SOE Bids Fond Farewell to Star Wars Galaxies

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Lt. Vinciti:


Ive looked at SWG v ToR they look nothing alike...Im sure a diehard SWG fan is someone who enjoys the...whatever it has that made it original (sandbox MMO) and look at ToR its just World of Star Wars...or KotOR w/ annoying people taking my quest items...

We've all seen the robotic AI and character appearence...

Since SoE doesnt want SWG anymore....can someone else pick it up from LucasArts?

I wonder if there will be a rise in Private Servers...

I kinda expect that within a year of going offline it will be bought by something like Gamers First. At that point they begin reworking it to its former glory, polish it up, re release it, and make a killing.

Because if i understand the mind of George lucas he won't let his IP stop raking in cash and to be honest salvaging SWG to its former glory would be a good step towards his IP looking better.

SWGEMU Is alraedy up.. Pretty damn big Starwars Galaxy's private server with its own developer team.

Well damn. They got to work damn fast. Taking a look at the sight and i like what those people are doing.

Also appears i need to get my SWG disks or buy new ones. Pre CU is still missed, and its a good thing to see them working to restore a game to the way they loved it.

And so I give a half hearted goodbye to a shitty ass game. Farewell SWG, you shall not be missed.

This, is going to be fun to watch.

"as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced."

Eh, more like a few thousand.

CEO John Smedley says it was a good decision to let the license for the venerable sci-fi MMO expire, as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced.

LOLLL man I'm loving these

George Lucas could save Galaxies, not that he likely gives a sh_t.

"as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced"
wait million people are still playing it?

well any way i have nothing else to say it was due to die. it lost many of its players when it made the big changes in 2005; it's death was inevitable

Sorry Smed, but SWG died in November 2005 and has been whimpering along ever since.

And I don't think millions of voices cried out over this, just the thousands left playing hehe.

Exactly my view on this one. They had such a brilliant game (that people are still trying to replicate today for crying out loud) and in a couple of updates they killed it. Put a good couple of years into that game back in the day and im not sad to see it die. Just amazed it lasted as long as it did tbh.

Goodbye old friend. I had a lot of memories of SWG. Pre-cu SWG was my first MMO, and I still liked it during the CU. I even played it some during the NGE.

I guess that means we'll never get an official pre-cu server. Such is life.

Wasn't Star Wars Galaxies a horrid game anyways that only a handful of super dedicated players played? How does this even matter?

Uh, no. Thousands played the game, even casuals, and even after NGE still had a blast with some of the wacky things added into the game, such as the Death Troopers, planetary PvP grounds, etc. Get your facts straight next time before bashing a game and its players, please?

As for the thread: I will miss the game. I actually loved the poor thing more than I ever liked World of Warcraft, and I have played both for years. Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) actually didn't try to take itself seriously at times and just wanted to have some fun. Did they screw up? Damn straight they did, and people were rightfully pissed. But the amount of hatred SWG gets is just pathetic. If there's one thing I hate about the gaming culture, it's how down right horrible the players can get if a game rubs someone the wrong way in the slightest. Little kid kills you on Black Ops? The game must be crap and only little kids play it (even though you just played it yourself)!

Gaming as a culture needs to stop bashing things because of their poor experience with it, or hell, half the time the gaming culture never even tried it but still wants to voice their two cents. Why are we doing this? It's just counterproductive, and shows us off as snobbish jerks. If the medium will stop acting like this, we can start effectively helping the industry better by giving out actual complaints rather than what they heard from their friends at the lunch table and spreading it around like some smear campaign.

"I have a PS3."

"EW. I never touched one, or even so much as really seen one being played, but I heard from Bill that they were crap. You have HORRIBLE sense of gaming *picks up the tray and moves seats*."

Seriously, that's how people view gamer's these days, because of attitudes like this, and the ones in this thread bashing SWG. So I kindly ask all of you to knock it off, and maybe we can have a better day, and by extension, a better gaming future?

PS: Of course this post is going to be flamed for "defending" SWG or "crap games," so I'm not really going to bother reading any replies to this thread. Apologies if I don't respond.

And the granddaddy of them all Ultima Online is still going!

Well it had to happen sooner or later, as said the game was pretty much a vegetable on ICU just waiting for someone to pull the plug, good bye and good riddance SWG! You shall not be missed.

Well it had to happen sooner or later, as said the game was pretty much a vegetable on ICU just waiting for someone to pull the plug, good bye and good riddance SWG! You shall not be missed.

will it not be missed because you didn't like it or because you already know about the existing precu/nge emulation servers

There's only one good thing about an MMO ending... The Finale

I love how they shift the Blame to Bioware for this one, as if it's their fault for SWG shutting down, people should be pissed at LA not at SOE or Bioware.

And this would be why I don't play MMO's anymore. I'm not willing to pay a company for something that they WILL eventually take away.

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