends.

Koopa Troopas cry when they lose their shells. Killing a Goomba is not as cute as it seems. When you hop off of Yoshi in mid-air, you're only turning him into food for that giant fish that keeps coming back no matter how many times you kill it.

And those pipes? Not really all that fun to take a trip through, due to sewage and sludge. We also discover the true reason why those toxic mushrooms are inside the bricks in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan).

The video takes us through situations set in many different Mario games, from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario World, with a twist. Power added a bit at the end pumping up a Kickstarter page for a full-length animated movie in the same style (though not based on Super Mario Bros. or videogames), which can be found here.


For some reason this video keeps lagging for me. Still, this is mighty impressive. I just wished it didn't lag so much so I could enjoy it more.

Further proof that Eric Power is a genius.

A little part of my childhood, that little part left un-ravaged by the internet, is now dead.

Wow...That was quite an awesome video.

Mario you basterd! How could you destroy that poor construction works bricks.

Is it just me, or does Mario come off as a massive dick?


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